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Walk-in Stories

We asked people to share accounts of when they felt their soul might have been overtaken by the presence of an alien or a spirit. Here are five responses: A Heavy EnergyMy husband and I own a rental property and had rented the downstairs to a young man that had been very heavy and stayed in a nursing home for a long time to lose weight… He was very grateful to us especially me for renting to him as he had never lived on his own. Well, to make a long story short one day we got a call from the upstairs tenants that he had dropped to the ground outside and… [an] ambulance arrived. I immediately called the hospital to find out his condition, they would not give me any information. My husband and I immediately drove to the hospital and met his family coming out as we drove up. He had passed and was DOA. We then went to the rental property and as we drove down the long drive I became upset and told my husband to stop and pull over on the grass--- he thought I was nuts so I

Mystery Animals Update

What has been called the 'Elmendorf Chupacabra' (above) may actually be a deer according to one San Antonio hunting guide. Read more here. Meanwhile new pictures have emerged of the odd creature in Maryland after a food trap was set for it.

Wyatt Museum Images

Pictured left (click for larger) is a boat shaped area on Mount Ararat that some believe could be the site of Noah's Ark. Additional Photos: Exodus Route Mnt. Sinai in Arabia Gomorrah Remains

Billy Meier Images

Pictured left (click for larger) is a photo of two UFOs taken from inside a third craft by contactee Billy Meier. The following images, also photographed by Meier, were made during 1975-1979. UFO Moves Around Tree 3 UFOs in Distance 3 UFOs w/Tripod UFO w/Movie Camera More photos as well as movie footage can be viewed on the gallery page of Michael Horn's site.

Shamanic Encounters

In his book Spiritwalker, Hank Wesselman described his altered-state journeys observing life first-hand through the mind of a 7-ft. tall forest dweller named Nainoa. In one incident Nainoa goes into a trance/dream state and is summoned to the edge of a clearing.

An American Candidate

First hour guest Joyce Riley has been chosen as one of the 10 participants for the new Showtime reality series, American Candidate coming in August. Created by filmmaker R.J. Cutler, over a 10-week period, the candidates will face off with each other in a series of challenges, related to who has the qualities to be President of the United States. View Riley's candidacy page.

Haunted Gettysburg

Tonight's guest Mark Nesbitt shares two photos with us. Pictured (click for larger) is the Ghosts of Gettysburg Tours Building, which was standing at the time of the Gettysburg battle and has been the site of a number of paranormal happenings over the years. In this photo of Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg, shot on Halloween in 1999, a strange ecto mist was caught on film.

Passive Radar

Traditional radar works by sending out radio signals, listening for those signals to bounce off an object (such as a plane) and using the time taken for the round trip to calculate the object's distance. A new type of detection system, called passive radar, does not transmit signals, it only listens for them. By utilizing television, radio, and cell phone transmitters, along with high-speed computers to sort through the clutter, a passive radar system can detect the way moving objects change the surrounding signals.Some experts believe these systems could be the death knell for stealth aircraft, which can evade conventional radar but show up as "shadows" on passive radar systems. Others worry this technology could be used for tracking people. According to Roke Manor Research, developers of CELLDAR™ (Cellphone Radar System), passive radar technology "can detect vehicles and even human beings at militarily useful ranges." Read more at New Scientist.

The Time Gate

Eight years ago, scientists conducted investigations in Antarctica that led to the discovery of "the time gate" phenomenon. According to a March 14, 2004 article published by Pravda.Ru:"US physicist Mariann McLein told the researchers noticed some spinning gray fog in the sky over the pole on January 27 which they believed to be just ordinary sandstorm. However, the gray fog did not change the form and did not move in the course of time. The researchers decided to investigate the phenomenon and launched a weather balloon with equipment capable to register the wind speed, the temperature and the air moisture. But the weather balloon soared upwards and immediately disappeared." "In a little while, the researchers brought the weather balloon back to the ground with the help of a rope attached to it before. They were extremely surprised to see that a chronometer set in the weather balloon displayed the date of January 27, 1965, the same day 30 years ago. The experiment was repeated

The Japan Incident

While looking up where his relatives live on satellite maps of Earth (website), a Coast listener from Las Vegas, NV discovered bright lights that seemed out of place in the middle of the Sea of Japan. The lights (see images to the left - click for enlargements) show areas of illumination seemingly as bright as the city lights of Tokyo or Seoul. Dr. Oren Swearingen of Texas also discovered this strange phenomena after combing through raw footage from NASA's live TV feed of the STS-111 mission. Images from Space Shuttle Endeavor's flight over the Sea of Japan can be seen at They too show an abundance of very bright lights in the midst of the Sea of Japan.Some have explained the spots of light in the Sea of Japan as fishing vessels, which try to attract squid using bright lights. What do you think they are? Satellite Images: The Living Earth

