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Public interest attorney Steven M. Druker, as executive director of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity, initiated a lawsuit that forced the FDA to divulge its files on genetically engineered foods. In the first half, he discussed what he considers to be the biggest scientific fraud of our age - how politically appointed administrators have covered up the warnings of their own scientists about the risks of GMO foods.

In the latter half, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, a leading expert in the metaphysical and paranormal fields, talked about nightmares and dreams, and the messages they convey.

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Middle Class Revolt?

 Middle Class Revolt?

Tonight's guest, Gerald Celente, believes there could be a middle class revolt brewing in the near future of the United States. Last year, when I interviewed him for After Dark, he told me that a mounting dissatisfaction of the populace could boil over into a widespread protest, that would cut across all ages and ethnicities.

"They were the jobless Gen X-ers, the tax protestors, retirees with devalued pensions, the underemployed, the working poor, the downsized and out, the aware and the unbuffaloed from every state of society. It should have come as no surprise when the 90% of the nation who said they wanted change, demanded change," writes Celente in his book Trends 2000(1).

"The country has been hijacked from us," Celente told me, commenting that people increasingly view our two-party political system as actually a one party system, offering no real choice.While the recent anti-war movement had strong numbers, it's hard to imagine how a more massive revolt could get rolling. "The pain hasn't set in yet. All of a sudden we're starting to read about the 68-70 year olds who have to go back to work because their pensions have been lost. We're not in the heat of a political race right now...It's an in-between time; the denial is still rampant," said Celente. "But all we need is a catalyzing factor and (it) will happen. It's hard to tell. It may be a war, it may be an environmental disaster, it may be an economic depression."


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