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UFO USSR Material

Paul Stonehill has sent us some UFO photos as part of his presentation. Some of them are featured in UFO USSR, which he co-wrote with Philip Mantle and is currently available (as an e-book) through the Filament Book Club.

Laughing Sal Video

The classic mechanical attraction Laughing Sal, has been outfitted with a freshly digitized cackle, to scare/amuse a whole new generation of visitors at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Susan Meckley

Adventurer Susan Meckley (, a 72-year-old grandmother, is currently on a solo expedition aboard her sailing vessel USSV Dharma. At last report she was nearing Hilo, Hawaii. Amazingly, Art Bell was able to make radio contact with Susan (W7KFI/MM), who was using only a 40-watt Ham Radio. Click here to listen to their conversation.

Summoning UFOs

First hour guest, Prophet Yahweh discussed his ability to summon UFOs on demand. The key to summoning UFOs, he explained, is living an upright life. Recently, KTNV-TV in Las Vegas sent an investigative reporter to check out his claims. Their video appears to show Prophet Yahweh calling down a UFO, much to the surprise of the reporter and several onlookers. Prophet Yahweh also announced he will begin calling down UFOs for 45 days starting on June 1, 2005. He said one of the UFOs will come close enough for all of Las Vegas to see, and may linger in the skies for a couple of days.Video: KTNV-TV

Maps of Atlantis

In W. Scott-Elliot's Story of Atlantis, first published in 1896, maps of the fabled continent were featured. The basis for his material was said to be a combination of the Theosophist tradition, Ignatius Donnelley's book (1882), and the clairvoyant perceptions of Charles Leadbeater. Click here to view the maps, which are presented on the site.

Joshua P. Warren Images

Joshua P. Warren has sent us a group of images related to his paranormal investigations. Pictured is the flying saucer-shaped plasma he has created in the lab. Click here to view more photos.

Alien Worlds

First hour guests Seth Shostak and Laurance Doyle, both of SETI, discussed the hypothetical alien worlds that are presented in the upcoming National Geographic special, Extraterrestrial. For instance, on the planet "Aurelia," fields of "stinger fans"—animals that look like tall plants— might turn towards the light of the red dwarf in the sky (pictured). What Shostak particularly liked about the program, was that it imagined aliens as they really might be, rather than how they are more typically depicted. More Info/View Media/Seth's Blog

Crop Circle Images

Tonight's guest Freddy Silva has sent us several crop circle photographs along with his commentary. Click here to view.

5-Legged Calf

Rancher Shane Jennings recently welcomed a new addition to his ranch outside of Tucumcari, New Mexico: a 5-legged, 6-hooved calf. The calf, delivered naturally last week, has an extra leg with two hooves attached to its back between the shoulder blades. Read more here.Credit: AP Photo/Shane Jennings

The Varginha Incident

In Dr. Roger Leir's recently released book, UFO Crash in Brazil, he looks at the noted Varginha case. The 1996 incident has been dubbed the 'Brazilian Roswell,' due to its sighting of alien beings. This page provides images related to the case, while a write-up is presented here.

Man Pulls Car With Ears

A Chinese man, Zhang Xingquan, astonished crowds in Dehui, Jinli province as he pulled a car with his ears while walking on eggs. Zhang towed the car about 60 feet and did not break a single egg during the stunt.Credit: Ananova

Lost Technology?

Jonathan Gray has sent us some images that indicate the use of technologies in the ancient past. Pictured is a lense found in a 2000 year-old North African tomb. View more images here.

Quake Forecast Site

Not unlike checking the weather online, Californians will now be able to consult a new quake forecast site, which calculates the probability of temblors at specific locations over a 24-hour period. Created by the USGS, an online map is updated hourly, but it won't necessarily give warning to the arrival of the "Big One." Read more here.

Orb Over Florida

A curious orb floating above Florida has been sighted using Google's new satellite service. Explanations on the Google Sightseeing Board include genuine UFO, blimp, weather balloon and map data alignment markers.

China's Missile Program

In 2001, China acquired advanced Raduga Kh-55 cruise missiles from the Ukraine. The missiles, which were delivered to Beijing without nuclear warheads, have a range of more than 1,500 miles and can be armed with an advanced 200-kiloton nuclear payload. In a recent NewsMax column, Charles R. Smith speculates that Chinese weapons engineers could "easily manufacture a small diameter atomic weapon to arm the tiny force of Kh-55 missiles." Read more here.

