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Martian Dust Devils

Apr 13, 2009

On April 15 and 18, the Spirit rover captured images of "dust devils" scooting across the ground inside Gusev Crater on Mars. Click here (or the photo) to view an animation of the whirlwinds in action. View a second animation here.Credit: NASA/JPL

Amityville Hoax?

Was the famed haunting case that became know as The Amityville Horror in a series of books and films (including a new remake) actually a hoax? We turned to Rosemary Ellen Guiley's Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits for the lowdown.

Two-Headed Snake

Apr 13, 2009

A Chinese man discovered a two-headed snake in his yard. A local expert believes the mutation was formed by environmental effects. Read more at Ananova.

Bottom of the World

Apr 13, 2009

A Ukrainian team has set a new depth record for caving by traveling 6,822ft into Krubera, the world's deepest known cave. The photo shows Alan Cressler lowering himself into the first pit below the cave entrance. Read more at BBC News.Photo: Stephen...

Bigfoot Sighting

Apr 13, 2009

First hour guest, Bigfoot tracker Tom Biscardi of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization discussed a sighting his group had earlier this month in Northern California. He said they found pristine tracks on a snow-covered mountaintop location and...

Virgin Mary Vision?

Apr 13, 2009

Along the concrete wall of a Chicago expressway viaduct, believers are flocking to see what they call a vision of the Virgin Mary. Others have suggested the unusual image was simply caused by road salt or a water stain. For more, check out this article...

Prayer's Power

At a prayer wall outside the critical care unit at the Saint Elizabeth Medical Center cards are posted with messages such as "Please pray for a turnaround in my mother's condition." These prayers are then given to members of the hospital's Intercessory...

Bigfoot Sighting

Apr 13, 2009

A group of longtime Bigfoot hunters say the plaster casts (shown in the photo) were taken from prints found two weeks ago next to a logging road near Clover Mountain, CA. The prints measure 15 inches long by 6 inches wide, with a stride length of more...

New Living Expo Speakers

Apr 13, 2009

During the first half hour, intuitive consultant Sean David Morton encouraged Coast listeners to attend the New Living Expo, as well as reiterated some of his earlier predictions for the future. He expects increased earthquake activity in the pacific...

George's Secret

Adnan Saleem of Destination Creation has uncovered the secret reason why George is on radio and not television.

Pandemic Flu Vials

Apr 13, 2009

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport joined the show during the first half-hour to comment on a breaking news story about vials of a pandemic flu strain that were sent to labs in 18 countries by a U.S. company. The kits contained the deadly 1957 pandemic...

Ebejeebies: Episode 5

Apr 13, 2009

The aliens are baaack! Episode 5 of the comic Ebejeebies has just rolled in, courtesy of Mike Majestic, Jeff Lilly and Start here.

Ray Bradbury Appearance

Apr 13, 2009

During the first hour, sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury appeared along with fellow sci-fi author Marc Zicree. Bradbury revealed that it took him five years to write The Martian Chronicles but that he wrote Fahrenheit 451 in only nine days. "I can blame it all...

The Inexperienced Ghost

Apr 13, 2009

Curious about the George Noory Presents After Dark double CD? We've made available an excerpt from George's reading of the story The Inexperienced Ghost by H.G. Wells, which is one of the featured tracks. Listen Win | RealYou can also hear an excerpt of...

Supervolcano Movie

How real is the science behind the new docudrama Supervolcano, airing tonight on the Discovery Channel? The film, which portrays a volcanic eruption in Yellowstone, is actually quite well done, said a former USGS scientist who served as a consultant on...

Mt. Tarawera Eruption?

Apr 13, 2009

Remote viewing expert Major Ed Dames believes he has found the location of a potentially deadly geophysical event. According to Dames, there is a very high likelihood that Mt. Tarawera (38.22 S / 176.5 E), on New Zealand's central North Island, will...

Ocean Light Spheres

Apr 13, 2009

Coast guest, Joan Ocean, claims to have been led by dolphins to "large, transparent, sphere-shaped Balls of Light" in the waters of Keahole Bay. According to an article at, the spheres are 60 to 80 feet around and seem to be "alive and...

Spot the UFO Game

Apr 13, 2009

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the "real" UFO photos from the fakes. Now, you can get a little practice via an interesting game posted on TLC's website. Spot the UFO asks viewers to identify the two actual unidentified flying objects out of a...

Hugo & the Brain Machine

Apr 13, 2009

Seen in the photo (click for larger) is Prof. Hugo de Garis and the CBM (CAM Brain Machine), which was used tobuild artificial brains (1997-2001). "It evolved neuralnet circuits at electronic speeds. These were storedin the memory of the CBM one by one,...

The Cross at Hendaye

Apr 13, 2009

We received several photos from Jay Weidner, pictured at the Cross at Hendaye, a mysterious monument in southwestern France that he has worked to decode. The second image shows the symbols on the pedestal of the Cross and in the third picture the entire...

The Secret Budget

Apr 13, 2009

How many of America's tax dollars go into the U.S. intelligence budget? "No one knows exactly what the figure is because the intelligence agencies have successfully argued that nobody, including Congress, should know how much they get, for fear that the...

New Hypersonic Vehicles

Apr 13, 2009

As part of its Falcon program (PDF file), the Pentagon is developing a suborbital space capsule called the Common Aero Vehicle (CAV). The unmanned "hypersonic glide vehicle," expected to launch by 2010, will be able to travel at five times the speed of...

Pope John Paul II

Apr 13, 2009

Pope John Paul II died Saturday night in his Vatican apartment, ending a long struggle with a series of debilitating illnesses. He was 84. The charismatic pontiff led the Roman Catholic Church for 26 years and is credited for helping topple communism in...

Big Mouth Catfish

Apr 13, 2009

According to, fisherman Bill Driver stumbled upon a large catfish with a basketball stuck in its mouth floating in Sandalwood Lake, Kansas. The fish appeared to be exhausted from fighting against the ball's buoyancy. Driver used a knife to...

Transcript Excerpts: Michio Kaku

Apr 13, 2009

Our recent special guest in Streamlink's live chat was theoretical physicist Michio Kaku (pictured) who shared some of his fascinating thoughts in a 75 minute Q & A. Below are excerpts; members can view the entire transcript.Alien-Believer San Jose Dr....

Spotlight on Velikovsky

Immanuel Velikovsky was the author of a number of controversial books, including the 1950 bestseller, Worlds in Collision. From his study of ancient texts and mythology, he concluded that Earth had had catastrophic encounters with a number of planets in...

Hoagland Update

Apr 13, 2009

First hour guest Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission shared updates on space-related topics. He said he is beginning to think that Saturn's moon Iapetus may have been heavily modified by carbon nanotubes, rather than being artificially made in its...

Ed Dames Scores a Hit?

Apr 13, 2009

Was today's 8.7 earthquake in Indonesia a "hit" for remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames? Back on his Jan. 1, 2005 appearance on the show, he said there would be a 9+ quake in Indonesia in March 2005. The map on the left (click for larger) shows the...

Space Elevator Contest

Apr 13, 2009

Taking a cue from the X-prize, NASA has set aside $400,000 over the next two years for competitions to encourage the development of a Space Elevator -- the combination of a light-powered robotic climber and a thin 62,000 mile long tether. The Space...

Space Patrol

Apr 13, 2009

In the second hour, author Jean-Noel Bassior, talked about her book Space Patrol, which chronicles the early sci-fi TV series. Space Patrol was a live "space opera" broadcast by a local Los Angeles TV station in 1950. The 15-minute daily serial was...

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