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The Jersey Devil

James McCloy has sent us some images related to the Jersey Devil. Along with Ray Miller Jr., he authored The Phantom of the Pines, and the two appeared on Monday night's show to discuss their investigation into the creature that has allegedly been seen in Southern New Jersey for several centuries. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Pre-Christian Origins

In this 13th century painting (click on to view larger), the crescent moon at Mary's foot is lifted from ancient Egyptian symbology, where it was an attribute of the goddess Isis, the Queen of Heaven, writes David Fontana in The Secret Language of Symbols. He notes that holidays such as Christmas and Easter coincide with pagan festivals and that many of the objects typically associated with Christmas, "such as the yule log, mistletoe, and the Christmas tree itself, were all borrowed from pre-Christian traditions."

Dr. Glotch's Time Travel Device

This drawing was made by George Noory of Dr. Irving Glotch's Time Travel device, that he proposes to use on George. Click on image to view larger. Here is an excerpt from a Q & A that Streamlink members held with Dr. Glotch last night. Members can read the full transcript here.EJ Hello Dr. Glotch. Did you really send a plant into the past? Dr. Irving Glotch Mr. Noory misunderstood me. The Time Travel experiment and a teleportation device I am working on are two different devices. Mr. Noory thought they were one and the same. They are not. Yes, I teleported a small plant and a mouse from point A to point B. But cannot disclose anything else at this time on this subject. Thank you.Grey's Anatomy Hi Doctor. Why the aluminum suit? Dr. Irving Glotch An aluminum suit is NOT necessary. However I believe that because of the force field that will surround Mr. Noory that it could be helpful for him.George fan Dr. long have you been working

Magnetic Vortices?

Tonight's guest, Gian Quasar writes: This picture (click on to view larger) was taken in 1999 by Bruce and Lynn Gernon near an area reported to have electromagnetic disturbances. Notice the shiny "white waters." They are known as the "White Waters" or "Glowing Waters" of the Bahamas. They are a mysterious but natural venting of some phosphorescent gas. But on this occasion, they brought to light a strange, clear circular area where the "glowing waters" could not intrude. Something below the seabed emanating in a neat circular pattern is repelling the phosphorescence in the water. This raises the question on magnetic vortices in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, and interestingly, Edgar Cayce, the clairvoyant, also described manmade ruins beneath the ocean's bottom in that area that operated on electromagnetism, both of which can repel the phosphorescence in the "glowing waters."

Alien on Film?

This photo of a possible alien (click on to view full image) comes to us from Kim Mathis Schwartz ( who said she witnessed a craft near her home this past August. The camera "was aimed at the craft, it's hard to see at first because what I think are some kind of light beings are not in an upright position but appear to be crouched over something," she writes.Click here to see her second image she identifies as the craft. Kim also writes: "I certify that I took the two photos one night this past August with a Kodak 35mm throwaway camera with flash. It was around 12:15 midnight central time. I walked out on my patio, there is a small lake and woods behind my house. I saw what I thought was a firecracker in the sky, this is what got my attention, but it never faded away-- it just got brighter and brighter, so I ran inside got the camera, took these two photos, then it speeded right over the house." "Considering the camera I was using, I was surp

The Hidden Mysteries of Christmas

Tonight's presentation by James Arthur referenced the following graphics: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12 Image 13

The Nuclear Receptor

Fred Bell is the inventor of such objects as the "Nuclear Receptor." Pictured left (click on image to view larger) is a version with an amethystgemstone. According to Bell, "the ultimate goal of the Receptor is to reverse and repair cellular damage at the DNA level." The concept for the Receptors comes from the Pleaidians, he says. "By means of electronic and scalar wave technology, the Nuclear Receptor allows our bodies to process all forms of toxins and poisons," writes Bell. More info. is at or by calling 1-800-729-2603.

