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In the first half, author and conspiracy researcher Donald Jeffries discussed such topics as the JFK assassination, the death Of JFK Jr., 9-11, and Bohemian Grove.

In the latter half, rock historian R. Gary Patterson and researcher Xaviant Haze addressed some of the mysteries and conspiracies surrounding Elvis Presley, including the fame, the darker side of the entertainment industry, and the always burning question…is Elvis still alive?

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Sat 03-07  Past Life Regression/ Energy Healing Sun 03-08  Finding Peace/ Bible & End Times Mon 03-09  Evidence for Eternity/ Atlantis Tue 03-10  Gotti Family/ MH-370 Mystery Wed 03-11  Navigating the Economy Thu 03-12  Hidden Archaelogy Fri 03-13  Materializations & Ectoplasm/ Open Lines


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Peru Meteorite Update

Peru Meteorite Update

Peru Meteorite Update

In the latest news(1) in the Peruvian meteorite crash, a geologist has confirmed that it was indeed a meteorite that smashed into a desolate area near the Bolivian border on Saturday morning. Earlier, some scientists had speculated(2) that it might have been a geyser that erupted rather than a meteor crash. Questions still remain as to whether "toxic fumes" were released, and if the meteorite actually sickened people, as has been claimed. Click here(3) for more.

1. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5isWWHSxCh_u0yUNU9Gpk1qfg996A
2. http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/070919_peru_meteorite.html
3. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5isWWHSxCh_u0yUNU9Gpk1qfg996A