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The Forgiveness Line

In the 4th hour, George conducted a special Open Lines, fielding callers who explained why they either could forgive or not forgive people for past transgressions.

Auras & the Brain

A new finding suggests that "aura reading," the psychic gift that some people have that allows them to see colors around a person, may actually be a quirk of the brain. The case study, reported on, relates the abilityto synaesthesia, the condition where senses cross over. To view images of auras, check out our previous article on aura photography.

Betty Hill Remembered

Monday's first half-hour guest UFO researcher Stanton Friedman commented on the passing of famed alien abductee Betty Hill and discussed efforts to recreate the three dimensional star map she was shown by the aliens.

In Memoriam: Betty Hill

Called by some the "Grandmother of Ufology," Betty Hill and her husband had a UFO/alien encounter in 1961 that was widely publicized. She passed away yesterday at the age of 85 at her home in Portsmouth, NH surrounded by family and friends. Her friend Avis Ruffi (email) sent us this photo of Betty taken at her last birthday party. Avis writes: "Betty will be missed by many around the world. I was able to make it up to Portsmouth to be with Betty last week and even though I knew the end was near I was heartbroken when the call came. Betty faced her death as she did her life-- with courage and dignity." For more on Betty Hill's alien encounter check out

Morgus the Magnificent

Momus Alexander Morgus, also known as Dr. Morgus and Morgus the Magnificent, was one of George's favorite childhood TV personalities. Each week from his secret laboratory in an abandoned warehouse, Morgus would introduce the evening's horror movie and perform wacky experiments (with assistants Chopsley and E.R.I.C). He was the first horror host to star in a feature film, "The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus" in 1962.Listen to Morgus recite some scary Hearse-ry Rhymes.* More sound clips, photos and info at *Requires RealPlayerGraphic and audio courtesy of Morgus Presents! Online.

Old Paintings & UFOs

The cover story in the latest issue of Skeptic, titled The Art of Imagining UFOs, by Diego Cuoghi, offers a conventional explanation for the strange spaceship-like objects that are sometimes seen in centuries old religious paintings. Cuoghi argues that people who call these UFOs are actually misinterpreting specific symbols that commissioned painters were told to include in their works. For instance, in this detail from the 15th century painting Miracle of the Snow he says the mysterious aerial objects represent platforms for angels which were routinely used in religious paintings of that period. In the Annunciation, a 15th century painting by Crivelli, Cuoghi says the heavenly vortex and dove are standard devices which were often used in annunciation depictions. And in perhaps the most well known "UFO painting" details from a 16th century Crucifixion fresco, are not portraying ET craft but the sun and the moon, which were often presented with a human face, he wr


A mystery animal similar to the yet unidentified "Elmendorf Beast" has been shot and killed in Pollack, Texas. The creature has nearly hairless blue-grey skin, four large canine teeth and an elongated tail. Some think it is a diseased coyote, others believe it is the mythical chupacabra. Watch the news report.

Morgus' Experiment

On January 3, 1959, the House of Shock with Morgus the Magnificent aired on television sets throughout New Orleans. With the help of his assistant, Chopsley, and a talking skull known as E.R.I.C., Morgus conducted weekly experiments while hosting late night horror movies. Shortly before Halloween 1959, the "Morgus' Experiment" was released. Listen to the full recording, which includes the original theme and narration from the House of Shock: Win | RealAudio courtesy of Lagniappe Broadcast Network.

Phantasm Photos

We received two images from Phantasm Psychic Research. They write: In this photo of a house, the mist was not visible with the naked eye, but the team was getting a lot of electrical interference with their equipment at the time that the image was taken.In this graveyard photo, the mist also was not visible to the naked eye, but the cemetery has a history of producing a variety of psychic photographs.

John Mack: Word from Beyond?

Dave Haith, a retired newspaper journalist, who is involved with paranormal research, and lives in Bournemouth, UK writes with some interesting details about the late Prof. John Mack, including word of possible afterlife communications from him: Just back from a week's holiday yesterday, I found aphone voice message awaiting me from psychicresearcher Monty Keen's widow Veronica, at whosehome John Mack planned to stay on the night of histragic death.As we now know, Mack was killed in Totteridge Lane,London by a car driven by a Czech local resident whoit is alleged had been drinking.An inquest has been opened and adjourned and thereis a cremation on Wednesday.As the Internet has been awash with conspiracytheories re: Mack's demise…I asked herpermission to publish her Sunday Oct 3 voicemailmessage which is as follows:"Hello - message for David Haith from VeronicaFord-Keen to do with John Mack.You all seem to be surprised that John was stayinghere.

Indiana UFO Video

A man near Fort Wayne, Indiana captured an unusual aerial object on his home video camera on Sunday. Channel 5 in Cincinnati took the footage to various experts who each had different explanations for it. View the video and news report.Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center appeared briefly during the first hour to comment on the sighting, which he suggested may be a type of contrail.

Tubular Pumpkin

'Turtle' George (email) writes to us: One of my favorite themes of Fall is carving the Jack-O-Lanterns, & the more extreme the effect the better. This year I planned ahead & slipped heavy-wall PVC pipe over 2 baby pumpkins. One rotted from slug damage but I harvested the other & cut off the restraining pipe. I now have a totally tubular pumpkin with a little hat for this year's Jack-O-Lantern. Here is a short video of the experiment: Win | Real

Gordon Cooper Audio

As a tribute to the late astronaut Gordon Cooper, members of Streamlink can listen to his C2C interview conducted on 9/9/99 with Art Bell.

