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Diet & Longevity

Researchers who have studied the effects of caloric restriction (CR) are convinced that a diet limited in calories but possessing all necessary nutrients can extend the lifespan of a variety of organisms, possibly even humans.According to a online report at, "CR not only extends the lifespan of laboratory animals but also reduces the incidence of virtually all diseases of aging such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, auto-immune disorders, neurological decline and diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's."

KLAS-TV: Black Triangles

Investigative reporter George Knapp at KLAS-TV in Las Vegas has a new story out on the "Top Secret Black Triangle" sightings, which have now been catalogued all over the United States.

Plaza de Toros UFO

A Coast listener videotaped a UFO during the 75th Anniversary of the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City. Here is part of the video he took that day, and his comments.

Multiple Oswalds?

Lee Harvey Oswald depicted on this "suitable for framing" Time Magazine cover from 1964, was a man whose short life has been a source of mystery and speculation. One fascinating idea, which appears to have some evidence to support it, is that there were two or even more "Oswalds." In the Houston Chronicle, Holly Hildebrand wrote that a secret organization such as the CIA may have recruited an Oswald look-alike to live a parallel life.

Plague of Locusts

Millions of pink locusts swarmed over Cairo, as seen in this Reuters photo where they obscure the Giza Pyramids. The insects arrived from Libya after wreaking havoc there. But authorities are hopeful the locusts, which conjure images of the biblical plague from the time of Moses, won't cause much damage to Egypt before they die or migrate further south. More details here.

Life in the 36th Century

One of the future life progressions that Dr. Bruce Goldberg profiles in his book Past Lives, Future Lives, is that of a woman named Emily. Under hypnosis she tells him that around 1,600 years in the future she will be named Sequestra and live on the planet Phonican in the Andromedan system. Her race is controlled by beings of light known as the Aracatha.
"I despise them but I do not fear them. They are cruel and enslave my people through mind control," she explains of this rather 1984-ish world.

Atlantis Found?

Los Angeles-based researcher Robert Sarmast believes he has found the lost city of Atlantis off the coast of Cyprus. His team spent six days scanning the sea bed in that location with sonar technology and has found evidence of massive, apparently manmade structures. The area perfectly matches Plato's long fabled description of Atlantis (see graphic), Sarmast told BBC News.

Ostman Images

Charles Ostman shares some fascinating images with us, which include the pictured "Neuro BioChip," the "Organomorph" and "NanoBio." Click here to view along with his descriptions.

Atlantis Found?

Los Angeles-based researcher Robert Sarmast believes he has found the lost city of Atlantis off the coast of Cyprus. His team spent six days scanning the sea bed in that location with sonar technology and has found evidence of massive, apparently manmade structures. The area perfectly matches Plato's long fabled description of Atlantis (see graphic), Sarmast told BBC News.

Parallel Universes?

Physicist Richard Feynman explored the strangeness of quantum behavior through the famous "Two Slit Experiment," in which light is passed through two narrow slits and detected on a photographic plate. The expected result of passing light through two slits would be the appearance of two lines.

C2C UFO Crash Special

The 2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference is taking place November 12-14, 2004 at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Tonight, Linda Moulton Howe, broadcasting live from the conference, in tandem with George in the LA studio, will interview the following guests:All times PT10-10:30p Jim Marrs ( Bob Wood ( Chuck Wade (info)11:30-12a Paul Kimball ( Don Ledger (info)12:30-1a Peter Robbins (info)1-1:30a Grant Cameron (

Sarah's Hellish NDE

Back in 1999, Art Bell's guest, NDE expert Dr. Jeff Long, presented the case of Sarah and her frightening near death encounter. After being seriously injured in a bicycle accident, Sarah was flung into another realm filled with demonic creatures and hellacious scenarios. Read her account.Image: Detail from "The Triumph of Death" by Brueghel

Uranian Cloud Photos

New images of Uranus taken by the Keck Telescope reveal diverse cloud structures that were not previously seen. In the planet's northern hemisphere an 18,000-mile-long complex of clouds was observed dissipating over the span of a month. View a larger image or read more about the discovery.

Northern Lights Gallery

A number of people sent in photos of the rare display of the Northern Lights, which appeared in the sky last night across much of America. Check out our gallery of images.

Black Hole Eats Star

This animation (click graphic) demonstrates what happens to a yellow star that travels too close to a giant black hole. As the orbiting star nears the black hole, immense gravitational forces stretch it until it is ripped apart. A small amount of gaseous debris from the star is consumed by the black hole and forms a rotating disk of gas. X-rays are given off as the gas is heated and progressively devoured by the black hole. Watch the animation:WinMore info at The Chandra X-ray Observatory Center.Animation: ESA

McDonald Images

Bill McDonald has made several illustrations available to us. Click here to view a larger version of his "Triangle Ships" drawing and other works.

Invisible UFO

In late May 2004, Frank P. (email) captured an object in the skies over Wisconsin that was not visible to the naked eye. Using an infrared light blocking filter attached to a night vision video camera, he shot the object for several minutes until it moved out of frame. Watch the video:Win | RealRead Frank's account in his own words:"The reason I shot the video is because I was looking for UFOs. I set up a camera in the window at my house pointed in the south-southeast direction. I decided to buy a visible light blocking filter and a night vision camera for this very reason.Cameras see much wider light ranges than human eyes. Photos released on your site as well as many in the mainstream news: Mexico Military UFOs, Bra Fence UFO, and the Cheerleader Practice UFO are all examples of craft that were not visible to the naked eye but visible under expanded light ranges. I did verify at different points during its descent that it was not visible as well.

Jupiter Triple Eclipse

In a just released image from NASA, the Hubble Telescope captured a rare alignment of Jupiter's three largest moons. Ganymede, Callisto and Io simultaneously passed between Jupiter and the sun and cast shadows onto the planet. In addition to the shadows, two of the moons can also be seen in the photo. For more details, view this article from New Scientist.

Alex Jones: New Documentary

Was the 2004 presidential election rigged by the "global elite?" That is the contention of Alex Jones, pictured in a still from his new documentary, American Dictators. In this video, he portrays the American political process as a false left-right paradigm that offers no real choice to voters. Further, he presents material on Kerry and Bush's membership in Skull & Bones, a secretive society that he suggests has deep connections to organized crime, intelligence agencies, and the occult. Click here to watch a free 40 minute clip of the film.

C2C Election Special 9p-3a

All times PT 9-10p Guests from the list below will make brief appearances. Also in this hour: Futurist Paul Guercio of the Merlin Project. 10-11p Spin expert John M. Curtis( Investigative journalist Bev Harris( 11:30-12a CyberWar columnist Charles R. Smith( 12a-12:30a Author Steve Quayle( 12:30-1a Filmmaker/radio host Alex Jones(, 1-1:30a Author Howard Bloom( 1:30-2a Intuitive Sean David Morton( 2-3a Open Lines

Day of the Dead

A two-day Mexican celebration that honors the dead takes place today and tomorrow. The tradition in which the departed are remembered with food, music, and ritual has its roots in pagan rites as well as Catholicism, Tim Gaynor writes in an article for Reuters. In San Francisco, an eerie candle lit procession takes place each year on the evening of November 2nd, with many participants dressed as skeletons. In the image on the left that I took at one such event, a huge marionette-like skeleton surreally danced above the crowd. --L.L.

Tales of the Paranormal

A big THANKS to all who responded to our call for ghost stories. We received many great submissions and have posted several.

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