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George Knapp welcomed DNA expert, Melba Ketchum, for the entire 4-hour program, for a discussion on her Bigfoot research, as well as her testing or planned testing of samples from four giant and elongated skulls, and other giant remains. She addressed some of the controversies surrounding her previous DNA analysis of alleged Bigfoot hair and related samples, which yielded strange results that suggested some kind of human hybrid or mutation.

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Hawaiian Lava Display

Hawaiian Lava Display

About 44 acres of coastline at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park collapsed into the ocean this week, exposing the cliffside 45 feet above the water and unleashing a glowing lava river. "The cliff just caved away like a glacier," said park spokesman Jim Gale, commenting on the spectacular display. The stream of molten rock has since formed a ramp of new land. More info and photos available online at LiveScience.com(1).
Photo: U.S. Geological Survey

1. http://www.livescience.com/forcesofnature/ap_051202_volcano.html