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Nick Begich Transcript

Project HAARP expert and longtime Coast to Coast AM guest, Dr. Nick Begich(1) (pictured), was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(3).

Are you in Alaska?
Dr. Nick Begich
I am in Alaska tonight. The range of temp. is from -51 to +50 through the state.

Question for you Nick....does the HAARP Project affect the human body in any way?
Dr. Nick Begich
Yes, it can effect brain and body-- depends on how the energy is manipulated.

Dr. Begich, what is the range of the effects referred to? I mean literally in terms of distance. Or is there is a limit?
Dr. Nick Begich
HAARP can operate over the entire northern regions of the world and could have effects elsewhere as the power is increased.

Nick, how did you first get interested in HAARP and who named it?
Dr. Nick Begich
Named by Airforce and Navy..Now a DARPA project. I read a short article about the project that led to my investigations...

Dr. Nick ... How much power is being transmitted by HAARP?
Dr. Nick Begich
HAARP will have an ERP of 1,000,000,000 watts when completed. It is about half way there but the exact ERP is not known at present.

Can low frequency sound drive a person insane?
Dr. Nick Begich
Yes, can have a very intense effect or hum that is disturbing to those that hear it. Other problems associated with ELF.
Is HAARP funded by tax dollars?
Dr. Nick Begich
Yes, Federal.
If Federal money supports HAARP, shouldn't we have more information about it, for that matter, shouldn't we have more say in how it is used?
Dr. Nick Begich
Many projects are classified. The greater the risk the more difficult to get information until "after the fact".

Do you think electromagnetic energy is capable of influencing a hurricane?
Dr. Nick Begich
Yes. A story about this ran in the New York Times a few years ago. It is quoted in Earth Rising The Revolution (book). Also will be on with ART, January 15, 2006 with the inventor of HAARP-- more to come on weather manipulation then....

Nick.. are you familiar with the CFR's publication: BUILDING A NORTH AMERICAN COMMUNITY whereby the USA, CANADA & MEXICO are essentially blended ...eliminating borders as far as national obstacles?
Dr. Nick Begich
This is a long term plan of industrialists who view humans only as consumers. National boundaries should be maintained. The "New World Order" is about slavery for average people...No good will come of it.

In 1972 certain Republicans feared John Lennon would disrupt their Presidential convention. Go to 1980: do you think Mark Chapman was "microwaved" with what he claims ran in his head, "Do it, do it!", when shooting Lennon, by government agency?
Dr. Nick Begich
I have no data on this. However the technology exists to create this situation today. I do not know about 1980.

What do they really hope HAARP will accomplish?
Dr. Nick Begich
They have proven many of the applications which is why it continues to be funded. The missile defense system and earth-penetrating tomography are of the greatest present interest of military planners.

Dr. Begich, what are your thoughts about the new sonic weapons that are being used in Iraq and other countries for crowd dispersal? Do you think crowd dispersal is the only proper use, or do you see more sinister uses for the technology?
Dr. Nick Begich
They are using a variety of energy based weapons. These are tunable beyond the capabilities released to the public. It is possible to create confusion, interfere with vital organ functions and many other things with these devices by just changing some parameters.

Dr., how exactly does ELF affect the brain function, besides entrainment?
Dr. Nick Begich
Entrainment and chemical changes can be created or stimulated for emotional changes or to create and direct thinking processes. The attempt is being made to create synthetic images among other things.

Synthetic images? Could that explain shadow people (animals) etc?
Dr. Nick Begich
Yes, it could. Persinger has created synthetic images through brain stimulation in Canada.

Just Bob
Do you see any positive benefit at all for HAARP?
Dr. Nick Begich
Yes, there may be some uses in creating ozone or knocking out pollutants in the air.

Would you speculate on HAARP'S ultimate goal?
Dr. Nick Begich
HAARP is about controlling the ionosphere and thereby all global communication and power systems, potentially a very powerful technology as it continues to advance.


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