Pyramid at Chichen Itza

Joe Kleon's photo (click on image for larger) is of The Temple of Kukulkan, thelargest ceremonial structure atChichen Itza, in Mexico's Yucatan. This ninety-foot tall pyramid encodes preciseinformation regarding the Mayan calendar. For more on this structure, go here.

Haleakala Crater UFO

Late one evening in 2002 I was camping inside Haleakala Crater with a friend, whom I have been camping, sky gazing and looking for ships with for nearly 40 years. We were treated with a visit from afar. We were surprised to have such a close visitation and to be able to record the experience via digital camera (view photos here). This was not the first visitation or sighting in this volcano we've had. We have been watchdogs onthis mountain since the early 60's.

EBE Drawings

These three forensic-style renderings (click on picture to view larger) are from EBE-1 and EBE-2 as describedfrom page 6 in the purported USAF TOP SECRET MAJIC SOM1-01documents being researched by Dr. Bob Wood, his son Ryan Wood,and their Majestic Documents research team. All three imagesare provided courtesy of Bill and Lori McDonald and are © William Louis McDonald Sr. and were commissionedby Dr. Bob Wood. They debuted at the Crash Retrieval Conference inLas Vegas. For more information go to Oasis Earth Hypothesis.

Portrait of Howard

Above is a caricature of Howard Bloom, drawn by the illustrator Will Robertson.

Chat Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from a half-hour Q & A with Earthfiles investigator, Linda Moulton Howe, who was the special guest in our Live Chat with George this past Tuesday. Streamlink members can read the entire transcript here.houstonsusie Linda, what in your opinion makes crop circles? Linda Moulton Howe Crop formations are for me one of the most profound mysteries on the planet. As I write this, I am thinking of patterns like the 1996 fractals at Windmill Hill, Stonehenge and those that have emerged since. I am also thinking of the importance this summer of 2003 in both Wiltshire and Ohio where the intelligence behind several patterns used markers in the landscape, but away from the patterns, to line up lines or other features. For geometry specialists, this is significant because the skill involved and the awareness of large scale relationships of patterns to the landscape is something beyond most human ability. I would like to more clearly understand what that i

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Jay Robare ( sent us his caricature of George as Ghostbuster. Click on the image to view larger.

Moon Landing?

Click on the image to view a video clip that has been labeled "Apollo 11 Moon Landing Footage Out-take." Is it evidence that the moon landing was faked or is the clip itself a hoax? Visit for the answers.

Gulf War II Illness

Monday's first hour guest, Gulf War Vets spokesperson Joyce Riley (, gave an update on Gulf War II illnesses which she said bore similarities to Gulf War (I) Syndrome. She said there were a large number of soldiers with "non-hostile wounds" i.e. sickness not due to combat. Many of these cases were being called pneumonia, but Riley doubted this diagnosis. She suspects that exposure to depleted uranium and various vaccines could be what's making troops sick and in some cases dying.Related Links: The Power Hour, Anthrax Vaccine Network, Traprock Peace Center, Veterans for Peace

Project Grudge

Former commercial pilot John Lear has sent us a report he wrote about a missing 13th section that was left out of the originally published Blue Book/Project Grudge investigation. His report describes the testimony of Bill English who said he had access to these sensitive case files while assigned to an RAF "listening post." Lear's document contains graphic and detailed information about alien autopsies and human abductions. To read the text of Lear's "Disclosure Briefing" click here.

John Lear's Disclosure Briefing

As presented on the 11/2/03 show: Art Bell: Let's say the government chose me. They were going to use me as an outlet to release this information. Let's just say they did that and they took me to a briefing. Then what John?John Lear: They whisk you to Washington, DC, you get limo-ed to this building, beautiful building, you go up into this room. They say, 'Art, you're the guy and if you give us the go ahead, we are gonna release everything we know to the public. If you decide to go ahead, all major networks will be provided with information on all aspects of the cover up and no type of information will be withheld.

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