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Oil Painting: Remote Control Ghost

The artist Antonio Roybal writes:12 years ago, it was the Ghost to Ghost programs that initially peaked my interest. As I remember Art was doing mostly political talk and it was a real treat when he delved into the paranormal. I myself have been drawing and painting phantasm pictures for as long as I can rememberÂ… Remote Control Ghost (click on image for larger) is my attempt to show the spirit behind every creation. The boy is inspired by vintage toys symbolizing the classic journey of youth while the joystick symbolizes the computer age where man is the creator capable of good or evil. The white vastness is the ether or dreamworld where anything is possible. The little boy in a sense is remote viewing and controlling his own destiny. The playful ghost is either leading the boy or vice versa. Like Hal in 2001 A Space Odyssey, this painting illustrates the idea that human technology can be benign or malignant. Antonio Roybalantonioroy

The Angry EVP

Bryan of the Paranormal Activity Investigators sends us an unusually angry sounding recording of electronic voice phenomena (EVP). He writes: This EVP (requires Windows Media Player) was recorded on our April investigation in Leawood Kansas. Thehouse is home to 4 family members (Husband/Wife/2 Daughters). The twodaughters were staying with some in-laws this particular night. In the clip you will hear an investigator speaking with thewife of the household. Note the yelling in the background, which did notoriginate from the mouths of the other investigators nor the husband ofthe household. Here is what we believe the voice is saying : "Give my (daughter) back to me.*slap and woman yelps* Marsha. Ain't funny (or isn't that funny) littlegirlÂ…" It's my estimation that this EVP is aresidual EVP. It seems that this violent interaction which seems to bebetween a male and a female (possibly more than one male) has left animpression on the house. The pict

Wil McCarthy: Images

Pictured (click on for larger)is the Graf Galileo, an experimental airship being designed by Galileo Shipyards LLC for the Missile Defense Agency.This image is of Wil McCarthy and Dr. Gary Snyder assembling an underwater platform for simulated space operations.A third picture shows Wil wearing an experimental night vision system he helped develop several years ago.

A New Paradigm

In his last appearance on C2C, George Green explained that he receives telepathic information from Pleiadian beings, which he has compiled into three handbooks. Volume One is a somewhat philosophical treatise, which posits that negative forces are conspiring to cut short the existence of mankind. "It is with careful and focused intent that the reality of this earthly experience is being engineered into a pattern of downward movement into the darker and heavier energies that are at the lower end of the scale in which the human body can exist," he writes. Because of this, the contact between the spirit of the body and its connection to a larger Soul is breaking down, he continues. This disruption is being taken advantage of by a "group of separatists" who hope to use "a chain reaction" that will allow "for chaos to such a degree that their focus can reorganize this chaos into their own matrix." "The plan behind this destruction is ambitious beyond your imagination. It in

Alien Channels

George Green, has published several handbooks that he claims were "written by the ET's." In the modern era, there has been a lively history of transmissions from aliens, dating back to the early 1950's, when George Adamski began sharing his "transdimensional" telepathic messages that purportedly came from Venusians.

Hidden in Plain View

According to "Fascinated by symbolism and numerology, the globalists' favorite tactic is to leave blueprints to their plans 'hidden in plain view.' From messages delivered to the masses through the media and films to Time Warner's all-seeing eye, we are repeatedly reminded by the illuminati themselves that they are controlling us and are omnipresent. World leaders from Clinton to Prince William have been photographed proudly flashing the sign of the devil. Architecture around the globe is laid out to represent their occult icons or structured based on occult numerology (like the pyramid Mitterand had constructed at the Louvre, which is made of 666 pieces of gold glass). The New World Order's symbolism is everywhere..." Read more at

The X-Conference

C2C listener Tim Binnall attended the recent X-Conference in Washington D.C. One of the surprises was this special birthday cake which depicted the Face on Mars (click on to see larger) that was created for guest speaker Richard C. Hoagland. View Tim's entertaining report and photos from the conference.

Russian Pyramids

Pictured is one of the pyramids built by Alexander Golod in Russia. Click here to view more photos.

Chemtrail Gallery

Adam E. took this picture in December, 2003 in Phoenix. "It was a perfectly clear day. The chemtrails started to show up around 2:00 that afternoon and by 4:00 (when I took the picture) the sky was covered with them. I watched the aircraft that were producing the trails and there didn't seem to be any sense of direction to where they were actually going. There were multiple "S" shaped trails in the sky and circles also," he writes. Click here to view a set of 'chemtrail' images.

Creature Hotline

During the second half of Friday's show, George opened up a Creature Hotline, and several callers reported witnessing the mythic Thunderbird, a huge grey or brown winged creature with a 14 to 20 ft. wingspan. Another caller recounted a vivid close encounter with small childlike 'grey' aliens as he stood outside smoking a cigarette in the early morning hours. Later we heard from a man in San Diego who said he was working on a promising hybrid electric car project called the L3 Enigma.

Giant Hoax

Matthew S. sent us this astounding photo (click on for larger) purporting to be an archeological find in Saudi Arabia of a giant skeleton. But upon investigation, it turns out to be from a site called Worth 1000, which specializes in the alteration of images using software. The photo titled Return to the valley of the giants was from their contest Archaeological Anomalies 2.

Conspiracy Radio

Last weekend Art debuted Sean Hogan's new song Conspiracy Radio, which pays tribute to C2C and Art. Hogan, a Roots/alt-country artist from Canada, has made a streaming version of the song available to us.

