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In the first half, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart, who run the Merlin Project, which tracks trends for current events, prominent business people, politicians and celebrities, discussed their latest predictive timetraks, created through their software-based forecasting technology.

In the latter half, crime reporter and sports writer for nearly 35 years for the Toronto Star, Bob Mitchell, spoke about harrowing stories of alien abduction and visitation, including encounters with Greys, Mantids, and other entities.

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A Splashy Premiere

A Splashy Premiere

A Splashy Premiere

Last night Art and Ramona attended the world premiere of The Day After Tomorrow in New York City (check out Art's Webcam which shows a pic of him posing with Day star Jake Gyllenhaal). Held at the American Museum of Natural History, the red carpet was turned "into a blanket of winter white with the help of some man-made snow," writes Hello! Magazine, which features a photo gallery(1) from the premiere.
Mike Sampson(2) commented that just before the premiere outside the Museum "dark clouds circled and rain began pouring from the sky. Power went out in certain areas. And hail! Hail the size of golf balls! Could Fox really be this powerful?"
Meanwhile the New York Times(3) weighed in on the reaction to the film's debut, writing "it seemed as if a kind of moment... had passed in the city's post-9/11 history: New Yorkers were finally ready to watch Roland Emmerich destroy their city again on the big screen (he'd previously done so in both Independence Day and Godzilla).

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