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George Knapp welcomed DNA expert, Melba Ketchum, for the entire 4-hour program, for a discussion on her Bigfoot research, as well as her testing or planned testing of samples from four giant and elongated skulls, and other giant remains. She addressed some of the controversies surrounding her previous DNA analysis of alleged Bigfoot hair and related samples, which yielded strange results that suggested some kind of human hybrid or mutation.

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John Lear Chat Excerpts 3/10

John Lear Chat Excerpts 3/10

John Lear was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat last week, for a one-hour Q & A. Below are excerpts (members can view the full transcript) in which he discusses secret activities on the moon, ETs, 9-11, and UFOs.

Hi John, Can you tell us what's inside the moon?

John Lear
There are 2 civilizations on the moon. One is human like us and they live on the surface of the moon. What most know as 'the grays' have their labs and live underneath the surface of the moon in enormous cities which have Laboratories where many of us spend brief visits.

John, Thanks for being here. What's the biggest secret you've uncovered?

John Lear
Some seem pretty big but several are that the Apollo Program was a hoax, that the U.S. Navy did the 9-11 destruction of the Twin Towers from space and that the U.S. has bases under the US including, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Noodle Muffin
John, your "Lear Briefing" with Art Bell from 2003 is legendary. Do you still think that is correct or would you modify it for 2010?

John Lear
Yes, I should write up a Lear Briefing 2.0

Re: civilizations on the moon-- human meaning people from Earth that have gone to the moon?

John Lear
Hundreds of thousands of people live on the moon but they are not from Earth. They are from Jupiter, Mars, Venus and other planets.

How do they make the living, water, air, food, energy??

John Lear
All of those. The atmosphere there is equal to 18,000 feet here. You have to go through 1 week of decompression before a visit. Their commerce is solar system wide.

Do you agree with C2C's science advisor (Richard C. Hoagland) that we (the U.S.) have a secret space program?

John Lear
Yes, the U.S, Navy has 336 offensive orbiting weapons platforms including a separate Navy Command station bigger than the ISS.

Are any of these civilizations visible with a terrestrial scope? If so, how large? I own a 24 inch reflector but suspect that may be too small.

John Lear
NO, you could see them well with a 24" but most are now camouflaged with Holography.

John, did you once say that our souls went to the moon when we die?

John Lear
There are many transfer stations for our souls, some on earth, some on the moon. Some of us are reincarnated immediately, some later.

How did you become a CIA pilot? Did you go through a process, or did they find you?

John Lear
Accidentally. I signed up to fly airplanes to Viet Nam and only later did I find out it was a CIA org.

Just what are these two races doing on the moon?

John Lear
Our keepers. They keep us out of trouble.

Tell us more about the soul snatcher? I am a Christian! My soul is going to heaven!

John Lear
They are not snatchers. You have to keep reincarnating on earth until you have learned to live with integrity; and without envy, hate or greed.

Have you seen any anomalies from all your years of flying?

John Lear
Once over Palm Springs in 1966 something strange flew by me.

Hi John, do you know anything about what looks like orbs near the sun? Thanks

John Lear
NO. But I do know there is a huge transfer station near the sun. You can read about it in Lou Baldins book A Day With an Extraterrestrial.

I was only a few blocks from 9-11 sleeping. Could that energy from space affect me?

John Lear
The energy used was molecular dissociation which disintegrates matter to sand about 80 microns in diameter. Unfortunately it is not self-quenching and still disintegrates anything that is built there which is why nothing is being built there.

Do the resident hominids of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and other planets look like we do? Do you think they walk among us undetected right now, and how can I spot one?

John Lear
Some look like us, some shorter, some taller, different facial features. They like malls and there are always a few around the big popular malls.

San Jose Ben
What's going on with Bob Lazar?

John Lear
Talked to him yesterday. Business is going great. (unitednuclear.com) and he is back with the gov.

Why the need for mile+ wide ships? Transporting what?

John Lear
Much bigger than a mile. The ships in the rings of Saturn are 30,000 miles long.

John, can you tell us what are your sources of proof for your claims, or is it just your personal contacts that you bring under public scrutiny?

John Lear
I prefer to say that everything I talk about is opinion. Saves a lot of arguments. :)

Noodle Muffin
Do you think Mars was once Earth-like? What do you think happened to it?

John Lear
Mars is earth-like right now with populations of billions. It is a very busy place. The pictures you see from NASA are taken in Antarctica and Canada.

John, what was the very first thing you witnessed that convinced you that we were being visited by intelligent alien life?

John Lear
The flying saucer that Bob showed us the night of March 22, 1989.