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Homeopathic Cure?

When I interviewed tonight's guest Lynne McTaggart for After Dark back in 2002, she told me as the editor of health newsletters she looks at "medical literature and determines what is actually proven about conventional and alternative medicine [and] what works and doesn't work." It was studies of homeopathy and other alternative approaches that actually led her to begin putting together the thesis for her groundbreaking book, The Field. Homeopathy which seems to defy traditional scientific practices was first used by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnermann, back in the 18th century, who tested hundreds of plant, animal, and chemical substances on himself and noted his reactions. What is curious about the remedies is they often involve a very diluted amount of the original substance, sometimes containing less than a molecule of it. But an article in the latest Psychology Today points out that subjects receiving homeopathic remedies have in numerous studies shown signific

Perala Images

Robert Perala, pictured lying in a crop circle, sent us two images. He writes: "The photo of this extraterrestrial (left) was taken by Jeff Greenshaw, the chief ofpolice of Falkville, Alabama in October 1973. What you can't see is thetremendous bright light of colors that emanated from it. Three of thesebeings manifested before me on December 27th 1977 at 2:30 AM. I got a heckof a sunburn from them. The event changed my life forever...Details fromthe encounter can be found in Chapter 1 of The Divine Blueprint." "The drawing you see on the right was done by a walk-in who claimed he had beenbrought here in a ship 34 years ago. This has sometimes been called theLanguage of Light...The only thing I was told about the drawingwas the symbol at the top of the pyramid represents Psychology, the symbolto the left is Language, the symbol to the right is Focus and Beliefs."

Quayle Commentaries

Author Steve Quayle (, the guest for the first half of Friday's program, offered commentary on a variety of subjects. He said he does not believe the recent report that elk in Wyoming died from eating lichen. Quayle said that sources told him that a person involved in counting the elk became sick with symptoms consistent with exposure to "organophosphates" such as a nerve agent. Aside from terrorism, the biggest threat we face is from famine and extreme weather said Quayle, who described drought and dust bowl-like conditions in parts of the United States. He also analyzed the ancient Egyptian Glyph, which resembles a helicopter, relating it to tales from ancient India of "vimana" or flying machines.


Uri! This picture of Uri Geller is from his website gallery which includes photos from his career, paintings and scientific images.

Warren Getler Images

Pictured (click on for larger) are the first cache of coins found at the Wapanucka KGC treasure depository. Additional Images: Skull Rock The Bible Tree Peralta Stone Maps"Horse" on Map

Abydos Glyph

Pictured is an ancient Egyptian glyph from Abydos, that some have interpreted as depicting a helicopter. In a 1999 article from Enterprise Mission, Richard C. Hoagland characterizes the glyph as "memorializing information" by the Egyptians of a high-tech civilization previous to theirs. Another take on the Abydos glyphs is posted in the article Pharaoh's Helicopter?

Mars as Waterworld

NASA announced today that bodies of water were once flowing on the Martian surface. Click here to see Kees Veenenbos' renderings (left) of what Mars may have looked like as a planet with vast oceans.

Glenn Kimball in Egypt

Pictured left (click on for larger) is tonight's guest Glenn Kimball with Zahi Hawass, Secretary General, Supreme Council of Antiquities. Additional Photos: Glenn at Luxor Discovery: Boat ReliefAncient Sports: BasketballAncient Sports: SumoGlenn is also involved in a new TV series, "III," that is planned to be shot in the Middle East. Click here for a casting notice.

BPL Interference

This video clip (aprx. 27 MB), of interest mainly to ham radio operators, demonstrates the interference caused by a test of broadband over power lines (BPL), which effectively wipes out short wave radio reception.

Report from Italy

Friday's first hour guest, investigator Linda Moulton Howe of presented a live report from Italy where she is attending a UFO and Astronomy Symposium in San Marino. She brought Paul Blase onto the program, a representative for Trans Orbital, a commercial enterprise which is planning a trip to the moon in nine months. Blase said their orbiter plans to make extensive videotapes of the moon's surface, as well as drop off hardened time capsules. Linda also discussed a presentation she was giving at the Symposium that compiled information from alleged top secret MJ-12 documents with titles such as the "Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary Intelligence Assessment." This document referred to three UFO crash landing zones from July 1947, she said, and at one of them there were alien bodies that looked as though they had been "dissected like a frog." Animal parts were reportedly found inside a craft at a second location, she added.

