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Iraq Sandstorm

A Coast listener sent in a collection of photos showing a giant sandstorm as it engulfed Al Asad Air Base in Iraq. View all three sets here.

Exoplanet Confirmed

At the top of the second hour, astronomer Phil Plait commented on an image taken last September on ESO's Very Large Telescope in northern Chile that shows a planet orbiting a star in another solar system. The planet is the fuzzy red sphere to the lower left of the large blue object, which is the parent star. Read the ESO press release here and Plait's blog about it here.Later in the hour, Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission also briefly shared his opinion about the new planetary discovery.

R. Gary Patterson Transcript

Our recent special guest in Streamlink's live chat was author R. Gary Patterson (pictured) who has explored rock 'n' roll legends and curses. He shared some fascinating tidbits in a 70 minute Q & A. Below are excerpts; members can view the entire transcript.saintjerome The Paul is Dead scenario just fascinates me to no end. Is there anything new that has surfaced since your wrote your book? R. Gary Patterson Paul is Dead fascinates me as well--It still does. I suppose the new discussion with the photos that appear to not match is rather new. EatAPeach It would be great to see a TV special on the Paul Is Dead Myth. R. Gary Patterson I did a TV special on the subject for Russian television--I'm working on one right now for television here--I'll post more on my site when it is set. Bear Great book, why not delve into the Kurt Cobain death/murder, with all the evidence such as no finger prints on the gun? It angers still to this day. R. Gary Patterson I was do

Mask Animation

Pictured is a mosaic jade mask that reportedly covered the face of the Mayan's Lord Pacal in his tomb at Palenque, buried beneath a pyramid 1,250 years ago. In this animation from Maurice Cotterell's website, Lord Pacal is transformed into a feathered snake.

Area 51 Satellite Images

A number of curious airstrips and structures near Area 51 have been revealed via Google's new satellite map service. has gathered together links to some of these images and provided analysis. Click here to view.

George at the Expo

This past Sunday afternoon, George Noory spoke to a capacity crowd at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. He interacted with his fans and an "8-ft. alien!"

Martian Dust Devils

On April 15 and 18, the Spirit rover captured images of "dust devils" scooting across the ground inside Gusev Crater on Mars. Click here (or the photo) to view an animation of the whirlwinds in action. View a second animation here.Credit: NASA/JPL

Amityville Hoax?

Was the famed haunting case that became know as The Amityville Horror in a series of books and films (including a new remake) actually a hoax? We turned to Rosemary Ellen Guiley's Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits for the lowdown.

Two-Headed Snake

A Chinese man discovered a two-headed snake in his yard. A local expert believes the mutation was formed by environmental effects. Read more at Ananova.

Bottom of the World

A Ukrainian team has set a new depth record for caving by traveling 6,822ft into Krubera, the world's deepest known cave. The photo shows Alan Cressler lowering himself into the first pit below the cave entrance. Read more at BBC News.Photo: Stephen Alvarez/National Geographic

Bigfoot Sighting

First hour guest, Bigfoot tracker Tom Biscardi of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization discussed a sighting his group had earlier this month in Northern California. He said they found pristine tracks on a snow-covered mountaintop location and then saw a creature about 130 yards away.Read more in this report posted on their website. He has made available some photos taken by their group in the 1980's. Click here to view.

Virgin Mary Vision?

Along the concrete wall of a Chicago expressway viaduct, believers are flocking to see what they call a vision of the Virgin Mary. Others have suggested the unusual image was simply caused by road salt or a water stain. For more, check out this article from or view their video segment.

Prayer's Power

At a prayer wall outside the critical care unit at the Saint Elizabeth Medical Center cards are posted with messages such as "Please pray for a turnaround in my mother's condition." These prayers are then given to members of the hospital's Intercessory Prayer Program, in which over 100 employees take part.

Bigfoot Sighting

A group of longtime Bigfoot hunters say the plaster casts (shown in the photo) were taken from prints found two weeks ago next to a logging road near Clover Mountain, CA. The prints measure 15 inches long by 6 inches wide, with a stride length of more than 5 feet. "These have to be two of the most pristine prints I've ever seen, and I've been in this business a long time," said Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi, who also claims to have seen the beast on the April 5th outing.According to Biscardi, he heard a rustling noise in the brush and turned to watch as a "blurry blackness" rose from a squatting position about 100 yards away. After a brief pursuit the beast disappeared into the woods. "It walked upright like a man," said Biscardi. "It wasn't a deer. It wasn't a bear. It was unbelievable." Read more at (free registration required).

New Living Expo Speakers

During the first half hour, intuitive consultant Sean David Morton encouraged Coast listeners to attend the New Living Expo, as well as reiterated some of his earlier predictions for the future. He expects increased earthquake activity in the pacific northwest and off the coast of Seattle and Vancouver between May through September 2005. Morton also said deadly clouds of gas will break out of the Yellowstone caldera and kill herds of animals, and the 2012 Olympics will be moved from New York to Los Angeles due to "substantial disasters" in the Empire State.In the second half hour, author and New Living Expo speaker, Dannion Brinkley talked about his work as a hospice volunteer, where he has accrued more than 10,000 hours at the bedsides of dying veterans. Brinkley said "we're all terminal" but we need not fear death because another existence awaits us on the other side.

George's Secret

Adnan Saleem of Destination Creation has uncovered the secret reason why George is on radio and not television.

