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Gallery of Crystal Skulls

Pictured is Kosmoz, a moon quartz skull that is from the collection of Joshua and Desy Shapiro. You can view a gallery of images of crystal skulls from their "private circle," or see this page for additional images and information.

Reanimating Dogs

Scientists have tested a procedure that brings dogs back to life after they have been clinically dead for several hours. Developed at the Safar Resuscitation Center, the technique involves draining the canine's blood and then filling the veins with an ice-cold salt solution. Later, after the blood is replaced, the dogs are jarred back to life with an electric shock. The center is hopeful that the procedure will work on humans as well. Read more here.

Meet Chris McGill

With over 20 years of experience in the Louisville Radio Market, Chris McGill served seven years as a traffic anchor and operations manager for Skyview Traffic, which later merged into Metro Traffic. It's not by accident that Chris is such a natural at the mike, prior to traffic he worked as a DJ for WQMF-FM, KISS 104 FM and WLRS-FM.

Three Planets Align

Starting yesterday evening, Mercury, Venus and Saturn began forming a small, brightly-lit, triangular constellation in the night sky. This spectacular planetary grouping can be viewed through Sunday by anyone with an unobstructed view of the west-northwest horizon. The above graphic shows the three planets as they will appear on June 26 at 9:30 p.m. (local time) from mid-northern latitudes. Read more at Night Software

Walking Catfish

During a rain storm Friday in Melbourne, Florida, nearly one hundred catfish took to the streets, using their fins and tails to 'walk' from puddle to puddle. Witnesses claim the fish walked more than 100 yards from a nearby swamp. Watch the video from

Reptoid Graphics

John Rhodes has sent us the following images and captions:Medical Exam - "Reports of Reptoid contact are on the rise. A soon-to-be U.S. Army General even reported encountering seeing something similar to the authorities before he died. Who are these mysterious co-inhabitors of the planet? Why are they studying us?"Reptoid Profile - "This is a scientifically extrapolated illustration that shows what the Troodon dinosaurs may have looked like if they survived the meteor impact 65 million years ago. Given the historical accounts of reptilian-humanoid encounters and the reptoid sightings that are sweeping the nation, perhaps we should be searching our own planet's underground for beings that look like this."Night Visit - "Dreams or reality? It appears as though the answer is both. Night-time encounters sometimes act as stimulants to the human psyche and strange, uncomfortable serpent or reptoid-filled dreams often follow. The difficulty for the experiencer is

Back at the Ranch

The newest edition of UFO Review features an interview (pdf file) with Nick Redfern discussing his just published book about Roswell, Body Snatchers in the Desert. In the famed July 1947 incident, Mac Brazel (pictured) found crash debris on his ranch, but according to Redfern's sources, he may have also discovered the pulverized body of a short "pilot" wearing a flight suit.

Starchild Skull Images

Lloyd Pye shares photos with us that show some of the anomalous findings from the Starchild skull (pictured right).The images are taken from a slide show of research done in 2004.

Happy Birthday Art!

In honor of Art Bell's 60th birthday, the first hour of Friday's show featured special guest call-ins who shared stories and sent Art their Happy Birthday wishes.

UFO Hoax?

Since it's Internet debut on June 5, Brian Bessent's UFO video has captured the attention of people around the world. But was his amazing video a clever hoax created in a studio? KTVK-TV3 in Phoenix recently set out to discover the truth about the Bessent UFO video. Click here or on the photo to watch their investigative report. Read more at (requires registration).

Amazing Phoenix UFO

On June 5, 2005, Brian Bessent of claims to have witnessed a series of unidentified lights in the Phoenix sky. Using a Sony Handycam in nightshot mode, he captured on tape several of the flying objects as they joined into a larger formation of lights.

Dames in Ukraine

The ex-spymaster Major Ed Dames has just returned from Ukraine, where he visited the formerly 'closed' USSR city of Dnepropetrovsk, home of the undefeatable SS-18 missile.

Johnny Crawford

In an in-studio appearance, first hour guest, actor-singer Johnny Crawford talked about his career and the dance orchestra that he leads. He believes his love of old music may stem his being "possessed" (in a positive way) by his grandfather, a music publisher in the 1920's, who died three years before he was born. In the photo (click for larger)Johnny Crawford (wearing a top hat) is seen with his Vintage Dance Orchestra in the Gold Room of the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel. This shot shows him with Chuck Connors in the early 60's TV show, The Rifleman.

Dr. Turi Images

Dr. Louis Turi has sent us some UFO and crop circle related images to accompany his presentation. Click here to view.

Cremo & Darwin

Pictured (click for larger) is Michael Cremo at the Darwin Museum in Moscow, standing in front of paintings of CharlesDarwin and Alfred R. Wallace, cofounders of the theory of evolution by natural selection. Click here for a page of images that Michael sent us as part of his presentation.

