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Dave Schrader welcomed Bruce Van Natta, who after an accident, was on the verge of death when he had an "out of body" experience. During this near-death experience, he saw two angels that he believes were sent to save his life.

Appearing during the first half-hour, author R. Gary Patterson addressed a hoaxed article which claims that Ringo Starr said that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike.

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Microwave Drive

Microwave Drive

Microwave Drive

(3)A recent New Scientist(1) article examines a new engine developed by Roger Shawyer that generates thrust from electromagnetic radiation in the form of microwaves. The 'emdrive' has no moving parts, and releases no exhaust or noxious emissions. Shawyer believes his engine can be used to propel rockets, and will one day make today's planes, trains and automobiles obsolete. Read more here(2).

1. http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/mg19125681.400
2. http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/mg19125681.400
3. http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/mg19125681.400