Conspiracy Radio: New Version

Roots/alt-country artist Sean Hogan has sent us a new, longer version of his song Conspiracy Radio, which pays tribute to C2C and Art Bell. Enjoy this streamed recording, and visit Hogan's website for details on his upcoming CD release which will feature the song.

Play Atomica

Check out Atomica, a fun Java game by PopCap Games. Turn atoms into molecules to score big points, or go up against the clock in the Time Trial mode. Instructions: Create molecules by moving atoms so they form 2x2 blocks of the same color.

Strange Skeleton

Pictured (click for larger) is a strange skull and mummified skeleton that is on display at the "Wilson Estevanovic Museum of Natural History" in Uberaba, Brazil. The skull is about twice the size of a human head and there are six toes on the mummified foot. "Museum administrators claim not to know the provenance of the skeleton, which was discovered only recently when they tried to 'de-mummify' the piece, which was probably acquired in Egypt," the INEXPLICATA journal reported. Read more about the case at

Ralph Nader on Skull & Bones

In his recent appearance on C2C, presidential candidate Ralph Nader commented on the unlikely coincidence that Bush and Kerry attended Yale University within two years of each other and were both members of the secretive fraternity there known as Skull & Bones. He questioned the oath of secrecy they took as undergraduates. "How long does it last? What does it cover? And at what point might it conflict in their presidential duties or their relations with other Bonesmen…who may be [part of] corporations, have business with federal government or be exposed to [potential] law enforcement?" According to an article by Kris Millegan, both Bush and Kerry when questioned, have deflected questions about their membership in Skull & Bones, referring to secrecy. Nader believes this isn't a trivial issue. "I think they ought to…discuss it candidly because their oaths of secrecy are supposed to go for the duration not just when they were undergraduates," he said.

Spotlight on: The Bohemian Grove

Alexandra Robbins has written an expose of the secretive Skull and Bones society. Another such private group that has aroused much curiosity over the years is the Bohemian Club. The male-only club has included some of the world's most rich and powerful men, who have been meeting every summer in the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove in Northern California for over a century. In 1999, such notables as the former and current Pres. Bush's, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich and Dow Chemical Chairman Frank Popoff were all in attendance. President Herbert Hoover once called the Bohemian Club "the greatest men's party on Earth."

The Fred Bell Transcript

Last week Streamlink members held a live chat with the fascinating inventor and alien contactee Dr. Fred Bell. Here are some excerpts from the dialogue, members can read the full conversation here. Puma Mr. Bell, do you think any of your inventions are the direct result from one of your meetings with aliens?Fred Bell There's a big influence. I rely on their (alien) technologies that push the envelope, therefore making them very expensive. In order to produce these products I have to work with the most advanced aerospace companies. Pharaoh Fred Bell, Have you ever visited the Sattva Sanctuary In Trout Lake Washington where James Gilliland has his Ranch, where he has had a good number of "Sky Watches" there, where visitors like me have come and observed countless UFO's fly over us???Fred Bell No, but Steven Greer and Erich von Daniken all used my fire star orbs to enhance the communicative value of these encounters. LED Mr. Bell, Did I hear

Plants & Sound

Experiments conducted by Dorothy Retallack in the late 1960's seemed to show that plants hate rock 'n' roll yet thrive on certain other types of music such as Bach and Ravi Shankar. Specifically, she exposed a variety of plants in a 56 ft. chamber to the "acid rock" of Led Zeppelin, Vanilla Fudge, and Jimi Hendrix, and the plants began pointing in the opposite direction of the sound.

Planetary Protection

NASA's Planetary Protection Office is charged with two primary responsibilities: to ensure that outbound spacecraft do not contaminate the cosmos with organisms from Earth, and to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial microbes that could cause disease. The latter directive is especially important given that NASA hopes to one day retrieve rock samples from the surface of Mars. NASA official, John D. Rummel, envisions building a P-4 level containment facility, similar to what the CDC uses to study Earth's most dangerous viruses, for the analysis of Martian samples. Read more at Slate Magazine and NASA's Planetary Protection website.Image credit: NASA/JPL

Letting Off Some Steam

Mount St. Helens erupted Friday afternoon, spewing a large cloud of ash and steam 16,000 feet into the sky. The event, which lasted for about 20 minutes, forced one airline to cancel flights and others to divert around the turbulent plume. The eruption rose from the southern edge of the 1,000-foot-tall lava dome in the volcano's crater. Following the initial eruption, the volcano appeared to die down and the ash and steam cloud drifted away. U.S. Geological Survey scientist Jeff Wynn called the eruption a "throat-clearing" and cautioned, "we'll see more events like this." Read more here.Photo credit: AP Photo/KOIN-TV

Mnt. St. Helens Update

The likelihood of some type volcanic eruption at Mount St. Helens has increased to 70%, according to Jeff Wynn, a scientist for the U.S. Geological Survey. Pointing towards an imminent eruption are the quakes occurring there every three or four minutes with magnitudes of 3 to 3.3. Read more about the situation in this article from the Seattle Times. You can also check out the official Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam.

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