Phoenix Lights Video

In the first-half hour, UFO hunter Jeff Willes (, discussed his latest "Phoenix Lights" video, which he caught on tape while investigating reports of sightings near northwest Phoenix. According to Willes, at 7:30PM on May 12, seven lights came out of nowhere, traveling in a north to south direction. Willes later contacted Luke Air Force Base about the lights, but they claimed to have no knowledge of the event and expressed no interest in his video.Watch the video:Win | Real View screen captures from the video.

Bird Flu Jumps to Pigs

The Indonesian government has discovered a strain of bird flu virus in pigs on the island of Java, elevating concerns that the virus could more easily spread to humans. Pigs, which share genetic and anatomical similarities with people, are known carriers of the human flu virus. Researchers worry that pigs infected with both human and bird flu viruses could act as a "mixing bowl," producing a much more virulent virus. According to experts, the new strain might jump from pigs to humans and then from person to person, fueling a devastating flu outbreak. Read more at Eve Andersson

Saturn's New Moon

The Cassini spacecraft has confirmed earlier predictions of an unseen moon hidden in the Keeler gap of Saturn's rings. A new image and time-lapse movie show the tiny moon and the waves it churns up in the surrounding ring material. Read more at

Ouija Board Study

A mail survey of 373 Ouija Board users has yielded some interesting though perhaps not unexpected results. Dr. John Palmer of the Rhine Research Center found that most users "claimed involuntary movements of the planchette and successful spirit communication." A full two-thirds of the respondents reported having a negative experience with the board, and around 50% said "they felt a compulsion to use it."

The Magdalene Legacy

Digital artist Dana Augustine has created an image (view larger) titled The Magdalene Legacy for tonight's program with William Henry and Laurence Gardner. We also received three images from William to accompany his presentation.

Return to Area 51

Area 51 is turning 50 years old this month, and to mark the occasion, KLAS-TV reporter George Knapp revisits the topic. Since he broke the story of the secretive military base in 1989, Nevada and Hollywood have cashed in on the notoriety, he details. View Knapp's video report and additional info on this page.

Amityville Hoax?

Was the famed haunting case that became know as The Amityville Horror in a series of books and films (including a new remake) actually a hoax? We turned to Rosemary Ellen Guiley's Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits for the lowdown. She writes that the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) visited the house but declined to conduct an investigation, "believing that the incidents were not paranormal." Further, the lawyer of Ronnie DeFeo (the killer who'd previously lived in the house) told a New York radio station in 1979 that he and the Lutzes' cooked up the whole haunting story over several bottles of wine while sitting around the kitchen table. He sued for a share of the book and movie profits, and the Lutzes countersued. Interestingly, Mrs. Lutz's story was analyzed on a Psychological Stress Evaluator and the results showed that she believed the haunting events to have happened as they described them. After the Lutzes moved out of the home, subsequent owners report

Bigfoot Video

Watch the Bigfoot video shot in Manitoba, Canada on April 16, 2005 by Bobby Clarke of the Cree Indian Nation, and recently aired on A Current Affair.

Brighter Days?

The phenomenon known as global dimming has apparently reversed itself due to international efforts to cut back on smog pollution. Yet, this seeming bit of good news has a significant downside. The increased amount of sunshine now getting through to the Earth is going to hasten global warming, researchers have warned in the latest issue of Science. Read more here.

Beautiful Mummy

Archaeologists digging near the Saqqara pyramids, south of Cairo, have uncovered what Zahi Hawass is calling "the most beautiful mummy ever found in Egypt." Encased in a brightly painted wooden coffin, the find is thought to date back 2,300 years. For more info and photos, click here.

Bigfoot Video to Debut

The Globe & Mail writes that the eagerly awaited Canadian video footage of a Bigfoot will make its debut on the syndicated program, A Current Affair on its Wed. (May 4th) show. Reportedly, A Current Affair will then post the footage on their website on Thursday. "For those of us who have been studying authentic footage and debunking bogus footage for a long time, the full circumstances of this incident point to a credible encounter," said Sasquatch hunter Matt Moneymaker, who has already seen the video.

Sonic Boom Video

Among the items in the audio/visual section of Peter Cochrane's website, is a short video clip of a jet achieving a sonic boom. This documented incident of the jet passing the sound barrier took place in 1999. More details here.

Exploding Toads

More than 1,000 toad corpses have been found at a pond in Hamburg and over the border in Denmark after swelling up to 3½ times their normal size and bursting. A Berlin veterinarian studying the exploded amphibian remains has a theory: Hungry crows are pecking out their livers. "The crows are clever. They learn quickly from watching other crows how to get the livers," he said. View photos and read more at

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