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R. Gary Patterson Transcript

Our recent special guest in Streamlink's(1) live chat was author R. Gary Patterson(2) (pictured) who has explored rock 'n' roll legends and curses. He shared some fascinating tidbits in a 70 minute Q & A. Below are excerpts; members can view the entire transcript(3).
The Paul is Dead scenario just fascinates me to no end. Is there anything new that has surfaced since your wrote your book?
R. Gary Patterson
Paul is Dead fascinates me as well--It still does. I suppose the new discussion with the photos that appear to not match is rather new.
It would be great to see a TV special on the Paul Is Dead Myth.
R. Gary Patterson
I did a TV special on the subject for Russian television--I'm working on one right now for television here--I'll post more on my site when it is set.
Great book, why not delve into the Kurt Cobain death/murder, with all the evidence such as no finger prints on the gun? It angers still to this day.
R. Gary Patterson
I was doing a radio show last week with Ian Halperin, author of "Love and Death" and "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" He says to expect some new information soon with a reinvestigation and an ARREST--stay tuned.
I have a question about John Lennon from the Beatles, Is it true that he was murdered by the mob because he didn't pay his drug suppliers?
R. Gary Patterson
I haven't heard about the mob references--I have heard about the CIA conspiracy theory.
Gary, do you ever worry that when you explore someone's life, that you may be dabbling into the unknown and that you may open some strange portals into the unknown? And when you did the Aleister Crowley story in Hellhound, did you have to prepare in any way, sorta spiritually?
R. Gary Patterson
Interesting question, Tim. I try and be very objective but I have had a few strange events happen to those around me when I was exploring the Robert Johnson myth at the Crossroads--other times I just get a certain chill when I work late at night.
Are you familiar with the 'Ace of Spades' legend that cost Metallica bassist Cliff Burton his life?
R. Gary Patterson
Be careful about drawing the high card for the bunk in the bus---Kirk must be happy he lost the draw, huh?
What is the strangest rock n roll death?
R. Gary Patterson
A new story I'm developing is when Graham Bond performed an exorcism and then threw himself under a tube train in London. Many of his friends claim he was possessed.
Gary, do you think there are any rock stars that really did fake their own death to escape the pressures of fame?
R. Gary Patterson
Eddie and the Cruisers was a great fantasy movie--I'd say it would be very difficult to fake your death and get completely away with it---We'll have to ask Morrison :-)
Why do you think the CIA has had so much interest in rock stars, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, too much power maybe?
R. Gary Patterson
I think the power was with the counterculture movement. We know that the CIA had many files on Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison--1970-1971 all three were dead.
Gary, do you know if there are any places that are allegedly haunted by the ghosts of dead rock stars?
R. Gary Patterson
I've heard that Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee is still haunted by Hank Williams--maybe we should all take a trip there and check it out?


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