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Warren Transcript & Photo

Warren Transcript & Photo

Below are excerpts from a one-hour Q & A with paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren, our recent special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat. Members can read/print the full transcript.

Joshua also sent us this photo of a free-floating plasma being created by his L.E.M.U.R. Lab. He thinks the kind of field interference that created this hovering glob of light is relevant to opening portals into other dimensions. He has other strange examples posted at:

Chat Excerpts 2/24/10:

Mr. Warren, the Brown Mountain video is outstanding. Have you come to any theories as to what we could be viewing?

Joshua P. Warren
The newest Brown Mountain video is astounding since it should only show the color green, but also includes the colors red and blue. This has intrigued experts across the country, and we think something interdimensional has been documented.

How is the spy wire transcription coming? Are there any new developments on that?

Joshua P. Warren
LOTS of listeners have sent me nicely cleaned versions of the spy wire segment. However, no new historic details have come forth. Some have tried to identify the voices on the recording, but it's still speculative.

If I were to shop for antiques that were haunted, do you know how I would be able to tell, and if it was a gentle or a dangerous spirit?

Joshua P. Warren
Psychometry is a gift some of the best antique dealers have. Touch an item and see whether you relax or contract. If you relax, you should buy it, if you contract, better not.

Have you heard many paranormal case statements where the parties involved reported seeing a figure who had a face, but no mouth, nose, eyes, or ears?

Joshua P. Warren
There are many reports of "partial-bodied apparitions." Usually the eyes are missing. Maybe this is just because folks usually look at the eyes of someone else and notice that easily.

Josh, have you had any "huge" success stories from people regarding your wishing machine photo posted on your site?

Joshua P. Warren
Yes--I have a large stack of emails printed; positive feedback! Some of the stories boggle the mind, like people being cured of terrible terminal diseases. However we explain this, it's amazing.

Who is more scary to you Mr. Warren, the living or the dead?

Joshua P. Warren
Definitely the living! I wouldn't pull a gun on a ghost.

Could the lights at Brown Mountain lead to further endeavors for you, such as an intensified search for what are sometimes called "Stargates?"

Joshua P. Warren
Indeed, right now we are spending time in the Lab working on "portals" that can be opened to other dimensions. A lot of our ideas are based on duplicating things we've encountered at Brown Mountain.

What's your take on the reason why 3rd Generation Night Vision seems so effective in paranormal applications such as the brown Mountain lights and UFOs?

Joshua P. Warren
3rd Gen Night Vision allows you to see deeply into the IR realm that is usually invisible to the naked eye. You can see examples of this at:

What is the best way to record EVPs?

Joshua P. Warren
It seems the type of microphone is more significant than the recorder. There is a simple test you can do to find the right microphone for you. Click around at and you should be able to find the info under GHOST HUNTING AND MORE.

Do ghosts seem to "retire"? It seems there are many more contemporary ghosts than from ancient times.

Joshua P. Warren
Indeed, over time, ghosts usually tend to fade away. We have some very rare reports of "dinosaur ghosts," but those may actually be inter-dimensional creatures from another semi-physical realm.

Regarding ghosts etc., is their any idea of what sustains that kind of energy? If things come through from some place, is it really here, or just a representation of something that is elsewhere?

Joshua P. Warren
It's probably a bit of both. Physicists have now photographed the same particle in two different places at the same time. What sustains the energy is still a mystery--perhaps a key to gaining power from the vacuum or zero point field.

Joshua, have you ever considered having your own television series on Ghost Hunting?

Joshua P. Warren
Indeed, I've considered it, and I have done a good deal of work in the TV field (e.g. this Monday night, March 1, 9pm east coast time, on the National Geographic Channel). But altogether, I'm driven by a pure pursuit of knowledge without a hair and makeup team!

My son was scratched by a ghost at his job, it drew blood and she knocks chairs off the tables when the restaurant closes. The Boss doesn't believe him, now they make fun of him. What can he do to protect himself?

Joshua P. Warren
Sometimes, you cannot protect yourself from an entity. However, if you consider they stem from a non-physical realm, you can sometimes combat them with your non-physical thoughts, envisioning a white shield around you. But on a more physical level, run a humidifier in the room to reduce interaction.

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