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George Knapp welcomed DNA expert, Melba Ketchum, for the entire 4-hour program, for a discussion on her Bigfoot research, as well as her testing or planned testing of samples from four giant and elongated skulls, and other giant remains. She addressed some of the controversies surrounding her previous DNA analysis of alleged Bigfoot hair and related samples, which yielded strange results that suggested some kind of human hybrid or mutation.

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Buzz on Zero

 Buzz on Zero

Tonight's guest Ed Dames was hired as a technical consultant for the feature film Suspect Zero and also plays the role of a remote viewing instructor in it. Now there's what you'd call type casting! The movie stars Aaron Eckhart as a Dallas-based FBI agent investigating the case of a former agent (Ben Kingsley) who may be killing serial killers. The story line is said to involve a covert government program called "Icarus" which churns out ace remote viewers.

Originally scheduled to be released in October of this year, its current release date is listed as 2004 TBA. One can imagine that pinning down the mercurial logic behind studio release dates, would baffle even the best of remote viewers.

The amount of information on a film that hasn't been released yet is also mind boggling. There are Internet sites that review(1) purported scripts in various stages, pages that post production stills(2), and even a website (3) that documents how their office was turned into Katie's (Carrie Ann Moss) living room. It seems one could learn nearly everything about a film before seeing it, even without being a remote viewer.


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