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Dave Schrader welcomed Bruce Van Natta, who after an accident, was on the verge of death when he had an "out of body" experience. During this near-death experience, he saw two angels that he believes were sent to save his life.

Appearing during the first half-hour, author R. Gary Patterson addressed a hoaxed article which claims that Ringo Starr said that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike.

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C2C Election Special 9p-3a

C2C Election Special 9p-3a

C2C Election Special 9p-3a

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9-10p Guests from the list below will make brief appearances. Also in this hour: Futurist Paul Guercio of the Merlin Project(1).
10-11p Spin expert John M. Curtis(onlinecolumnist.com(2))
11-11:30p Investigative journalist Bev Harris(blackboxvoting.org(3))
11:30-12a CyberWar columnist Charles R. Smith(softwar.net)
12a-12:30a Author Steve Quayle(stevequayle.com)
12:30-1a Filmmaker/radio host Alex Jones(infowars.com, prisonplanet.com)
1-1:30a Author Howard Bloom(howardbloom.net)
1:30-2a Intuitive Sean David Morton(delphiassociates.org)
2-3aOpen Lines

1. http://www.accessbest.com/merlin/
2. http://www.onlinecolumnist.com/
3. http://www.blackboxvoting.org/