Magnetic Fields & Crop Circles

Friday's first hour guest, reporter and editor Linda Moulton Howe of discussed Earth's weakening magnetic field, as well as presented an update on the latest crop circle formations around the world.Linda said that over the last century, the global magnetic field has weakened about 10 to 15 percent (in some areas by 30 percent). The deterioration of the magnetic field seems to have accelerated recently, causing scientists to theorize about a possible pole reversal, which would cause compasses to point south instead of north and have other adverse effects. According to her research, the magnetic field weakens during a pole reversal and allows more cosmic radiation to enter Earth's atmosphere. This would wreak havoc on the ozone layer, our DNA, and satellite and GPS systems. Read more at During her crop circle update, Linda talked about a huge pattern that has recently appeared in Windmill Hill. The design is 825 feet long and features a unique in

Sunspot 652

Sunspots are temporary magnetic disturbances in the surface of the Sun. They are cooler (6,700° F) and darker than the surrounding photosphere, which usually hovers around 10,300° F. As of July 23rd, a sunspot group, collectively named sunspot 652, is pointed directly at Earth. Sunspot 652 has grown 20 times larger than our planet and can be seen with the naked eye. If this sunspot should let loose, it could produce severe space weather. "The implications of this spot have scientists on the edge of their seats," NASA said in a statement Friday. "If the active region generates coronal mass ejections (CMEs), massive explosions with a potential force of a billion megaton bombs, it will be a fairly direct hit to Earth and its satellites and power grids." Read more at credit: SOHO/MDI

Preventing Meltdown

C2C regular Lauren Weinstein, the Co-Founder of People For Internet Responsibility, has written in with a reminder about next week's Preventing the Internet Meltdown conference. "We hope that this meeting here in L.A. will lead to some real solutions and specific actions aimed toward saving the Internet from a future of disruptions and abuses," he said.

Sylvia: Predictions

Sylvia Browne's newest book Prophecy offers a look at future events. The prolific author also shared predictions for the end of the century and beyond in her 1999 tome The Other Side and Back. Here are a few of them: Death penalty executions will be carried out by a total "vaporization" of the body. Medicine in the form of pills will be replaced by "painless air injection" through the skin. By 2055, many cities will have to be domed because of "poor atmospheric conditions." "Breast cancer will become preventable and curable by the end of 1999." Atlantis will begin to resurface in 2023, and be "fully visible" by 2026.

Debate Preview

Text and graphic by Tim BinnallStanton Friedman is a vociferous and veteran debater known for his "calling out" of various debunkers including once saying "I will debate the Air Force's best ANY TIME and ANY PLACE." One of his signature lectures is "debunking the debunkers" in which he meticulously dissects the common mainstream explanations for UFOs and debunks them. Not to be underestimated, Seth Shostak has also been in numerous public debates including one on the CBC against Dr. Peter Ward, co-author of Rare Earth, as well as, a debate in Washington D.C. against Irven DeVore, Curator of Primatology at Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Anthropology. In these debates, Shostak took the stance for the possibility of life outside of Earth.

Travis & Paola

Paola Harris is seen here in Italy, accepting an award by for being "the bestufological researcher of the year 2003." It is the famed UFO abductee Travis Walton who is handing her the award. Walton's 1975 alien abduction was documented in his book Fire in the Sky and the somewhat fictionalized Paramount film of the same name. Considered to be a landmark UFO case with its multiple witnesses and passed polygraph tests, the Walton tale is not without its controversies. For more, read this in-depth look by Geoff Price.--L.L.

Metaphysical Paintings

In addition to his studies of consciousness and life after death, tonight's guest Michael Grosso has created a series of paintings that explore metaphysical themes. View a gallery of his images.

Inflatable Space Tech

In a recent column for, Charles R. Smith writes that a Chinese company has expressed interest in the inflatable space station technology being developed by the US's Bigelow Aerospace. Smith raises concerns that the Chinese may eventually use the technology for military purposes."Bigelow's plan is to establish a habitable commercial space station for research, manufacturing, entertainment and other uses," writes, which describes large-scale projects such as the pictured Nautilus as potentially low-cost and efficient.

