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Chat Transcript: Jon Rappoport

On Tuesday night, investigative journalist Jon Rappoport (pictured) of (1) joined Streamlink(2) members for a fascinating one-hour Q & A on his research into secret societies, the "medical cartel" and other hotbed issues. Below are some excerpts; members can view the entire transcript(3).
Iowa Girl
Jon--Do you have any opinion on what is happening with the election recounts? There seems to be conflicting information out there.
Jon Rappoport
It's a fraud....Ohio/ honest count would reveal that.
Why are you thinking the count wasn't honest?
Jon Rappoport
Articles in my archive....Ohio was a machines held back, for instance, in certain precincts....
Jon what do you think is your biggest story?
Jon Rappoport
Perhaps the medical cartel....the weakening of populations through toxic drugs and the invention of fake diseases and the focus on brain drugs....This is a long range op designed to put the world into a passive state and bring in Brave New World...
Jon: Do you think in the "Secret Society - NWO" world, is ultimately a single person pulling the strings, or do you think it is only a small group?
Jon Rappoport
Several groups both competing and cooperating...organically evolving...
Jon, now that the elections over what do you see in the future under a Bush administration?
Jon Rappoport
More violence....more attempts to spread "the empire"...and shore up big corporate interests and so-called free trade....
What Secret Societies are the most influential in America?
Jon Rappoport
The Vatican and CIA and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)
So what can we do to battle the players of the NWO? I know you're reporting it and you are one person. What can the listeners of Coast do?
Jon Rappoport
Invent many ways of decentralizing power on all, for example....use your imagination....
Jon, in your opinion was the Avian Bird Flu a runaway experiment from China? Looks like a Pandemic at this point. What can we expect?
Jon Rappoport
It's not a's a phony invented disease that has killed, at the most, 31 people globally....
How can you say phony when the news wires reported thousands of birds falling from the sky in areas around China and the destruction of all the poultry to curb the spread? Are you suggesting a "Wag the Dog" scenario?
Jon Rappoport
Yes, to a degree....there are epidemics of domestic animal disease all the time everywhere, from filthy and crowded conditions...don't need a "new virus"....
Houston Susie
What do you see happening as a cause/result of so many US jobs going overseas?
Jon Rappoport
Worsening of US economy....this is the plan...reduce the US to the level of an England so it becomes part of a global management system.....the rule of the few over the many...
Jon, do you believe that there will be a draft and if so do you believe that they will then decide to RFID chip all those who are drafted thus creating a large amount of the public having being chipped?
Jon Rappoport
RFIDs will spread to many sectors, yes....I'm not ready to say there will be a major draft soon...but it could happen.
Do see more terrorist acts in the United States or in the interests of United States?
Jon Rappoport
More terror globally, sponsored by NWO types who want to make the world come together in one shivering glob of fear under a few rulers...


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