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Filling in for George, Richard Syrett welcomed Richard C. Hoagland for a discussion about evidence for nuclear war on Mars, disclosure, and how our solar system appears to have been 'remodeled' for life (additional Hoagland links: heae.biz, northatlanticbooks.com). Open Lines followed.

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Internet Hoax Alert!

Internet Hoax Alert!

A malicious letter about Filipinos making the rounds on the Internet has been falsely attributed to Art Bell, and was recently re-published in a Philippine paper and website(1). Art would like all to know that he did not write this hateful message. Please read more here(2).

1. http://www.theboholchronicle.com/opinion.php?issue=197&s1=2609&s2=&s3=&s4=&s5=2613&s6=736&s7=2614&s9=&s10=
2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page1661.html?theme=light