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Primal Scream

Astronomer Mark Whittle has turned radiation data of the early universe into a short sound file.The clip condenses the first million years of the cosmos into about 5 seconds, reports Leonard David in an article for The resulting roar has a dynamic, jet-like sound."I was relieved…I didn’t want the universe to be some wimpy, quiet thing. But I didn’t want it to be inhumanly, fatally loud. And it isn’t. It’s just loud…and that’s great," Whittle explained.

Ron Brown's X-ray

Pictured is an X-ray that may show evidence of a gunshot wound in Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's head. No autopsy was ever performed on him after his plane crashed in Croatia in 1996. View a video report (scroll down) on this topic from Also occurring in that year was the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800. Evidence and discussion related to this incident are presented at

Alien Radio

In a fascinating survey published in Fate Magazine, Scott Corrales chronicled reports of anomalous or alien radio messages. There was the case of Octavio Ortiz, a Chilean who said he received ham radio communications from "Ariel," a voice that claimed to be "not of this world [and yet] belonged to humankind." In one instance in 1985, a UFO appeared over Ortiz's home while Ariel was transmitting. Corrales noted that a ufologist who studied the incident, found that other ham radio operators in the area reported interference during that time frame.The SAMIZDAT newsletter makes a correlation between UFO abductions and areas high in levels of ELF radiation and FM radio waves, Corrales wrote. The newsletter goes on to site the case of "Alicia" a woman from Rosario, Argentina (a city with a large number of FM stations) who while riding a public bus and listening to her Walkman radio, suddenly heard the music drastically change to a foreign language choral piece. According to her

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