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William Henry Chat Excerpts 7/09

William Henry Chat Excerpts 7/09

Investigative mythologist William Henry was our guest in Streamlink's Live Chat last month, for a one-hour Q & A on such topics as Stargates, the 'light body,' ancient Egypt, and the mysteries of Nashville. Below are excerpts, members can view the full transcript.

William - I have been listening to you on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland for a while and I just wanted to ask - since you have studied Freemasonry a bit - exactly WHAT do you think Solomon's temple really was? Is it related to this lost knowledge?

William Henry
Solomon's Temple is a template sent from heaven. The human body is modeled after this temple. The lost knowledge encoded in this story concerns how to fully activate the spiritual potential of the human body.

Is light body activation the merkaba technique?

William Henry
By definition, yes. The Merkaba tradition, as exemplified in the story of Elijah, is all about light body activation. So is the story of Ezekiel.

Lady Luna
Have you ever witnessed the manifestation of a "Light Body" with your own eyes? Do you believe there are spiritual masters alive today that have achieved the ability to transform into light at will like Christ revealed to his disciples?

William Henry
No I haven't. However, the Tibetan tradition is especially clear that modern lamas have achieved the Great Perfection and achieved what I term the Light Body Effect. We're told that all of us can do.

I've heard that the effectiveness of meditation can be increased if one is within a pyramid structure, 1/3 of the way up from the base. Other than the mysterious atmosphere one would expect from being inside the Great Pyramid, did you feel any other unusual "energy" from the place?

William Henry
What can I say? Going inside the GP is the ultimate experience! Each time I go in I observe something new and powerful to me. There's nothing like it.

I don't remember if you've talked about this or not...there are some esoteric traditions and reports from "abductees" that there is a secret chamber in one of the Giza pyramids that contains "Christ" relics and advanced technology. Are you aware of this? What are your thoughts or impressions?

William Henry
There's enough room in the GP for another 40 or so chambers the size of the King's Chamber. This makes me feel quite certain there are undiscovered chambers. Whether or not they contain the relics you speak of, well, one can only hope!

Good evening Mr. Henry. Is there any connection to the stargates and the Atlantean civilization? Are there any other civilizations (ancient) which might have used the gates?

William Henry
I think it's probable that the Atlantean civilization was aware of and utilized gates to the inner realms. The story of Shambhala, the realm of the immortals, I believe is a story with Atlantean origins.

Were these gates physical objects from which to pass through, or more like a vibrational opening through the "ethers" like the old Kabballists used by altering their own vibrations?

William Henry
The ancient examples that I study, especially those from Sumeria and Egypt, reflect the idea that we are dealing with vibrational openings. You'll often see squiggly lines representing vibration on either side of these gates.

Care to comment on Nashville & the Masonic/Templar secrets here? Fascinating place - I'm visiting this summer & seeing crazy symbology everywhere I go here!

William Henry
Nashville is clearly one of the 'secret cities' ala Paris, London, Washington, D.C.

Do you still do Nashville tours?

William Henry
Yes I do. I had a group in from Chicago last week. I always enjoy these tours. It's like seeing these amazing places -- the Parthenon, Stargate Park -- with new eyes each time I go.

What is unique about Nashville?

William Henry
Nashville is the only city in the world with copies of two healing temples from the ancient world. One is the Parthenon, complete with a 42 foot tall, gilded statue of Athena. The other is a 2,200 foot long magician's wand laid out and growing at the base of the state capitol.

How does the "Nash" in Nashville relate to Coffins?

William Henry
The oldest name for Ursa Major (aka "the Big Dipper") was Nash. It meant the sacred casket.

What role does music play, do you think, in the sacred significance of Nashville?

William Henry
I think it's the people that come to Nashville that bring the significance. Detroit experienced something similar with the success of Motown. Everyone wanted to record in Detroit to get the Motown sound, but the Motown sound wasn't audible. It was spiritual. That said, the place does tend to facilitate a certain vibration. This is certainly true of Nashville.

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