Earth's 'Bigger Cousin'

The discovery of the smallest extrasolar planet (about seven-and-a-half times the mass of Earth) was announced today. An artist's conception of this world is pictured on the left. It’s the first rocky world found to be orbiting a star similar to our sun, and as such "it's like Earth's bigger cousin," declared astronomer Paul Butler. Read more here.

Claude Swanson Graphics

Claude Swanson has provided us with some graphics that demonstrate how parallel universes or non-physical dimensions might function. Another diagram illustrates evidence related to consciousness. Click here to view.

Prophet Yahweh Update

At the top of the 2nd hour, Patrick Cooke ( shared brief thoughts on Prophet Yahweh. While Cooke does not discount the prophet's ability to summon UFOs, he did raise concerns about the prophet's agenda, which he said involves ruling the world. Read more here.

Dino For Sale

During last night's program, a caller named Danny said he purchased a "small dinosaur in a cage" similar to one posted on the Coast site on February 14, 2005. Danny claims to have acquired the creature for $7500 from an exotic animal auction in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The 'dino' is currently for sale. Update: 'Xerain' writes-- The Dinosaur image recently posted is a Fake. Thedinosaur is Yoshi from the live action Super Mario Bros. movie. Infact, the source image is right here on this page.

The Rapture Index

The Rapture Index, described by its makers as a "prophetic speedometer of end-time activity" is currently at a ranking of 144, which according to their scale translates as "fasten your seat belts."

Case Photos

This photo by Brendan Keenan was taken from the recent New England poltergeist case, where it would literally rain within the house. Click here for more photos from this home. Tonight's guest, John Zaffis also discussed a mysterious elk skull.

The Birthday Calculator

Scripted by Paul Sadowski, The Birthday Calculator will inform you of how many hours, day, even seconds that you have been on the planet. It also includes your Lifepath number, your "birth tree" and other details.

Disclosure Documentation

In this photo, ufologist A. J. Gevaerd gives Brazilian Air Force brigadier Telles Ribeiro, the formal request letters regarding disclosure of UFO information. Read more about the event and view additional photos here. You can also check out Gevaerd's Brazilian Ufology Manifesto.

Art Bell Drawing

Cliff Sullivan( us a color pencil drawing he made this past May, of Art and some of his subjects. Click here to view the full image.

Into Earth's Center

A team of Japanese scientists aim to be the first to drill through the planet's rocky crust and retrieve samples from the mantle, six miles below. The team hopes to learn more about what triggers undersea earthquakes, as well as to find out if bacterial life ever existed at such depths. It may take more than a year to break through the crust into Earth's mantle, and require a drill pipe 25 times the height of the Empire State building. Read more at The Guardian.

Human-Alien Hybrid

In the first hour, authors Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux (book) shared the unusual and purportedly true account of a human-alien hybrid named Raechel. Littrell claims she first came to meet Raechel after her blind daughter, Marisa, called and described her new roommate's strange behavior. According to Bilodeaux and Littrell, Raechel seemed to have no past, spoke with odd vocal inflections, and ate a special diet that was delivered to her home by mysterious officials. Raechel also wore a scarf tied around her head and dark sunglasses, Littrell explained, recalling the time Raechel's glasses shifted enough to reveal large, slanted, light-green eyes with vertical black slits in the place of round pupils.Bilodeaux said further background to the Raechel story was revealed during Littrell's regression therapy sessions with Dr. June Steiner, where she learned about the government's "Humanization Project" -- an attempt to integrate alien beings into human society. Littrell

Cave Bear DNA Decoded

Scientists have successfully sequenced DNA from the fossilized tooth and bones of two cave bears that died 40,000 years ago. The cave bears are the first extinct animals to have their genes decoded. According to the journal Science, the scientists hope to sequence the DNA of ancient humans, who lived at the same time as the cave bears, and perhaps one day to "build" a Neanderthal from their genetic blueprint. Read more at BBC News.

Transcript Excerpts: Glynis McCants

Our recent special guest in Streamlink's live chat was numerologist Glynis McCants (pictured) who provided personal readings and insights into the meaning of numbers. Below are excerpts; members can view the entire transcript.Kat Glynis, my name is Kathleen and my birthday is 4/1/1954. I have had many changes in the past few years concerning my lifestyle. Lots of chaos and serious injuries for myself and other members of my family have required me to change even my most basic surroundings. Will this soon change? Glynis McCants Kathleen, you need to learn to never ask the universe "what else could possibly go wrong?" Because there will always be an answer! A 6 lifepath does better at damage control. They don't know what to do with themselves when their life is going smoothly. Glynis McCants The next time you have a good moment you need to say out loud "it's going good and I deserve it!" Then this negative karma will start to burn away from your life. I would sugg

UFO at Mt. Popocatépetl?

Our friends at UFO Magazine have posted a video clip of recent webcam shots of the Mt. Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico. It appears to show a black object flying out of or away from the volcano. While sightings have been previously reported at the volcano (see this 2004 report from Filer's Files), some claim that such webcam objects are insects.You can check out the Popocatépetl webcam here for yourself.

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