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Bergrun Images

Tonight's first hour guest, Norman Bergrun has provided us with these photos. Click on the thumbnails to view larger.Plate 1: Cassini-Huygens image of Saturn's shadow. Plate 2: Cassini-Huygens image showing what is covered up by Saturn's shadow.

Brazilian UFO Encounters

While Dr. Leir revisited the 1996 Varginha case, dubbed the "Brazilian Roswell," we looked back at some earlier alien/UFO encounters in Brazil, documented in an article by Coral Lorenzen for Fate Magazine in September '71. One encounter she writes about took place in August of '67 at a farm where Inacio de Souza and his wife witnessed a "strange basin-shaped object approximately 115 ft. in diameter," and three hairless child-like creatures near the craft. Moments after Inacio pointed a rifle at the beings, he was hit with a "jet of green light erupting from the craft." He immediately became ill, and within two months was dead. Though he had been diagnosed with leukemia, it was suspected he had radiation poisoning, Lorenzen writes. In a case from Feb. 1969, another basin-shaped object was seen, giving off a bluish light in Pirassununga. Tiago Machado reportedly tracked the object with binoculars and found where the disc had landed. He said two yellow-complexioned figures emerg

Pedal Power Generator

A Pedal Power Generator converts human power to electricity. These compact generators can be operated by pedaling (like a bicycle) or hand cranked, and can be used to charge a dead car battery, run emergency back-up lighting, or power a television. According to Howstuffworks, a bicycle generator can even power a laptop computer... plus it's a great way to exercise. Also check out David Butcher's excellent Pedal Generator Tutorial.

Toutatis Orbit Viewer

Asteroid 4179 was discovered by C. Pollas on January 4, 1989, at Caussols, France. The discoverers named the asteroid after a Celtic god, Toutatis. Its eccentric, four-year orbit extends from just inside Earth's orbit to the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The plane of Toutatis' orbit is closer to the plane of Earth's orbit than any known Earth-orbit-crossing asteroid.Using OrbitViewer, an interactive Java applet that displays the orbit of asteroids in our solar system in 3D, you can watch as Toutatis approaches Earth. The orbit of Toutatis can be played forwards or backwards like a movie. NOTE: OrbitViewer applet may take a few moments to load.OrbitViewer applet created by Osamu Ajiki (AstroArts Inc.) in 1996; modified by Ron Baalke (NASA/JPL) in 2000-2001.

Alien Abduction Game

Check out Alien Abduction, a fun Shockwave* game by Damon Pidhajecky. Use your UFO to abduct all the required people or objects before the time runs out and drop them into the mothership. CONTROLS: Use ARROW KEYS to navigate, SPACEBAR to BEAM UP and DROP abductees. Hit 'M' to FIRE LASER and 'C' to change Camera view. Have fun!*This game requires Shockwave Player to be installed on your computer.

Chinese Mummy

Pictured (click for larger) is the mysterious mummy of the Lady of Dai, the wife of a Han Dynasty ruler, who lived over 2,000 years ago. What is surprising about this mummy is how well preserved it is. "When Lady Dai was found [in 1971] her skin was supple and her limbs could be manipulated; her hair was intact; her type A blood still ran red in her veins, and her internal organs were all intact," writes China Daily.The mummification process which surpassed that of the Egyptians has baffled scientists who have pondered whether it was the sophisticated tomb construction or the strange liquid her body was immersed in, that kept her in such a fresh state. The National Geographic Channel will be airing a special in early September titled The Diva Mummy, that will explore the mysteries of this unique relic.

Earth-like Planet Found

Pictured is an artist illustration of a new world recently discovered orbiting the star mu Arae, 50 lights year away. It is one of the smallest known planets outside our solar system, with a mass about 14 times the size of Earth. Interestingly, it's thought than rather being a gas and ice planet such as Uranus (whose size it resembles) it may be a rocky world with a thin atmosphere. Is life possible on this planet that is being called "super-Earth-like?" Not too likely, but "one never knows," said European scientist Dr. Nuno Santos. Read more here. Image © Credit: Elizabeth Lagana

Signs of Star Kids

Dr. Richard Boylan defines "star kids" as having both human and extraterrestrial origins. "Many years of continuing Star Visitor biological engineering…have resulted in children whose heads are now often so big that a Caesarian section, or at least an episiotomy, is the only way they can be born," he writes. A common characteristic Boylan assigns to Star Kids, is that they often cause a street lamp to go out when they walk by, due to their amped-up bioelectric fields. The children also can display a variety of unusual psychic skills that include making the self "invisible," mental influencing, time dilation or contraction, and pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters, he lists in his article 42 Signs That a Child May Be a Star Kid.

The God Particle?

