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Public interest attorney Steven M. Druker, as executive director of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity, initiated a lawsuit that forced the FDA to divulge its files on genetically engineered foods. In the first half, he discussed what he considers to be the biggest scientific fraud of our age - how politically appointed administrators have covered up the warnings of their own scientists about the risks of GMO foods.

In the latter half, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, a leading expert in the metaphysical and paranormal fields, talked about nightmares and dreams, and the messages they convey.

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Egyptians & Antigravity

Egyptians & Antigravity

Physicist Richard Crandall has written us about his studies in antigravity research. "After attending Dr. Steven Greer's first Disclosure Project lecture in mid-year 2000, I set out to explain just how UFO's can actually manage to fly," he writes. He believes ancient Egypt had the secret of Zero Point Energy and antigravity. "The picture (click on for larger) is a copy of a wall-carving found inside an ancient building in Dendera, Egypt. It shows what are apparently two glass bulbs (vacuum tubes), each one resting on top of its own 'djed pillar.' The function and nature of djed pillars in ancient Egypt has remained a mystery...until now."
In Crandall's theory "the pillars generate (from ZPE) a powerful gravitomagnetic and also gravity field, which is then converted into very high voltage electricity by the bulbs. Note the stripes on the 'electrical cables' which connect to the bulbs... this kind of marking was used to designate wiring that carries high-voltage. Also, a djed pillar has antigravity applications."
"The pillar is shown to operate as a 'macroscopic' proton (it contains 3 cone-shaped parts, each one representing one of the 3 quarks in a proton). Its operation can be likened to effects we currently understand, with ordinary physics, of other macroscopic quantum phenomena, such as NMR imaging machines that hospitals use. The entire 3-cone device is kept in a state of non-equilibrium, and thus it begins to oscillate (vibrate) at the natural frequencies of protons. The result is a slow release of a huge amount of energy in the form of a 'zero-frequency shock wave,' and also a large amount of loss of mass (weight) of the device itself can occur." For more on Crandall and his book They All Told the Truth: The Antigravity Papers, check out this page(1) posted on the Disclosure Project's site.

1. http://www.disclosureproject.org/crandallbook.htm