Possession Circa 1725

While tonight's guest Ralph Sarchie has assisted in modern day exorcisms, the notion of possession dates back to ancient times. "During the Middle Ages and right down to the eighteenth century people were often regarded as sorcerers when in reality they were merely possessed by one or more demons," writes Emile Grillot De Givry in the Picture Museum of Sorcery, Magic & Alchemy (first published in 1922). De Givry's scholarly treatise of the occult, which was informed by his devout Catholicism was considered controversial in its day and featured 376 illustrations. Here are four, made in 1725 by Abraham Palingh, which depict various scenarios of possession.--L.L.

Portrait: Mike Ruppert

Making his debut on C2C tonight is hard hitting journalist Mike Ruppert (pictured), who has conducted groundbreaking investigations involving government foreknowledge, corruption and violations of the Constitution, particularly since 9-11. A former LAPD narcotics investigator, Ruppert has analyzed how drug money moves through the US economy, and also pioneered the effort to educate the world about the consequences of Peak Oil.

The Smoking Gun

Pictured is Chris Dunn (click on for larger) inspecting a large granite box inside the ancient Egyptian temple called Serapeum. "Combining the precision and geometry, there is no lapidary work like this anywhere else in the world," Dunn writes of the object, which he believes is the "smoking gun" that proves the existence of a highly advanced civilization in ancient Egypt. For more details, view this article on Dunn's site.

They're Baaack!

Episode Two of the irrepressible Ebejeebies has just rolled in, courtesy of Mike Majestic, Jeff Lilly and Click here to view their latest comic adventures.

William Henry Images

William referred to the following images in his presentation: Is-Tara or Easter, Sumeria 1050 BC Jesus with Wand, 100-200 AD Purification Ceremony, Sumeria 1000 BC Egyptian glyph- "Shed" Gnostic Crucifixion 1600 AD Archons or Rulers? Resurrection Machine (by Dana Augustine)

Stargate of the Gods

Dana Augustine (email), who creates artwork for tonight's guest William Henry, has crafted this image (click on to view in full) titled Stargate of the Gods, for tonight's program. See above for another image by Dana.

Spotlight on: Gnosticism

Tonight's guests will be discussing Pistis Sophia (Greek for Faith Wisdom), a 2,000 year old Gnostic text. Flourishing in the second century A.D., Gnosticism, from the Greek word gnosis meaning knowledge, was a mystical Christian religion that is thought to have had at least 60 sects. One of their talismans, Abraxas, is pictured left.A core Gnostic belief was in "agape," or mystical love, as the pathway to knowledge of God, though it could only be arrived at through a difficult purging of material concerns. Interestingly, the term agnostic also stems from gnosis, and refers to the unknowable, a view which some ascribe to the nature of God.Orthodox Christianity considered Gnostics to be heretical and they were persecuted to the point of being wiped out by the 13th century. Esoteric groups though such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and Kabbalists have kept alive some Gnostic ways of thought. And Carl Jung, the great 20th century psychotherapist, worked to reintroduc

The Bored Boy

At a speech Pres. Bush gave in Orlando in March, a boy standing behind him appeared bored, and was yawning and looking at his watch. View an animated slideshow of images or click here to read about the incident.

GMS: Portrait & Map

Pictured is a photo (click on for larger) of Gordon-Michael Scallion taken just before 9-11. Here is the latest future map of North America that he envisions.

Submarine at the Arctic

Art recently received photos of the submarine USS Honolulu, 280miles from the North Pole. Click here to view.

The Robot Conductor

Sony's QRIO, a 2ft.-tall robot, recently led the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in a special performance of Beethoven's 5th symphony. View a video clip (requires Real Player) or read more about it in this article from New Scientist, which contains a second clip.

The Reptilian Connection

Tonight's guest David Icke wrote in his book Children of the Matrix that interbreeding between humans and a Reptilian race began "hundreds of thousands of years ago," and continues today. He believes that 13 family bloodlines containing this hybrid DNA make up members of the Illuminati, a secretive cabal "that are orchestrating an agenda to take over the planet." In the article The Reptilians: Why They Are Obsessed with Bloodline and Ritual, Icke says he has culled some of his information about the reptilians from a "channel/medium" in England which confirms his own research. "The reptilians and other manipulating entities exist just outside the frequency range of our physical senses. Their own physical form has broken down and they can no longer re-produce. Thus they have sought to infiltrate human form and so use that to exist and control in this dimension," he writes. Reports of the reptilian form have increased over the years in alien abduction studies, and by some e

What They're Saying 'Bout: Planet X

Over the last couple of years, a number of C2C guests have commented on the arrival or non-arrival of a large planetary body in our solar system known as "Planet X" or Nibiru. The notion was first popularized by Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin with the publication of his book The Twelfth Planet in 1976. Here is a selective round-up of commentary:James McCanney The maverick physicist doesn't care to predict a date when a massive "Planet X" type body would become visible though he suggested its arrival would be accompanied by a set of additional objects such that it would be akin to "having another solar system moving into our solar system." Our greatest worry may be debris streams that come from these objects during their passing, McCanney notes.Major Ed Dames Sometime in the next few years we will see calamitous geophysical changes caused by the return of Nibiru into our inner solar system, the remote viewing instructor nicknamed Dr. Doom said on the show recently.

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