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Sounds of HAARP

Art played an audio recording of the actual sounds emanating from Project HAARP in Alaska. In case you missed it or want to hear it again, check out this free audio clip: Win | Real

Ebejeebies Episode 4

They're Baaack! Episode 4 of the comic Ebejeebies has just rolled in, courtesy of Mike Majestic, Jeff Lilly and Start here.

Sounds of HAARP

This past weekend Art Bell played an audio recording of the actual sounds emanating from Project HAARP in Alaska. In case you missed it or want to hear it again, check out this free audio clip: Win | Real

Earthquake Activity

Graphic shows recent earthquake activity in California and Nevada. Click for an enlargment.Graphic credit: Southern California Earthquake Data Center

Project Stormfury

Project Stormfury was an experimental program run by the US government from 1962 to 1983. The project's goal was to weaken hurricanes by seeding clouds in the eyewall of the storm with silver iodide. It was thought the silver iodide would cause supercooled water in the storm to freeze, disrupting the inner structure of the hurricane. In the mid-80s, researchers discovered that hurricanes contained too little supercooled water for seeding to be effective. They further observed that seeded and unseeded hurricanes often undergo the same structural changes, which cast doubts on the program's results. This finding eventually led to the cancellation of Project Stormfury. Read more about Project Stormfury here.Graphic credit:

Forecasting Volcanoes

During the first two hours of Friday's show, volcanologist Robert "R.B." Trombley, Ph.D., ( discussed volcanic activity around the world and his ERUPTION Pro 10.5 forecasting software. Trombley currently monitors 494 active volcanoes, which have erupted at least once in the last 10,000 years. Using complex math and historical data, Trombley's forecasting software has accurately predicted 89.36% of the volcanic eruptions for 2004.One potentially devastating volcano that Trombley cannot forecast, however, is Yellowstone. According to Trombley, Yellowstone has erupted a total of three times, the last time was 640,000 years ago. He said the problem with forecasting Yellowstone is the lack of historical data to plug into his software. Despite the insufficient data, Trombley believes Yellowstone will erupt again.Trombley is most concerned with Mount Rainier, which he calls "the single most dangerous volcano in United States." He said Rainier has erupted 19 times and is over

Forecasting Earthquakes

Earthquake researchers are currently working on computer models that show how a quake in one region can increase or decrease the potential for earthquakes in surrounding regions. Using sophisticated computer simulations like the one pictured to the left, representing a large earthquake, scientists may one day be able to predict when and where earthquakes might occur. UC Davis computational physicist John Rundle believes that within a decade, computer models will be able to "forecast some types of earthquakes with accuracy similar to that of current forecasts for hurricane paths." Read more at National Geographic Online.Image credit: JPL/NASA

Fred Bell's Inventions

Pictured left is Fred Bell's holographic Projector."The first thing that will happen when wearing a Projector is your personal Universe will change," and the device will remove negative energies, he writes. In the second image (click for larger)we see one of Pyradine's "Advanced Systems" in action, a scalar wave exiting via "two wormholes." To view more photos, check out Dr. Bell's Gallery.

Ivan from Space

This photo (click for larger) shows Hurricane Ivan 230 miles above the Earth, as it churned in the Gulf of Mexico late Tuesday. It was taken by astronaut Edward M. (Mike) Fincke aboard the International Space Station.

Devereux Images

Paul Devereux, pictured in front of the Pyramid of the Sun atTeotihuacan (the mysterious, ruined 2000-year-old city in the Valley ofMexico), shares these earth and light images along with his captions (click on the titles to view the photos): Death Valley Ground Marking: An ancient and mysterious ground marking in a remotepart of Death Valley, California. These kind of enigmaticfeatures are found in locations all over the Americas -- the Nazca lines in Peruare merely the most famous example. We are now beginning to understand whatthey were all about -- and it wasn't to do with "ancient astronauts"! I callthem "shamanic landscapes". RitualCave of Loltun: Shows fused stalagmite/stalactites in the ancient Mayan ritualcave of Loltun: when struck they issue deep resonant notes... archaeology is beginning to listen toancient places... RitualCave of Balankanche: A fused stalactite/stalagmite in the ancient Mayan ritualcave of Balankanche th

The Future of Sound

Evan Schwartz has written about the battle shaping up between two competing technologies that both employ directional sound, in an article for Technology Review. This new type of audio delivery is able to beam sound into a narrow path, and eventually it is envisioned that a family of four "could be sitting in a car enjoying four different musical selections or radio broadcasts—with no headphones," he writes. Inventor Elwood "Woody" Norris has created the Hypersonic Sound system for American Technology Corporation, while entrepreneur F. Joseph Pompei has introduced his acoustical product via Holosonic Research Labs. Both hope their systems will in time replace traditional loudspeakers. --L.L.

Rainbow Trip

Enter the bizarre world of Rainbow Trip where anything can happen. To play, click on the strange parts of this multi-colored, psychedelic world and watch odd things happen. Be careful... it's a very addicting game.*This game requires Macromedia Flash Player to be installed on your computer.

Holland Entity

New images of the strange "extraterrestrial" entity photographed by Robbert van den Broeke, a medium in Holland, have surfaced. While some dismissed his past photos as a hoax, a skeptical Dutch TV crew was impressed when van den Broeke captured the entity on a disposable camera they gave him. To view images and read more about the case, check out this report published on

Pumping Less Gas

Tonight's main guest, inventor Thomas Kasmer, claims his patented Hydristor, will double the gas mileage of SUVs. The name of his invention is a combination of the words "hydraulic" and "transistor." It is currently being tested with a couple of large manufacturers. If all goes according to Kasmer's plan, vehicle fuel economy will be dramatically improved (imagine SUVs that get 100 mpg) and acceleration times cut in half.

