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Russian UFO Crash Update

Apr 13, 2009

Moscow-based paranormal investigator, James L. Choron, has been following the mysterious crash of a "flying wing" shaped UFO into Kalingrad harbor which reportedly took place on April 18, 2003. He sends us this update: Remains of Kaliningrad UFO Taken to...

A Tale of Friendship

Apr 13, 2009

On Monday night, George read the following story that was sent to him, to celebrate National Friendship Week. Here is the text: "A Friend" One day when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was...

Guardian Angels

Apr 13, 2009

Tonight's guest John Ronner has said that "tens of millions of people have had angel encounters." In some cases these encounters border on the miraculous. One such incident was detailed in an article from the December issue of After Dark. A worker at an...

Friday Night Double Feature:

Apr 13, 2009

The Spirit of the Shed by Michelle O. About 5 years ago I was living in a small house with 2 other roommates. One was an older man by the name of Pedro and the other was my female cousin, Paula. At the time of this incident I had been living there about...

Predicting Violence

Apr 13, 2009

One of the books that tonight's guest Gavin de Becker has written is The Gift of Fear, a kind of guidebook for using one's intuitions and instincts to recognize and react to potentially dangerous situations. de Becker points out that many Americans live...

Beings: Light and Dark

Apr 13, 2009

One of the books tonight's guest Steve Quayle has written is titled Aliens and Fallen Angels: The Sexual Corruption of the Human Race, in which he looks at the mythology and history surrounding the idea that supernatural beings mated with earthly women....

Friday Night Feature: Encounter with "Dimensional Tourists"

Apr 13, 2009

This is a very frightening and totally unexplained event that happened to me seven years ago on a lonely, desolate road in Texas. My name is Markham A., and I am a former US Marine (0315-Recon), and I now work in the film industry as a cinematographer. In...

Visionary Scientist

Apr 13, 2009

I had the occasion to interview and photograph tonight's guest, Dr. Michio Kaku for After Dark back in 2000. It was a crisp September morning, when I dropped by Dr. Kaku's office at City College in New York City, where he has been a professor for the last...

Biochemistry of Love

Apr 13, 2009

Peggy LaCerra has studied cognitive neuroscience to develop her theories about the evolution of the human mind. As mind and brain studies continue, new information is coming forth about little-researched emotions such as love. In an article in the latest...

Dirty Money

Apr 13, 2009

Among the types of germs that Dr. Philip Tierno has looked at, include those found on paper currency. A study by Dr. Peter Ender of the Wright Patterson Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio found that dollar bills might be capable of spreading disease. To...

Spotlight on: The Michigan Plates

Apr 13, 2009

Tonight's guest Glenn Kimball has been associated with the publication Ancient American, which examines archaeological evidence that may indicate there were non-indigenous visitors here before the time of Columbus. For instance, in the article Christ in...

Life Elsewhere

Apr 13, 2009

Tonight's guest, Dr. David Darling, has pondered the idea of life in the universe. Many scientists have found the popular portrayal of humanoid-styled aliens as being statistically unlikely and a case of anthropomorphizing. "Looking at the diversity of...

Friday Night Feature: A Dangerous Encounter

Apr 13, 2009

--by Maria R. Late one night while I was laying in bed waiting for the Art Bell program to come on, I was attacked by several entities. This was not the first time I had been attacked by these creatures, but the first time while I was wide awake (I had...

Spotlight on: Mayan Prophecy

Apr 13, 2009

Among the books tonight's guest Maurice Cotterell has written is a fascinating treatise called The Mayan Prophecies (co-authored with Adrian Gilbert). When Cotterell was working as an electrical engineer at the Cranfield Institute of Technology, he...

Spotlight on: Interpol

Apr 13, 2009

David Bannon's thriller-like book Race Against Evil recounts his experiences working for Interpol. While most have heard of Interpol, it has a mysterious connotation for many. "We're seen as a semi-mythical organization of super-sleuths, (but) we want to...

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Jamie Bartlett spoke about radical groups and future trends. Bruce Maccabee analyzed a historic UFO sighting. Cheryl Costa discussed UFO data.

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