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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the unexplained lights coming from Ceres, new data about Saturn's moon Enceladus, and explanations for the mysterious rumbling booms and metallic sounds and their possible connection to changes in the Earth's core.

First hour guest, documentary filmmaker James Fox has an update on UFOs. He is continuing to work on his upcoming documentary/feature 701 with Tracey Torme, which explores the origins of the UFO phenomenon and the government suppression of evidence.

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Jim Marrs Transcript Excerpts

Jim Marrs Transcript Excerpts

Author and researcher Jim Marrs(1) was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat last week, discussing his new book The Terror Conspiracy(3) and other topics. Below are some excerpts from the in-depth Q & A. Members can view the entire transcript.

Jim: What about the North American Union - how soon will this happen? When will the currency be the Amero?
Jim Marrs
A North American Parliament with one currency --- the Amero. That's what the Council on Foreign Relations and other secretive groups are already talking about. It will come unless folks just like you decide to just say "No." No more United States of America.

Have you read the debunking 9-11 myths book? You should because flaws in your theories can be changed with a little skepticism which in my opinion is healthy; I'm getting the book tomorrow.
Jim Marrs
I read the latest Popular Mechanics piece by Sen. John McCain with great interest. I thought he would really dispel some of the 9/11 conspiracy charges. But he didn't. All he did was call the conspiracy people names. That's hardly an answer to me.

Jim, what is the most personally satisfying information you have found from your research?
Jim Marrs
Well, it wasn't exactly satisfying --- it was that my worst fears were actually true!

For whom or what are concentration camps constructed and why?
Jim Marrs
For the same folks they are talking about building a wall on the borders ---us! This is too late to protect us from terrorists. It's to keep us all in.

Jim, just wanted to say I saw you in Dallas with Alex Jones at the premiere of "Terrorstorm". It was a great evening as I bought your book, The Terror Conspiracy and it was really a great read! I also had my picture taken with you. You and Alex were on fire that evening and the crowd was at about 1000 people I believe. It looks like the lies of 9-11 are really starting to unravel with the public. What are your predictions for the upcoming elections and do you see any investigations upcoming if the Democrats take over the House and Senate?
Jim Marrs
Why? They are both controlled by the same folks. As a former FED Chairman once said, "We control them both."

With that being said, should I not bother voting?
Jim Marrs
Hell no! Get everyone out to vote and vote against anyone in office --- the good, the bad and the ugly. That way there will be a clear message that we are not going to take this any more. Plus, if they all get voted back in, then we know for certain the votes are rigged.

DJ Zeta
In your "secret society" research have you come across the 2012 date? You'd think they would be all over that, unless that's the biggest secret...
Jim Marrs
I have done much study on 2012 and there's something there. This could be why the New World Order is pulling off their kid gloves. They are moving fast and hard. It seems to me they are on some kind of deadline but for what...who knows?

I totally believe there is a deadline for something, but for what?
Jim Marrs
My best guess is geophysical changes. We've already seem climate change, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. I think they are getting prepared for a "Day After Tomorrow" scenario.

zany mystic
Jim, is there anything to the rumor that China and US are working together towards a nuclear war in 2008?
Jim Marrs
All I know is that the real leadership of the world controls both the US and China (did you hear about Wal-Mart opening a whole chain of stores in China?). If there is a war, it's because that is part of the plan for globalization...In my book "Rule by Secrecy," I pointed out how the European and American bankers had already cut their deals with China. In China, they only have to gain control of the top of the pyramid. This is why the USA has been a tough nut to crack. We have a tradition of freedom, a constitutional basis for freedom and we have guns.

zany mystic
Jim, another guest on C2C recently said to "watch out for an alien battle" - the "good aliens" with HUGE ships come to save us and install world government, but that they are "manufactured" through black ops. Your take?
Jim Marrs
I know enough to know that the military-industrial complex has technology that is years ahead of us and I also know that they have plans to foment a fear of alien invasion if they can't make the War on Terrorism work.

Gee Jim, if the 'real world leaders' as you say control China & USA already, where are the folks on this planet who will make a positive future scenario hiding?
Jim Marrs
You're not hiding. You're in this chat room right now. Just get your head straight and start making this world a better place.

Jim, what do you think about Whitley's book the Greys? I know you interviewed him not too long ago and I thought it was a great interview.
Jim Marrs
Thanks. I really enjoyed his book and I recommend it for it contains some fascinating and thought-provoking concepts. It will make a great movie unless they pull one of those Hollywood screwups on it.

Jumping J
Jim, Where do you think our space program is going next? and Why?
Jim Marrs
Which space program do you mean? The public one or the covert one which has been operating since at least the early 1960s?

Jim, your books are terrific! The amount of research you have done for each one is far reaching. I trust your books because of that.
Jim Marrs
Thanks a heap. It's a lot of hard work but remarks like yours make it all worthwhile. I just find topics of interest to me, research them and share this information with my readers.

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