Pandemic Flu Vials

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport joined the show during the first half-hour to comment on a breaking news story about vials of a pandemic flu strain that were sent to labs in 18 countries by a U.S. company. The kits contained the deadly 1957 pandemic flu strain, and he believes this was not by accident. He suggested it may be a ploy to get more people to take next season's flu vaccine, under the guise that they need protection from the old strain which may now be re-released.

Ebejeebies: Episode 5

The aliens are baaack! Episode 5 of the comic Ebejeebies has just rolled in, courtesy of Mike Majestic, Jeff Lilly and Start here.

Ray Bradbury Appearance

During the first hour, sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury appeared along with fellow sci-fi author Marc Zicree. Bradbury revealed that it took him five years to write The Martian Chronicles but that he wrote Fahrenheit 451 in only nine days. "I can blame it all on you," said Richard C. Hoagland when he called in to speak with Bradbury. He told him that The Martian Chronicles served as an inspiration to him in developing his theories about Mars. Bradbury said he believes we will have manned missions to Mars that will lead to a 10,000 year period of civilizing the red planet. Featured on Ray Bradbury's website is a set of QuickTime video clips in which he discusses a variety of topics. In this clip he talks about a particular event that inspired him to write his classic novel Fahrenheit 451.

The Inexperienced Ghost

Curious about the George Noory Presents After Dark double CD? We've made available an excerpt from George's reading of the story The Inexperienced Ghost by H.G. Wells, which is one of the featured tracks. Listen Win | RealYou can also hear an excerpt of George reading from The Monkey's Paw: Win | RealBuy Online/Order by Mail

Supervolcano Movie

How real is the science behind the new docudrama Supervolcano, airing tonight on the Discovery Channel? The film, which portrays a volcanic eruption in Yellowstone, is actually quite well done, said a former USGS scientist who served as a consultant on the project.

Mt. Tarawera Eruption?

Remote viewing expert Major Ed Dames believes he has found the location of a potentially deadly geophysical event. According to Dames, there is a very high likelihood that Mt. Tarawera (38.22 S / 176.5 E), on New Zealand's central North Island, will undergo an extremely violent eruption during November 2005.Graphic courtesy of Major Ed Dames

Ocean Light Spheres

Coast guest, Joan Ocean, claims to have been led by dolphins to "large, transparent, sphere-shaped Balls of Light" in the waters of Keahole Bay. According to an article at, the spheres are 60 to 80 feet around and seem to be "alive and pulsing." From within the light spheres, Ocean says she cannot see beyond her own hands and feet. She also describes hearing dolphin sounds while swimming in the spheres, but not outside of them. Read more here.

Spot the UFO Game

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the "real" UFO photos from the fakes. Now, you can get a little practice via an interesting game posted on TLC's website. Spot the UFO asks viewers to identify the two actual unidentified flying objects out of a group of nine images.

Hugo & the Brain Machine

Seen in the photo (click for larger) is Prof. Hugo de Garis and the CBM (CAM Brain Machine), which was used tobuild artificial brains (1997-2001). "It evolved neuralnet circuits at electronic speeds. These were storedin the memory of the CBM one by one, and thenconnected together according to the designs of humanBAs (brain architects) to build artificial brains. TheCBM was then used to run the neural signaling of theartificial brain in real time to control the behaviorsof robots, etc," de Garis explained.

The Cross at Hendaye

We received several photos from Jay Weidner, pictured at the Cross at Hendaye, a mysterious monument in southwestern France that he has worked to decode. The second image shows the symbols on the pedestal of the Cross and in the third picture the entire length of the Cross can be seen.

The Secret Budget

How many of America's tax dollars go into the U.S. intelligence budget? "No one knows exactly what the figure is because the intelligence agencies have successfully argued that nobody, including Congress, should know how much they get, for fear that the mere size of the budget would provide useful information to America's enemies," Dave Lindorff writes for the political newsletter CounterPunch. In spite of that secrecy, the Intelligence Resource Program has estimated that in 2004 there was spending in excess of over $40 billion on intelligence, which represents $150 per year from every man, woman and child in America. Read more here.

New Hypersonic Vehicles

As part of its Falcon program (PDF file), the Pentagon is developing a suborbital space capsule called the Common Aero Vehicle (CAV). The unmanned "hypersonic glide vehicle," expected to launch by 2010, will be able to travel at five times the speed of sound and carry up to 1,000 pounds of munitions. The next generation of the craft, the Enhanced Common Aero Vehicle (pictured), would offer even greater range and maneuverability. The program reflects the Pentagon's planned usage of space for increasingly militaristic purposes. For more, see articles from the Washington Post and Space Daily.

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II died Saturday night in his Vatican apartment, ending a long struggle with a series of debilitating illnesses. He was 84. The charismatic pontiff led the Roman Catholic Church for 26 years and is credited for helping topple communism in Europe.Catholics around the world united in prayer and mourned his loss from St. Peter's Square to St. Mary's church in the Pope's birthplace of Wadowice, Poland. John Paul II was the first non-Italian to lead the world's 1 billion Catholics in more than 450 years.No autopsy will be performed on the Pope's body and, according to Church rules, the Pope's mourning rites will last for 9 days. His body is likely to be laid to rest in the crypt underneath St. Peter's Basilica.

Big Mouth Catfish

According to, fisherman Bill Driver stumbled upon a large catfish with a basketball stuck in its mouth floating in Sandalwood Lake, Kansas. The fish appeared to be exhausted from fighting against the ball's buoyancy. Driver used a knife to carefully deflate the ball and free the catfish, which was estimated to weigh 50 pounds. View more photos here.

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