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Strange Pattern on Icelandic Lake Stumps Locals

Strange Pattern on Icelandic Lake Stumps Locals

Residents living around Iceland's Lake Þingvallavatn were baffled this week when a strange pattern appeared on the ice-covered lake.

The enormous 'line' appears to stretch across the lake and looks like something created by either an alien practicing for crop circle season or perhaps an Icelander taking a foolish stroll after 'a few too many.'

Shared on Facebook by the Icelandic National Park that is home to the lake, officials marveled that locals had never seen such a pattern before and called it unexplained.

Fortunately, the mystery melted rather quickly as weather watchers were easily able to explain the oddity.

According to meteorologists, the phenomenon is a natural process known as 'finger rafting,' where two different bodies of ice converge in a way that is akin to interlocking fingers.

Source: Ice News

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