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A New Planet

During the first hour of Friday night's show, astronomer David Darling discussed NASA's recent discovery of a young, million year old planet circling a distant star. The finding was made from the Spitzer Space Telescope, which records infrared light. The orbiting observatory can't actually "see" the newly formed planet, but it has uncovered a curious hole within a dust cloud surrounding a young star named CoKu Tau 4. Scientists believe the hole was created by a planet. Darling said oraganic materials (methanol) have also been found in dust cloud around Coku Tau 4. This could provide the building blocks for life on a newborn planet. Read more at image produced by NASA/JPL-Caltech.

I'm Melting! I'm Melting!

A recent NASA study predicts the Arctic Ocean will lose all perennial ice by the end of this century. Such an occurrence will have devastating impact on the Arctic region and start in motion a process that will change the climate dramatically.View animation of extent of Arctic ice melt over the last decade.

Heating the Arctic

During a recent (2003) research expedition to Gakkel ridge, a chain of volcanic mountains submerged in the Arctic Ocean, German and American scientists discovered surprisingly strong hydrothermal activity. The researchers had expected to find the ridge "hydrothermally dead," however instrument readings from the area showed much activity, including an active hot spring on the ocean floor. Robert Felix believes such underwater volcanic activity is heating the seas and instigating climate change.For more info read The Fiery Face of the Arctic Deep.Photo of ice breaker and research ships: Henry Dick, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/NSF.

Riding through Chernobyl

Elena, an intrepid motorcyclist, has created a haunting website, which photo-documents her drive through "the dead zone" of Chernobyl, the site of the world's worst nuclear power accident.

Alien Image

While photographing some state police on horseback in Chile, civil engineer Germán Pereira caught what could be a small alien creature trailing behind them. Visit this translated website for further details and images.

Monsters & Mind Games

This artist depiction is of a man-beast type creature with glowing eyes, which is described in Nick Redfern's latest book Three Men Seeking Monsters. Redfern has also sent us this photo, that supposedly shows a small sea serpent-type animal, swimming in the River Thames, London. Interestingly, Redfern writes in the April issue of UFO Magazine, that the U.S. government has on occasion actively staged and promoted "certain cryptozoological mysteries and mutilation events for bizarre, psychological warfare purposes." For instance, he cites the 1950's case in which the US assisted the Philippine Armed Forces to develop a psychological operation against the Huks. They recreated the legend of the "terrifying Asuang Vampire," by capturing one of the Huk patrol men, puncturing his neck with two holes and draining his body of blood. Reportedly, the entire Huk squadron moved out of the area after discovering the corpse.

Facing the Future

"We have these huge significant events that are all…converging at the same time…We are essentially kind of hanging ourselves out over a cliff, using the ethics and values of the past to try and make sense out of these events and these new technological capabilities of the future," said John Petersen of the Arlington Institute, in an interview in Issue 24 of What is Enlightenment? magazine. Among the technological breakthroughs that Petersen says are on the horizon are the capability to control computers via the thought process along with the ability to automatically translate languages. Within 2 or 3 years he envisions a change in energy production, with the harnessing of electricity "just by directing water at a metal plate," as well as dramatically decreasing the cost of photovoltaic cells for solar power. Yet on the geopolitical front, Petersen warns of the collapse of the Saudi Arabian government, "which could turn into a huge disruption of the energy markets a

Day's Big Message

In a just published interview on Sci-Fi Wire, the director of The Day After Tomorrow, Roland Emmerich, cites Art and Whitley's book The Coming Global Superstorm as an inspiration for his film.

Dr. Eugene Mallove: New Energy Pioneer

As a tribute to the life and work of the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, we are making tonight's three-hour rebroadcast of his February 2004 appearance available as a free download for all. Click here to get the free MP3 links.

Red Elk Dialogue

This past Tuesday, Medicine man and spiritual teacher, Red Elk (pictured) was our special guest in Streamlink's weekly Live Chat with George. Here are some excerpts from the 45 minute dialogue. Members can read the full transcript on this page.Astrid Red Elk, where would you put your bunker? Red Elk :) I wouldn't have a bunker but would have a dome with a minimum of dirt-- 13ft over head, it would be in the north east corner of…Astrid Northeast corner of ????????????? Red Elk washington stateGaby Hi Red Elk . . . . any comments of what you see about earth changes? Red Elk It's gonna change, nothing is different from what I have said before. mike would love to hear you on coast to coast soon Red Elk It's not my decision. I'm willing. Dowser hello Red Elk...please talk about the sweat lodge...can I build one...can it help induce visions? Red Elk any can build one. they're simply a place to go and pray. fasting and pra

Germs Up Close

This array of microscopic images depicts the viruses and bacteria associated with a number of epidemics. The diseases are bubonic plague, cholera, Legionnaire's top row (l to r), and HIV, Ebola, and tuberculosis, bottom row (l to r).