Spotlight on Area 51

"I was standing on an alien engine the size of a Greyhound bus in an underground top secret Air Force base that doesn't officially exist," wrote tonight's guest David Adair in an article on his website. Adair, who as a teen was a rocket science prodigy, said he visited Area 51 in 1971, where he was taken to a huge clandestine hangar containing mysterious spacecraft. Similar claims about Area 51 (Groom Lake) have been made by Bob Lazar, who in 1989 brought notoriety to the facility with his tale of being part of a crew that was involved in "reverse-engineering" huge alien craft. As news of the location spread, a bit of a tourist industry built up around the area, including the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada, and Highway 375, which was officially designated as the The Extraterrestrial Highway. 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, the six-by-ten-mile dry lake bed known as Area 51 was reportedly begun in the 1950's to test the U-2 spy plane. Whether or not alien craft have exist

Edgar Cayce & Atlantis

The great American prophet Edgar Cayce is particularly known for his readings on the fabled civilization of Atlantis. According to an article from Fortean Times by Jack Romano, Cayce said electricity was discovered over 50,000 years ago by the Atlanteans, and they also harnessed energy from a "Great Crystal" which they viewed as safer than atomic power. Cayce believed that Atlanteans were telepathic, and that he had led a past life there as "Ra-Ta," a priest-healer. He also predicted that the sunken continent would eventually be rediscovered in our current time frame. Towards that end, A.R.E., the association devoted to the work of Edgar Cayce, has conducted searches for Atlantean ruins, most recently with an expedition to Andros Island in June 2004.--L.L.

Roswell Media

Pictured is a still from an animation of the 1947 UFO crash in New Mexico which was said to take place during a severe thunderstorm. Also of interest are these entries from the Roswell Dig Diaries written by tonight's guests and others involved in the 2002 project sponsored by the Sci-Fi Channel.

A Look at Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis (SP) is a condition in which someone, just waking up or falling asleep, realizes they are unable to move. It is often accompanied by the sense of a malevolent presence in the room. Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote for After Dark back in 2000: The state of SP is not an entirely uncommon occurrence and by some estimates 15% or more of the population has an infrequent experience of it. Current research shows that SP may be more likely if an individual is stressed, jet lagged or simply taking a nap at a time other than their regular sleep period. Possibly even geomagnetic influences may play a part. Though the experience is frightening, it is not particularly dangerous or indicative of any pathology.Reports of SP date back thousands of years. In fact, Galen, a renowned physician of the 2nd century AD thought the condition was caused by indigestion. Throughout time and across cultures a great deal of supernatural lore has accumulated i

UFO Expo Photos

Check out these photos taken by Dominique Rodriguez at the recent Bay Area UFO Expo.

Hurricane Frances

Only three weeks after Hurricane Charley pounded southwestern and central Florida, another vicious storm has taken its toll on the weary peninsula. Hurricane Frances, a powerful Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 105 mph, uprooted trees, peeled off roofs, and snapped power lines, causing more than 5 million people to lose power. Read more from Associated Press. Satellite image taken at 8:15 a.m. (EDT) on September 4th and released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows Hurricane Frances beginning to hit the east coast of Florida.

Japanese Dust Devil

This video (requires Windows Media Player) from SBC TV in Japan, shows an astonishing dust devil that swept into a boys soccer game in Matsumoto in late April. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Snake Man

An Indian man is determined to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by feeding a live cobra into his nose and out through his mouth. C Manoharan, better known as "Snake Manu", has been practicing his snake routine for several years, and has experimented with a variety of snakes. Shown in the photo with Manu is a harmless grass snake, which he has been using to prepare for his latest stunt. Read more at Ananova and Mail and Guardian.Photo credit: AP

Van Praagh's Spirit Guides

In his book, Talking to Heaven, James Van Praagh writes about spirit guides that sometimes come through when he is giving readings or in a trance state. He considers these spirits to be the same as guardian angels, and describes two types: "personal guides"—people known in earlier incarnations, and "mastery" guides-- spirits that have expertise in a particular area. Here are some of Van Praagh's guides: Master Chang—appearing as a Chinese man circa the early 1900's, with a bald head and goatee, he is "surrounded by gold light of the highest spiritual realm."Harry Aldritch—An authoritative English doctor, who died in the 1930's-- he helps to identify physical ailments of Van Praagh's clients. Golden Feather—A North American Indian who shares messages of brotherhood. Sister Theresa—A nun with "brilliant blue eyes" who works with Van Praagh to teach compassion.

Mysterious Signals

Wednesday's first hour guest,Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute discussed a recent New Scientist article which reported on mysterious radio signals, that some posit could be coming from an ET source. He believes the story is being over-hyped, as nothing has been proven as of yet about the signals which are just one of many candidates derived from the SETI@home Project.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are essentially inexhaustible batteries -- as long as they're supplied with fuel, they don't lose charge. Within a fuel cell a simple electrochemical process takes place that converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, with heat and water as the only emissions. Every fuel cell consists of an electrolyte membrane sandwiched between two electrodes: a positive electrode called an anode and a negative electrode called a cathode. Hydrogen (or hydrogen-rich fuel) is passed over the anode where a catalyst splits it into ions and electrons. The electrons cannot pass through the electrolyte material and instead travel around it via an electrical circuit to reach the other side of the cell. This flow of electrons is electricity.The following U.S. Department of Energy animation illustrates how a fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.*This animation requires Macromedia Flash Player to be installed on your computer.

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