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Transcript Excerpts: Michio Kaku

Our recent special guest in Streamlink's live chat was theoretical physicist Michio Kaku (pictured) who shared some of his fascinating thoughts in a 75 minute Q & A. Below are excerpts; members can view the entire transcript.Alien-Believer San Jose Dr. Kaku, do you believe that time travel is possible? Michio Kaku So far, time travel seems to obey all known laws of physics. But the problems are enormous, such as getting huge quantities of energy, and showing that a wormhole is stable. I think time travel is for Type III civilizations, not for us.rowdy You are truly gifted, how do you account for that gift? Something or some way your mom or dad did things? Michio Kaku Personally, I think great scientists are made, rather than born. The ingredients are: 1) Encouragement from parents2) At age 10 or so, something happens which ignites their interest, such as a chemistry kit or telescope 3) Having a mentor guide them. 4) Having a role mo

Spotlight on Velikovsky

Immanuel Velikovsky was the author of a number of controversial books, including the 1950 bestseller, Worlds in Collision. From his study of ancient texts and mythology, he concluded that Earth had had catastrophic encounters with a number of planets in our solar system in the recent past.

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