An ambitious new science project is being planned that may uncover a sub-atomic fragment that some call the "God particle," which is thought to have been present in the first few billionths of a second after the Big Bang. The experiment would involve building a gigantic underground atom smasher that would collide particles from the opposite ends of a 20-mile tunnel.Countries such as the US, Britain, Japan and Germany are being asked to share the estimated five and a half billion dollar expense in launching the project. "It will hopefully reveal new and exciting physics, addressing the 21st century agenda of compelling questions about dark matter and dark energy, the existence of extra dimensions and the fundamental nature of matter, energy, space and time," Brian Foster of Oxford University said in an article for the Guardian U.K.

Nuclear Oblivion?

In an article titled Dodging the Nuclear 9/11 Howard Bloom argues that Osama bin Laden may soon have his hands on three Agosta 90B stealth submarines. This Pakistani sub has a range of close to 12,000 miles and is capable of carrying 16 sea-to-land missles. According to Bloom, Pakistan intends to tip each of those missles with nuclear warheads. Since bin Laden is one of Pakistan's "biggest pop-culture heroes," Bloom suspects he will have easy access to those warheads. Read more here.

Mysterious Minnesota UFO

A mysterious shiny, white object was spotted in the skies over Minnesota on Thursday, August 19th. Some witnesses suggested the object was a research balloon; however, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service could not determine what the object was.Coast listener Jon B. from Minneapolis shares this account:"This evening I had started to mow the yard and looked up to see this bright object in the sky. It was a clear blue sky, nothing else in the air, not even a cloud. I first thought it was a planet like Venus or Mars, but it was so bright and just hung in the air. It seemed out of place. I ran and grabbed my video camera and shot about 2 minutes.The object seemed motionless, but slowly drifted over time. I first noticed it in the north east sky about 1 o'clock. Over the next 2 hours it drifted to the south west and was still visible in the evening sky, but had now turned orange because of the setting sun. It was now close to 9pm and I

Meeting an Alien

In Timothy Good's book Alien Contact he writes about a curious encounter a specialist named Dr. Díaz had at his office in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1976. The doctor described meeting a patient with extraordinarily white skin, "almost the color of milk," who was a little over 5 ft. tall, and nearly hairless. Díaz said the man's eyes appeared almost violet and his irises were wider than normal. While appearing to be in his forties or fifties, the man said he was 84, and even more surprisingly he came from another planet that was "beyond the sun." His mission apparently was to inform humanity that it needed a cleaner energy source as it was polluting not only Earth but space itself. "It is possible to get tremendous energy if you know how to dissociate electrons," he said, explaining that his civilization had discovered more subatomic particles than we had.Díaz, a well respected doctor who had been in practice for 25 years, eventually related his story to a United Nations d

9-11 Video Clips

Dave vonKleist has made available to us three video clips (Windows Media format) from his documentary 911 In Plane Site: Flight 175 AnomaliesNo Windows on Flt. 175Before Pentagon Collapse

Green in Greenland

Ancient plant matter has been discovered at a depth of nearly two miles beneath the surface of Greenland. Pictured is a pine-needle like material which scientists think could be several millions years old. It was retrieved by the North Greenland Ice Core Project, and some members of their team "think there is a possibility exotic life forms might survive in this ice," writes BBC News.

Governor Rekindles Roswell

An article in today's San Francisco Chronicle notes that New Mexico's governor, Bill Richardson has written a foreword to the new book, The Roswell Dig Diaries, which calls for a fuller explanation of the Roswell incident. "Clearly, it would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed everything it knows…The American people can handle the truth—no matter how bizarre or mundane," he comments.Above illustration based on photo of crash test dummies, military claims were mistaken for aliens, in their Case Closed report.

Ebejeebies Episode 3

Episode 3 of the comic Ebejeebies has just arrived, courtesy of Mike Majestic, Jeff Lilly and Start here.

Friday the 13th Gallery II

A big THANKS to all who responded to our call for dark-themed artwork. We received many great submissions and have placed 10 particularly spooky images in our Friday the 13th Gallery II.

Cybernetic Images

In March 2002 a one hundred electrode array (such as pictured left) was surgically implanted into the left arm of Professor Kevin Warwick. This photo shows him with the connector pad attached to his arm. He also underwent surgery in 1998 for his first implant. More images are on view at the Photo Gallery of his website.

The Cassandra Myth

Cassandra, pictured here in a sculpture by Max Klinger, was a legendary Greek seer, whose great gift became a curse. She was said to be endowed with prophecy by the god Apollo, in exchange for her love. But when she didn’t return his affections, he punished her by making everyone who heard her accurate forecasts believe they were instead being told lies. Most notably, no one listened to her warning about not accepting the wooden horse at Troy.