Video: The Giant Diable

Some forty years ago when I was a child and bored one day, my mother bid me to bring hersewing basket. Thinking I would soon be darning my sock, I retrieved the basket somewhatgrudgingly. Reaching into her basket, she took out not the darning bob, but a round metal box full of buttons. She opened her button box and selected a large button, and then cut a piece of heavy thread twice the length of my arm. Threading the two ends through the button holes, she then tied them. Next she put her fingers into either end of the loop, like a cat's cradle, with the button in center. First spinning the button around with some slack, she began to alternately pull and loosen the string which set the button to spinning first one direction then the other. Then she gave me the setup to play with as something akin to twiddling-thumbs. Fast forward thirty years to find me camped along the Virgin River deep in Utah's Zion Canyon. Just after falling asle

The New World

NASA announced today the discovery of a mysterious planet-like body, which has been unofficially named "Sedna."3 times farther away from Earth than Pluto, it is now the most distant known body in our solar system. Click on the artist's conception (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt) to view larger, or here to read more details.

Hoagland Chat Excerpt

Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission chatted with Streamlink members as our special guest in this past week's Live Chat with George. Here are some excerpts from the dialogue: imduddits RCH, are you absolutely convinced that the Mars photos show evidence of fossils and metal cased objects or do you think more research is needed? Richard C. Hoagland More research, natch. :) Richard C. Hoagland Let me expand .... Richard C. Hoagland What really bothered me about the piece is that I carefully explained to Britt what KIND of further tests would let us KNOW about all this. And he simply ignored those scientific steps. It was a political slant, through and through .... Alchemist RCH, should be known as "The Man On Fire" I do so enjoy your passion. I uphold your efforts, you are a wonderful example of "grass roots" Richard C. Hoagland Only works if those roots REALLY want to grow .... :) seeker Could HAARP be used as a planetar

Ancient Celtic Head

Pictured is a carved stone head from Boa Island in Ireland (tinted green for St. Patrick's Day!). The figure, known as a Janus head, has a second face carved in the other direction. The Celtic symbol of a figure looking forward and back is thought to represent transition and the threshold between life and death. More Photos/Info.

Space Station Interview

Connecting 250 miles above our planet, George conducted an interview with International Space Station personnel, Mike Foale, the Expedition 8 Commander/NASA Science Officer (right) and Alexander Kaleri, a Russian Cosmonaut and Flight Engineer (left), who spoke through a translator. Notable sites such as the Egyptian pyramids and China's Great Wall are visible with binoculars, though locations such as cities and dams are more readily seen with the naked eye, said Foale. The Space Station continues to expand, and Foale said its lifespan may extend up to 30 years, with other countries partnering, if the United States' involvement wanes. While he's seen unusual objects in space that have caught his attention, they invariably turn out to have a logical explanation, Foale noted. He believes the work of the space station is extremely valuable. "Keep looking up to the stars...and dreaming and looking beyond," he added.

Bohemian Grove Secrets

Alex Jones infiltrated the secretive Bohemian Club and made a video of their rituals. Click here to view a clip. And check out these just posted Exclusive New Photos.

Elk Deaths

Author Steve Quayle ( also appeared during Wednesday's first hour to discuss the mysterious Elk deaths in Wyoming. Quayle said his sources in the area informed him that some type of chemical agent such as nerve gas could be responsible for the deaths and illnesses, and it was possibly a military experiment that went awry.

Spirit Cords

In this photo (click on for larger) tonight's guest Michael J. Kouri along with psychics Annette Martin and Neva Turnock (pictured), and Loyd Auerbach, conducted an investigation of the haunted Moss Beach Distillery. The arrow points to Kouri's back where "ectoplasmic cords" seemed to follow him all day long, he writes.

Coral Castle

Pictured (click on image for larger) is the Nine Ton Gate at Coral Castle. Considering its weight and size, it is remarkably balanced, such that a child can open it with the touch of a finger. Check out more images from the official Coral Castle website.

Phoenix Lights

Two months before the March 1997 "Phoenix Lights" sighting, Dr. Lynne D. Kitei photographed the same formation, in the same location. Click on the image to view larger, and visit to see additional photos and video.

UFO Photo Comparison

IIG has posted a page of faked UFO photos to compare to the Billy Meier images.

A Chilling Possibility

Melting sea ice may trigger a deep freeze in Europe and North America. Read or listen to the NASA report.

Three-Headed Frog

Wildlife experts in Britain have been stunned by the discovery of a frog with three heads. Click here for more details and images.

Dreams of the Future

On Monday's show David Booth shared his ominous vision of the near future. Here is a sampling of listeners' responses, detailing their own dark dreams of what is to come.

Vintage UFO Video

Terry Y. (email) has sent us a video clip taken from an 8mm film shot around 1963 in Vallejo, CA. "This film was taken by my oldest brother, now deceased. I only found the images as I was transferring the film to digital, and caught sight of it," he writes. Click here to view. (requires Real Player)

Portrait of Beckjord

Pictured (click on image for larger) is paranormal researcher, Jon-Erik Beckjord.

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