Ark of the Covenant

John Hutchison created this high-voltage model of the "Ark of the Covenant" in a project he did for Blue Book Films this past year.

Hutchison Effect Video

Tim Ventura of American Antigravity has sent us a video clip (requires Windows Media Player) that shows 1980's era experiments in John Hutchison's lab where objects were floating in the air and moving about rapidly as a result of the Hutchison-Effect.

Inside a Secret Order

Awhile back, we asked for submissions from people who have had experiences being a member of a secret society. Here is one response, from someone who wishes to remain anonymous: I have been a member of one secret society that was supposed to be affiliatedwith another well known secret society but later on several members figuredout that this group was not part of the group they said they were. Insteadof the group being more of a group effort associated with group results, etc. it was turning into a group working really towards the benefit of just acouple of people, that's when I personally and other members knew it was agood time to move on to something else. Also this group was incorporatingtheir own stuff into rituals that were very old and not meant to have thingschanged in them. Other than that it was a good experience, I visited one ofthe Temples on a regular basis where I would be taken through the variousgrades of the Order, the ceremonies were beauti

In Memoriam: Eugene Mallove

Former C2C guest Dr. Eugene Mallove (Infinite Energy) was found murdered on Friday, May 14, 2004. A strong advocate for developing new energy systems, it appeared that Mallove was killed during a robbery, according to an article in the Norwich Bulletin. As a tribute to Mallove and his work, we present this audio clip from his last appearance on the show from Feb. 2004, in which he discusses Cold Fusion. Listen:Win | Real

Pentagon Warns of Climate Change

In a secret report supposedly obtained by the The Observer earlier this year, the Pentagon warns about the possible effects that abrupt climate change could have on global stability. The report, commissioned by defense advisor Andrew Marshall and authored by Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall, says that climate change "should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a US national security concern." According to the authors, swift changes in the world's climate could create conditions ripe for anarchy, with nations fighting other nations for ever dwindling natural resources. The Pentagon analysis goes on to conclude, "Once again, warfare would define human life." Read more here.

Two Extraordinary Reports

Friday's first hour guest, reporter and editor Linda Moulton Howe of discussed the "alien" photos taken in Holland by Robbert van den Broeke, as well as presented an interview with UFO investigator Jaime Maussan about the recent videotaped sighting in Mexico. Robbert van den Broeke claims to have felt "a very strong mind around me" that compelled him to grab a digital camera and begin taking pictures of a strange mist as it manifested itself in his home. According to Broeke, the mist became denser until it finally formed the "alien" being seen in the photo below. This event happened for the next two nights when Broeke finally captured the mist being on videotape. Read more at taken by 24-year-old Robbert van den Broeke on May 6, 2004, between 3:32 a.m. and 4:14 a.m. (42 minutes) in the living room of his Hoeven, Holland home. Photograph © 2004 By Robbert van den BroekeLinda also discussed the recent UFO sightings in Mexic

Armageddon Shuffle

In an article in his September 2002 newsletter (PDF download), Sean David Morton wrote that the US's actions in Iraq and the Middle East will be an "ill-fated, ill-timed, mad crusade," which will result in heavy losses for America. He further goes on to predict the formation of the "Organization of Islamic States," in which a charismatic leader will arise. Millions "will see him as the next Messiah. Nostradamus called him the third great Anti-Christ," he wrote. In this article, Morton foresees waves of terrorism that will contaminate or destroy a number of US cities, "driving whole populations out into the countryside further west, right into the waiting arms of the federal government who now own close to 80% of the land west of the Mississippi." By 2006, the federal capitol will have been moved to Denver, as Washington DC will have been evacuated "due to the results of a Red Mercury bomb," he added.--L.L.

William Whipple: George's Past Life?