John Titor: Reactions

We asked for reactions to the provocative John Titor time travel story presented on Friday's show with guest Oliver Williams. Here are some of the responses we received: John Titor stated in no uncertain terms that the United States would undergo a type of "revolution or civil war."Beyond a doubt, a showdown that may put our democracy to the test is silently building around the persuasive political capabilities of Dr. Steven Greer as he builds a convincing case against the "shadow government" bureaucracy. From the grassroots of informed citizens such as the Coast to Coast AM audience, to the "behind closed doors" meetings with government officials, and sworn statements of government employees, the movement has legs...... Dr Greer has the guts, the intelligence, the desire, and the momentum to carry this off. Will Dr. Greer be in the forefront of the movement which will make truth of the most outlandish of the Titor predictions?-- Rich

Plasma & Brown Mnt. Lights

Pictured is a comparison of a plasma produced in the L.E.M.U.R. lab and a photo of the anomalous Brown Mountain Lights. Joshua P. Warren explains further: "These images (Photo 1, Photo 2) of unexplainable illuminations on Brown Mountain were captured by Brian Irish using an IR camera (Infra-red). Being shot (at night) at a distance of 2.5 miles away, and using the IR technology, the colors and detailed forms of the illuminations are obscured compared to what is visible to the naked eye. "L.E.M.U.R.'s plasmas in the laboratory were shot from inches away using a non-IR camera. This reveals the full color and form of the hovering illuminations. If the lab plasmas are shot with an IR camera, they too appear as white blobs of light."

Project Disclosure: Photos

Here are two photos that Steven Greer's Project Disclosure has used in their presentations. First (view full image) is a "flying saucer" photographed from aboard the Brazilian Navy ship, Almirante Saldanha, in 1958.Read a report (PDF file), released by the Brazilian government. The second photo (view full image), is a computer enhancement of an 800' diametertriangular spacecraft that was seen over Belgium during the 1989-1991 flap (Source: SOBEPS).

Wind Farming

The New Zealand government recently announced that power from the Te Aptiti wind farm has officially been connected into their national grid. The Te Aptiti site currently has seventeen wind turbines, and is poised to become the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere. When complete it will boast 55 turbines and a power output around 90 MW, enough to power 32,000 homes. Read more about the Te Aptiti wind farm here.Photo:

Project Silver Screen

According to, Project Silver Screen was started in 1948 by the National Security Group (NSG) to look into a possible connection between debris from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash and drive-in movie theaters. The NSG discovered that UFOs had been, from at least the time of the Flintstones, reflecting signals off of the large movie screens at drive-in theaters. It was noted that these bi-directional signals from the UFOs could measure the brain activity and emotional response of each person attending the drive-in movie. Did aliens design drive-in movie theaters so they could study us? Decide for yourself and have fun reading more about Project Silver Screen here.

Who is Maitreya?

According to Share International, Maitreya is a being who simply wishes to be known as "the teacher" and he focuses his message of social change to "people of every religion and those of no religion." One of his first public appearances was in front of a huge crowd in Kenya in 1988 (photos) where a local journalist wrote of a "strange, sporadic light [that] wafted on top of his turbaned head, his feet and his entire body." Click here to view alleged photos of Maitreya's hand and "overshadowing" incidents.

Cosmic Blast

More powerful than a supernova, a new type of cosmic explosion has been categorized (seen in the X-ray photo on the left). The energy blast occurred in December of 2003 from a distance of about 1.6 billion light years away. Weaker than a typical gamma-ray burst (the most powerful emission in the universe), the cause of this new type of explosion is currently a mystery, reports a Reuters article. View an animation of the blast from ESA/University of Leicester.

Extraterrestrial Races

Click here to view two charts delineating 16 different ET races. They were excerpted from Michael Salla's 30 page report, which analyzes the motivations and activities of alien races. Image: 'Reflected Fear' by Josh Crockett

Bigfoot Replica

Loren Coleman recently "captured" this unique Bigfoot model (click for larger) for his International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. The eight-and-a-half ft tall, 300 pound "Crookston Bigfoot" had been created by a Wisconsin taxidermist who combined two tanned hides of musk oxen for the body, a tanned hump of a buffalo for the head, and a tanned skin from a grizzly bear for the beard. Read more here

Peru Expedition

Sunday's first hour guest, explorer Bonnie Crystal reported on her discoveries and experiences during her expedition to a Peruvian cave. One unusual finding was that of Asian-style letters and pictographs on a cave wall that she speculated might indicate that Asian people visited the South American continent earlier than thought. She also described a rock carving that looked like a "grey alien." Crystal, who will be continuing her Peruvian expeditions for another month, said that experiencing some of the caves was like going into a time machine of the past, due to their untouched nature. One passage she entered "was like walking into a geode [that was] like being inside a fabulous array of jewels," she added.Crystal, pictured left, has sent us a series of photos documenting her cave explorations in South America. You can also view a video clip (requires Windows Media Player) which shows her hanging from a rope inside a cave.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), formerly the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) was established on October 1, 1996 to provide "timely, relevant and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security." The Agency is relied on by intelligence agencies in the Department of Defense to manage the disciplines of imagery and mapping, and contributes to the "high state of operational readiness of America's military forces."The NGA has produced special unclassified reference graphics of Basrah, Al Mawsil (Mosul), Karkuk, Tikrit, Baghdad, Iraq and the Middle East. View the maps here (or click the image).Image credit: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, United States Department of Defense

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