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In the first half, author and conspiracy researcher Donald Jeffries discussed such topics as the JFK assassination, the death Of JFK Jr., 9-11, and Bohemian Grove.

In the latter half, rock historian R. Gary Patterson and researcher Xaviant Haze addressed some of the mysteries and conspiracies surrounding Elvis Presley, including the fame, the darker side of the entertainment industry, and the always burning question…is Elvis still alive?

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Friday Night Feature: Strange Doings at an Abandoned Insane Asylum

 Friday Night Feature: Strange Doings  at an Abandoned Insane Asylum

Friday Night Feature: Strange Doings at an Abandoned Insane Asylum

--by Stu (kauff1111@juno.com)

View Photos Here(1).

The Philadelphia Hospital For The Mentally Ill opened in 1912. Because of unacceptable, deplorable conditions, the State of PA. took it over in 1937. The state finally closed the hospital in 1990 because of patient abuse and overcrowding. The hospital has nothing but horror stories. It was a very sad place. It held everyone from mentally ill orphans to the criminally insane. It now sits abandoned except for the weekend partiers, the urban explorers, and the ghost hunters.

I live a mile away from it and frequently explore its twenty-five buildings, seven of them being super structures, and its catacombs. They are all connected by underground tunnels. The hospitals' history is straight out of a horror film. The stories are many, some true, some not.

One in question concerns a mass grave on the grounds. It's referred to as John Doe's morgue. Another story is, a hatchet man used to chase people through the catacombs, this is true; because, that man is now in jail. More recently, clouds of mist (see photos) travel through the buildings and catacombs. I and some other people have heard many strange noises, screams, voices, and even what sounds like a train. My friends and I have seen lots of strange images too, mostly of children. I included some photos that were taken by my friend Radical-ED, that prove the mist clouds. I have to say, it is illegal to be there.

View Photos Here(1). For additional material visitStu's Website on the Abandoned Asylum(3). Note:Please excuse me if you find my site offensive. It's not 100% politically correct. -- Stu

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