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Debate Preview

Text and graphic by Tim BinnallStanton Friedman is a vociferous and veteran debater known for his "calling out" of various debunkers including once saying "I will debate the Air Force's best ANY TIME and ANY PLACE." One of his signature lectures is "debunking the debunkers" in which he meticulously dissects the common mainstream explanations for UFOs and debunks them. Not to be underestimated, Seth Shostak has also been in numerous public debates including one on the CBC against Dr. Peter Ward, co-author of Rare Earth, as well as, a debate in Washington D.C. against Irven DeVore, Curator of Primatology at Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Anthropology. In these debates, Shostak took the stance for the possibility of life outside of Earth.

Travis & Paola

Paola Harris is seen here in Italy, accepting an award by for being "the bestufological researcher of the year 2003." It is the famed UFO abductee Travis Walton who is handing her the award. Walton's 1975 alien abduction was documented in his book Fire in the Sky and the somewhat fictionalized Paramount film of the same name. Considered to be a landmark UFO case with its multiple witnesses and passed polygraph tests, the Walton tale is not without its controversies. For more, read this in-depth look by Geoff Price.--L.L.

Metaphysical Paintings

In addition to his studies of consciousness and life after death, tonight's guest Michael Grosso has created a series of paintings that explore metaphysical themes. View a gallery of his images.

Inflatable Space Tech

In a recent column for, Charles R. Smith writes that a Chinese company has expressed interest in the inflatable space station technology being developed by the US's Bigelow Aerospace. Smith raises concerns that the Chinese may eventually use the technology for military purposes."Bigelow's plan is to establish a habitable commercial space station for research, manufacturing, entertainment and other uses," writes, which describes large-scale projects such as the pictured Nautilus as potentially low-cost and efficient.

Art's Cats

Click photo to see an enlargement of Art's cats, a.k.a. The Bell Board of Directors. Captions created by Ben Gardner.

Earth Takes a Hit

From National Geographic Magazine:"Based on real data, this computer animation shows the impact of a coronal mass ejection (CME) that hit Earth on January 10, 1997. It was the first CME to be tracked from the time of its eruption on the sun all the way to Earth. The storm arrives from the left. Colors represent shifting plasma densities as the billion-ton cloud of plasma strikes at about a million miles an hour, deforming Earth's protective magnetosphere. The indicator at bottom left shows the CME's magnetic field shifting to a southward orientation. This allowed it to connect with Earth's northward-flowing magnetic field and send about 1,400 gigawatts of energy into the upper atmosphere. A communications satellite was knocked out by the storm, but overall damage was minor. On the other hand, the auroras it created were awesome."View Animation (in Windows Media format)Animation by Michael Wiltberger, High Altitude Observatory/National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Ch


The second half-hour of Friday's show featured author SQuire Rushnell discussing coincidences, what he calls "God winks." Rushnell said there is a pattern to coincidences -- they are signposts reminding us there is something bigger out there. Rushnell gave an example of a coincidence involving JFK Jr. He said after Kennedy's plane crashed off the coast of Martha's Vineyard in 1999, papers he was carrying washed ashore in front of his mother's house. Interestingly, Rushnell pointed out that another Kennedy tragedy took place exactly 30 years earlier -- at Chappaquiddick, again near Martha's Vineyard. According to Rushnell, positive and right-brained thinkers are more apt to experience "God winks."

Mummy: Inside View

A 3,000 year-old mummy has been seen from the inside without removing its wrapping via 3-D visualization technology created by Silicon Graphics.The corpse of the Egyptian priest Nesperennub underwent a virtual dissection, with the inside of the skull, spine and even his bone marrow able to be viewed. The resultant imagery is now being seen in an exhibit at the British Museum. Read more here.

James Gilliland Transcript

Below is an excerpt from the one hour + Q & A held with contactee James Gilliland of, our special guest in Streamlink's weekly Live Chat.

Great Pyramid Photos

Stephen Mehler has sent us these photos to correspond with his presentation tonight: King's Chamber Cracks '92King's Chamber Cracks '03Upper Wall- Grand GallerySlots- Grand GalleryCeiling- Grand Gallery

Magnetic Flip?

A just published article in the New York Times, titled Will Compasses Point South?, delineates how the Earth's magnetic field has been weakening over the last 150 years and may be nearing the point of a magnetic reversal.Such a flip, while not likely to be catastrophic could allow solar radiation to enter deeper into the atmosphere and also play havoc with power grids, satellites and the migratory systems of wildlife.

The Magic Mirror

This original drawing by Leonardo da Vinci depicts a witch using a "magic mirror."