In his investigations into the reincarnated lives of well known people, Dr. Walter Semkiw has determined that George Noory was formerly the sea captain turned politician, William Whipple (pictured), who was one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence. In a session with the esteemed trance channeler Kevin Ryerson, his spirit guide "who has made so many past life matches that appear to be valid, confirmed that George Noory is the reincarnation of William Whipple," writes Semkiw in an article on his website.

Friday Night Feature: The Light

When I was 14, I lived on Long Island Sound in Connecticut and was sitting on the beach late one summer night in 1984 with a friend. At some point, we became aware of a gigantic light (with no sound, only silence and the waves) filling our little bay, as if an incredibly huge spotlight (or gigantic ball of light) was shining on it - I say "became aware" because oddly enough, our awareness of this light - something so extraordinary as to warrant a seriously excited response I should think - elicited in us at first no response or comment, as if we saw this kind of thing everyday, and it was almost in passing that I finally asked my friend if she noticed this huge light shining in front of us. She said she did and we simply continued to sit there and stare at it.This huge light should have lit up the pier and the rocks on either side of it, but really didn't - it just lit up the water as if the light were somehow localized or focused on the water. I think I

Arrival of Comet NEAT

Described as a "faint fuzzball with a stubby tail," Comet NEAT (C/2001 Q4), "is easily seen through binoculars, and visible to the unaided eye, too, from dark-sky sites," writes Space, which contains a variety of recent pictures of the comet. This image was taken by Chris Schur, from a high altitude location in Arizona on May 8th.

Hutchison-Effect Video

Tim Ventura of American Antigravity has sent us a video clip (requires Windows Media Player) that shows 1980's era experiments in John Hutchison's lab where objects were floating in the air and moving about rapidly as a result of the Hutchison-Effect.

Media Man

David Icke, seen in this photo by Christian Payne, has a new website called which keeps tabs on his radio and TV appearances as well as press coverage. His books and videos can be ordered online through

Ancient Technology

Jonathan Gray has sent us some images he believes show evidence that ancient civilizations exhibited a high degree of technology. Pictured is a 4,500 year-old rivet which he says "is composed of a sophisticated alloy." View Additional Images: One,Two,Three,Four,Five

Visions of Hell

"Demons Armed with Sticks" Mathias Grünewald (1455-1528)Many cultures throughout time have ascribed a Hell or netherworld as a possible location for the afterlife, typically where the less-than righteous might end up. But the specifics of such a place show a fair amount of variety. Here is brief rundown on some of the conceptions:Ancient Egypt: The Duat or underworld was inhabited by disbelievers of Ra (the sun god), and their fate was to be dismembered each evening and then put back together in the morning when Ra rose.Ancient Greece: Ruled by Pluto, Hades was a place of ingenious tortures, such as the endless pushing a rock up a hill endured by Sisyphus. A fate even worse than Hades, for the most egregious sinners, was the bottomless pit of Tartarus ruled by Kronos. Aztec: It took four years to arrive by boat to the underworld known as Mictlan, and during this travel one might be beset by hideous demons. A dark and gloomy place, Mictlan was said to be more re

Toutatis Inbound

An asteroid known as Toutatis, the size of a small city, is due to make its closest pass to Earth on Sept. 29, 2004. The giant pockmarked rock has a very odd shape and rotation pattern and has been described as one of the stranger objects in space. Read more about it in this article from model of Toutatis based on radar data

Contrails & Weather

Science Daily recently reported: "NASA scientists have found that cirrus clouds, formed by contrails from aircraft engine exhaust, are capable of increasing average surface temperatures enough to account for a warming trend in the United States that occurred between 1975 and 1994."Photo: Contrails over the southeast U.S. on an average day

Food for Thought

Should NASA be interesed, bakers from Mexico's largest bread company, Bimbo Bread, have solved the problem of how to keep astronauts fed during their long journey to Mars. They've created the world's biggest ham and cheese sandwich, measuring 11-ft 5-in square and weighing over 5,000 pounds. More images at Sky News.Photo source: Sky News

Mars or Bust?

In a recent editorial, Robert Roy Britt of warns that the Moon-to-Mars program announced by President Bush could be doomed before it's begun. According to Britt, "NASA plans to spend most of the [$866 million budget] increase on existing human spaceflight programs." Spending money on shuttle fixes and the International Space Station is necessary, but to reach Mars Britt says, "a tremendous public relations effort is needed to sell it to the American people and, especially, to Congress." Read more

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