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William Henry Chat Excerpts

Our recent special guest in Streamlink's(1) live chat was investigative mythologist William Henry(2) (pictured) who shared some fascinating ideas in a one hour Q & A. Below are excerpts; members can view the entire transcript(3).
Hi William, I'm a huge fan of your work and curious what your next project is.
William Henry
Thank you for asking. I've just gotten the writing bug again. My next book will be about Atlantis. In addition, I am constantly preparing for the next lecture.
William, what's the latest adventure?
William Henry
It may be a little premature, but I've got well-placed folks helping me with a trip to Iraq.
Iraq's museums have been mostly destroyed or so reported in American media, are there many items that have been protected? Would they be accessible?
William Henry
That's what I'm wanting to find out and to get a first-hand look at what is there.
I guess I'm the idiot in the bunch, could you please explain the Star Gate and how it relates to Iraq?
William Henry
Read the Book of Daniel, in which a 'fiery furnace' is opened by Nebuchadnezzar. Into it went three wise men. From out it, emerged a fourth man described as 'the son of God'. My research reveals this 'fiery furnace' was a portal. Significantly, Saddam Hussein believes he is the reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar and is seeking to out do his previous life's accomplishments.
William can you comment on Atlantis with respect to the recent submerged city findings off Cuba?
William Henry
I'm a big fan of Andrew Collins, one of the primary proponents of this line of research. Personally, I'm more interested in the re-appearance of Atlantean symbolism, i.e. the 'hourglass' or 'wormhole' symbol of Atlantis, for instance.
Can you tell us what the meaning of the hourglass and wormhole symbols are?
William Henry
Ultimately, I believe they refer to the deepest secret of the gods, the ability to manipulate space-time, hence the hour-glass symbol.
Desert Turtle
William... Do you believe that President Bush, or others in power, understand the situation with the Star Gate of ancient Iraq?
William Henry
I'm 99.9% certain of it.
William, you mention Illuminati. On Coast, Illuminati is referenced as a Secret Society. Is this the same group or is yours different?
William Henry
Possibly the same group. However, I'm more interested in their esoteric secrets than their political machinations.
What was the name of the place in Arkansas that you spoke of on Coast? And its meaning?
William Henry
Mt. Ida, Arkansas. It is claimed that the World Mountain of the gods, Meru, is topped by a place of wisdom called Id-Arrata, where the gods downloaded sacred knowledge into pure quartz crystal. Mt. Ida, Arkansas is the only Ida-Ararat that has pure quartz crystal. Is it the mountain of the myth? We'll see.
Wouldn't you love to get into one of the Hall of Records? Seems to me that there should be clues in our time.
William Henry
There are clues all the time. For instance, Isaiah prophesied that a new light would bathe the earth 'after the towers fall'. Are these the twin towers of the WTC?
What significance are the ancient Indian mounds, such as Serpent Mound in Ohio? Have you researched these?
William Henry
I've researched Serpent Mount, but haven't been there yet. It's not too far from Nashville. I'm thinking about organizing a mystery tour of this part of the country that would include Serpent Mound, Ohio, Mammoth Cave, KY and Nashville.


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