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George Noory hosted a panel of experts (Jerome Corsi, Robert Young Pelton, & Michael Weiss) on the Middle East and terrorism, for a discussion on the history of ISIS, and the threats they pose to the US and Western countries.

First half-hour guest, engineer and investigator of Mayan technology, James O'Kon, talked about the discovery of a lost city in the Honduran jungle, which dates back centuries ago.

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Thu 03-05  MH-370 Disappearance/ Elvis Mysteries Fri 03-06  TBA/ Open Lines


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Giant Borneo Snake?

Giant Borneo Snake?

Giant Borneo Snake?

(3)A blurry photo that appears to show a gigantic snake swimming in Borneo's Baleh river appeared this week in London's Telegraph(1). Villagers reportedly fear the massive reptile may be a creature of folklore they call Nabau, an ancient, shape-shifting sea serpent. But is the photo authentic? Some are not convinced. SciAm's 60-Second Science Blog(2) provides a critical analysis.Update: According to cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, this photo and story are a hoax. More info here.

1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/malaysia/4701906/Photograph-shows-giant-snake-lurking-in-Borneo-river.html
2. http://www.sciam.com/blog/60-second-science/post.cfm?id=are-the-photos-of-borneos-monster-s-2009-02-20
3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/malaysia/4701906/Photograph-shows-giant-snake-lurking-in-Borneo-river.html