Art's Cats

Click photo to see an enlargement of Art's cats, a.k.a. The Bell Board of Directors. Captions created by Ben Gardner.

Earth Takes a Hit

From National Geographic Magazine:"Based on real data, this computer animation shows the impact of a coronal mass ejection (CME) that hit Earth on January 10, 1997. It was the first CME to be tracked from the time of its eruption on the sun all the way to Earth. The storm arrives from the left. Colors represent shifting plasma densities as the billion-ton cloud of plasma strikes at about a million miles an hour, deforming Earth's protective magnetosphere. The indicator at bottom left shows the CME's magnetic field shifting to a southward orientation. This allowed it to connect with Earth's northward-flowing magnetic field and send about 1,400 gigawatts of energy into the upper atmosphere. A communications satellite was knocked out by the storm, but overall damage was minor. On the other hand, the auroras it created were awesome."View Animation (in Windows Media format)Animation by Michael Wiltberger, High Altitude Observatory/National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Ch


The second half-hour of Friday's show featured author SQuire Rushnell discussing coincidences, what he calls "God winks." Rushnell said there is a pattern to coincidences -- they are signposts reminding us there is something bigger out there. Rushnell gave an example of a coincidence involving JFK Jr. He said after Kennedy's plane crashed off the coast of Martha's Vineyard in 1999, papers he was carrying washed ashore in front of his mother's house. Interestingly, Rushnell pointed out that another Kennedy tragedy took place exactly 30 years earlier -- at Chappaquiddick, again near Martha's Vineyard. According to Rushnell, positive and right-brained thinkers are more apt to experience "God winks."

Mummy: Inside View

A 3,000 year-old mummy has been seen from the inside without removing its wrapping via 3-D visualization technology created by Silicon Graphics.The corpse of the Egyptian priest Nesperennub underwent a virtual dissection, with the inside of the skull, spine and even his bone marrow able to be viewed. The resultant imagery is now being seen in an exhibit at the British Museum. Read more here.

James Gilliland Transcript

Below is an excerpt from the one hour + Q & A held with contactee James Gilliland of, our special guest in Streamlink's weekly Live Chat.

Great Pyramid Photos

Stephen Mehler has sent us these photos to correspond with his presentation tonight: King's Chamber Cracks '92King's Chamber Cracks '03Upper Wall- Grand GallerySlots- Grand GalleryCeiling- Grand Gallery

Magnetic Flip?

A just published article in the New York Times, titled Will Compasses Point South?, delineates how the Earth's magnetic field has been weakening over the last 150 years and may be nearing the point of a magnetic reversal.Such a flip, while not likely to be catastrophic could allow solar radiation to enter deeper into the atmosphere and also play havoc with power grids, satellites and the migratory systems of wildlife.

The Magic Mirror

This original drawing by Leonardo da Vinci depicts a witch using a "magic mirror."

Religious Use of Peyote

Last month the Utah Supreme Court ruled that the controlled substance peyote can be used by non-Native Americans for religious purposes. The ruling comes after the arrest of James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney and his wife, Linda, founders of the Oklevueha Earth Walks Native American Church. In 2000, the Mooneys were charged with distributing peyote in church ceremonies. According to U.S. drug laws, possession of peyote illegal; however, Native Americans are exempt because the drug is sacred to them. The recent ruling by the Utah Supreme Court extends the exemption to non-Native Americans church members. About his decision, Justice Jill Parrish wrote, "The bona fide religious use of peyote cannot serve as the basis for prosecuting members of the Native American Church under state law." Read more at Deseret Morning News.

Stunning Saturn Images

The Cassini-Huygens mission has sent back startling images of Saturn's rings viewed in ultraviolet light. The UV images show interior rings of red "dirt"; outer rings, shown in turquoise, contain more ice. More info and photos at BBC News. Photo: AP/BBC News

World's Smallest Vertebrate

Scientists in Australia believe they've caught the world's smallest and lightest fish. The Stout Infantfish averages 7 millimeters (less than 0.3 inches) in length and weighs just one milligram. Originally discovered in 1979, this transparent microscopic fish lives for only two months and does not grow fins, teeth or scales. View photos and read more about it here. Photo: AAP Image/Paul Miller

Meteor Caught on Tape

The large fireball seen in Texas, Oklahoma and parts of the south-central US last night was captured in flight by a Rowlett, TX policeman's dashboard camera. View the video presented by WFAA (requires Windows Media Player).

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