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Chat Transcript: Jon Rappoport

On Tuesday night, investigative journalist Jon Rappoport (pictured) of joined Streamlink members for a fascinating one-hour Q & A on his research into secret societies, the "medical cartel" and other hotbed issues. Below are some excerpts; members can view the entire transcript. Iowa Girl Jon--Do you have any opinion on what is happening with the election recounts? There seems to be conflicting information out there. Jon Rappoport It's a fraud....Ohio/ honest count would reveal that. maggie Why are you thinking the count wasn't honest? Jon Rappoport Articles in my archive....Ohio was a machines held back, for instance, in certain precincts.... mountainstar Jon what do you think is your biggest story? Jon Rappoport Perhaps the medical cartel....the weakening of populations through toxic drugs and the invention of fake diseases and the focus on brain drugs....This

Egyptian Afterlife

The Egyptians believed that when a person died, the afterlife could be experienced in various ways by different aspects of their being. For instance, the akh was a spirit or ghost that could live among humans, usually in the vicinity of their tomb, yet it could also inhabit the underworld. The ka was an etheric double or life force that could dwell in statues of themselves, to which mortuary offerings by the living could be made. The journey to the underworld was of great concern with one of the goals being to reach the ruler Osiris (pictured above) who would pass judgment upon them. Towards that end, guidebooks in the form of papyruses might be placed in their tomb which contained details essential for a successful crossing (such as the information featured in the Egyptian Book of the Dead). After a favorable judgment, entry into the land of the blessed was granted—a place not unlike the Nile Valley, with canals, dams and farms. The departed were said to have the abilit

The Compassionate Coroner

Dr. Janis Amatuzio is pictured (click for larger) in a photo from the cover of her book Forever Ours.

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