Religious Use of Peyote

Last month the Utah Supreme Court ruled that the controlled substance peyote can be used by non-Native Americans for religious purposes. The ruling comes after the arrest of James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney and his wife, Linda, founders of the Oklevueha Earth Walks Native American Church. In 2000, the Mooneys were charged with distributing peyote in church ceremonies. According to U.S. drug laws, possession of peyote illegal; however, Native Americans are exempt because the drug is sacred to them. The recent ruling by the Utah Supreme Court extends the exemption to non-Native Americans church members. About his decision, Justice Jill Parrish wrote, "The bona fide religious use of peyote cannot serve as the basis for prosecuting members of the Native American Church under state law." Read more at Deseret Morning News.

Stunning Saturn Images

The Cassini-Huygens mission has sent back startling images of Saturn's rings viewed in ultraviolet light. The UV images show interior rings of red "dirt"; outer rings, shown in turquoise, contain more ice. More info and photos at BBC News. Photo: AP/BBC News

World's Smallest Vertebrate

Scientists in Australia believe they've caught the world's smallest and lightest fish. The Stout Infantfish averages 7 millimeters (less than 0.3 inches) in length and weighs just one milligram. Originally discovered in 1979, this transparent microscopic fish lives for only two months and does not grow fins, teeth or scales. View photos and read more about it here. Photo: AAP Image/Paul Miller

Meteor Caught on Tape

The large fireball seen in Texas, Oklahoma and parts of the south-central US last night was captured in flight by a Rowlett, TX policeman's dashboard camera. View the video presented by WFAA (requires Windows Media Player).

Hidden Icebergs

X-rays have revealed the first known oil painting of Antarctica (left), which was hidden for over 200 years underneath a tropical image. Painted by the neglected British artist, William Hodges, he made the canvas while accompanying Capt. Cook on his second voyage to the southern continent. The image is now on view at the National Maritime Museum in England. More info.

Chernobyl Trip Hoax

An article published today in the LA Times (requires registration) finds that the tale of the fearless 'Elena,' who claimed to ride through the desolate and radioactive zone of Chernobyl alone on her motorcycle (as depicted on her website is actually a fictionalized account. 'Elena' has been identified as a woman who took a tour organized by a Kiev travel agency, and her party traveled by car, "as closed motor vehicles are the rule in the zone, where radiation levels are thousands of times normal in places," the article informed.

Science or Pseudoscience?

Phil Plait has just posted an essay explaining why he chooses not to debate "pseudoscientists." Tonight we are featuring some of your emailed comments on this issue.

Titan Revealed

A new image taken by the Cassini spacecraft of Saturn's moon Titan reveals never seen before details that suggest geologic activity. In this false-color composite, yellow areas correspond to hydrocarbon-rich regions and the green areas are icier regions. The circular feature is thought to be a possible impact crater. More info

Did Nostradamus Predict 9/11?

Some people believe the following Quatrains foretold of the terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center towers on 9/11...At forty-five degrees latitude, the sky will burn, Fire approaches the great new city. Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up, When they want verification from the Normans [the French]. Garden of the world near the new city, In the path of the hollow mountains: It will be seized and plunged into a boiling cauldron,Drinking by force the waters poisoned by sulfur. (Quatrain 97, Century 6 and Quatrain 49, Century 10, The Prophecies of M. Michel de Nostradamus)

Listener Comments on Nostradamus

When asked what they thought about the aforementioned verses, C2C listeners sent in the following comments:"This quatrain might refer to a near earth object (NEO) coming in across Canada and striking in New Jersey, the Garden state, which is truly in the shadow of New York. That would be an odd approach for a meteor, but who knows?As for the verification from the Normans? Who better than from the Canadian government, perhaps even from viewers in Montreal (at about 45 degrees North Latitude), surely the most French community in North America?If it entered the lower atmosphere over Montreal there could definitely be a flash, almost as impressive as an airborne nuclear explosion. In fact it would definitely set off the U.S. automated air defense systems.The part about it being seized means that our defense systems will probably fire on it, driving it off course. It will, however, strike a very polluted river full of sulphur....and with all the pollution from the chemica

Simon Says...

Paul Neave of Neave Games has created a Flash version of the original Simon game. You remember the slogan:"Simon's a computer, Simon has a brain, you either do what Simon says or else go down the drain."Use your mouse to follow the pattern of lights and sounds, or the following keys: R - RedG - GreenB - BlueY - Yellow*This game requires Macromedia Flash Player to be installed on your computer.


The History Matters website offers an in-depth archive related to the medical coverup in the JFK assassination. Included are medical illustrations, audio recordings, transcripts and important documents.

Cassini's Arrival

After nearly 7 years of traveling through our solar system, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft entered into Saturn's orbit at 7:36 pm (PT) on Wed. night. NASA TV is offering live coverage via webcasts during this critical phase of the mission, though reports that communications may be hampered because one of the dish antennas receiving the signal here on Earth is facing severe wind conditions.

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