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The Fred Bell Transcript

Last week Streamlink (1) members held a live chat with the fascinating inventor and alien contactee Dr. Fred Bell(2). Here are some excerpts from the dialogue, members can read the full conversation here(3).

Mr. Bell, do you think any of your inventions are the direct result from one of your meetings with aliens?
Fred Bell
There's a big influence. I rely on their (alien) technologies that push the envelope, therefore making them very expensive. In order to produce these products I have to work with the most advanced aerospace companies.
Fred Bell, Have you ever visited the Sattva Sanctuary In Trout Lake Washington where James Gilliland has his Ranch, where he has had a good number of "Sky Watches" there, where visitors like me have come and observed countless UFO's fly over us???
Fred Bell
No, but Steven Greer and Erich von Daniken all used my fire star orbs to enhance the communicative value of these encounters.
Mr. Bell, Did I hear you correctly on a past CTC show, which you stated you had been contacted by an alien race?
Fred Bell
Yes, Pleiadians, Andromedans and the Zeta Reticuli (to a lesser extent).
Yosemite Sam
How do aliens travel?
Fred Bell
Everything from transport seconaphim (angelic phase, Urantia) to material spaceships.
Mr. Bell, would you please tell us some of what happened in the event of your time travel experiment, in which you traveled a few seconds forward in time? I recall your amazing account of this during an interview you had with Art Bell about 7 years ago! Thank you!
Fred Bell
I was totally disoriented for 2 weeks. I would go to the store and knowing I needed to turn left to get there, I would turn right and wonder why I did it. I was spaced out for 2 months. I don't recommend you try this at home. Thank goodness there was not a fly in the time machine with me.
Mr. Bell, hello. I managed to catch up with your last CtoC show; but just minutes to quickly scan/update-read the Receptor/Projector pages of your website -- but one question of particular interest re: Projector -- you wrote that it "senses the negatively directed energy... eliminates its source...therefore this negative energy was never created in the first place."
Fred Bell
That is true. In a hologram, there are many images. Life presents many images. Imagine life scenes to be from a projector, and you are the image projected and imagine that you can control the imagery of the project, and its imagery. The image takes energy of photons to make itself apparent. The projector merely controls the image. No trickery, just fact, and easier said then typed.
Dr. Bell how do you feel about the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus? It seems that alot of the views you express are very similar to his writings.
Fred Bell
Hermes was a great visionary; in my early days of growing up, he was one of my role models. Thanks for acknowledging a great teacher.
Fred, any good thoughts on the NASA/Denver airport cover-up?
Fred Bell
Yeah, totally aware of it. The gargoyles are symbolic of the consciousness that represent it.
Dr. Bell, your thoughts on the weather patterns lately?????
Fred Bell
It is all about the greenhouse effect. The GOV. is covering it up and creating false models of hurricane patterns, and realizing the public awareness of a short attention span, and assigning past history to the ignorance of the masses.
Have you been to the lower levels of these secret bases where the Reptilian aliens are allegedly housed?
Fred Bell
Have you been watching the X Files? Chris Carter based his first 6 episodes on my life. I was also Jacob and Jesse in the 3rd episode of Steven Spielberg's classic epic "Taken." Obviously, it was a depiction of my life.
Dr. Bell, which would be the best for someone with chronic fatigue - the Projector or the Receptor - or both?
Fred Bell
Start with the receptor. Allow the DNA to adjust to it which would take about one year, then go with the projector. This is a great question and asked often.


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