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Lloyd Pye Transcript

Researcher of the Starchild skull, Lloyd Pye (pictured), was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.ggw Please give us some insight into the Starchild Project.Lloyd Pye The Starchild Project is a nearly seven-year-long effort to find out exactly, in Otzi-like detail, what the Starchild skull is and is not.colorimage31 What is the latest on the Star Child research? Any new discoveries?Lloyd Pye We're working now on trying to get an evaluation of the brain. We have a virtual endocast that will be evaluated by a specialist when he returns from vacation.jumpingj Lloyd: What sparked your interest in the beginning for the current field of research?Lloyd Pye When I studied hominoids, I soon figured out it was their bones that comprised the so-called prehumans. Once I knew that much, I began to try to figure out what we actually were.Pu

The 10th Planet & Astrology

Astrologers in India are said to be mulling over the significance of the newly discovered planet that lies beyond Pluto. Tonight's guest, Mark Lerner has studied a "provisional ephemeris" for the new planet and notes that anyone born April 10-12 currently has this object conjuncting their Sun. "This planet is also wreaking havoc on America," and could be an "archetypal force" propelling us into an "economic oblivion," he writes in an article on his site.

Trailer Crashers

Check out the adventures of 'Trailer Crashers' George Noory and Art Bell. (Requires Macromedia Flash player).

Swamp Ape Images

Researcher Scott Marlowe has sent in several images to accompany his presentation, including this one by artist Matt Ellis which shows the Florida Swamp Ape as described by eyewitness Jennifer Ward. View all of the images here.Image: Scott Marlowe/Pangea Institute

Raising Controversy

Some believe Thomas Greanias' action-packed thriller Raising Atlantis is part of a DoD disinformation campaign to divert attention from a secret US government dig underway in Antarctica. Greanias adamantly denies any such connection between his book and the Pentagon. According to Greanias, several plot points from his story have been confirmed by the National Science Foundation, including the discovery of a mysterious "anomaly" in Antarctica, as well as the construction of a secret base by the American military. Read an excerpt from Raising Atlantis here.

Atlantis in Antarctica

In the first hour, entertainment producer and author Thomas Greanias discussed his book Raising Atlantis, which speculates that the ancient city of Atlantis lay buried beneath the frozen Antarctic landscape.According to Greanias, a "magnetic anomaly" has been discovered in East Antarctica at Lake Volstok. Greanias suggested the anomaly could be a man-made structure, perhaps the ruins of Atlantis or even a submerged flying saucer. He said authorities have placed a "green electric fence" around Lake Volstok out of supposed concern for the delicate environment of the lake, making further investigations of the anomaly difficult to conduct.

Cydonia Codex Images

William Saunders and George Haas have sent us six comparison images as part of their presentation. Pictured is the Face on Mars and a Mayan mask.

Shults' Images

Scientist Sir Charles Shults III referenced some of the following pages from his website during Sunday's program: - Fossil Spiral Sea Shell - Trilobite from Opportunity - Identical Trilobite from Earth and Mars - Water Ice in Martian Crater - Recent Ice and Water Erosion - Steam Fumaroles from Gusev - Salty Mud PolygonsPictured: New Fossil Sea Biscuit (similar to sand dollar)

Giant 'Sneak Peek'

Author Steve Quayle has prepared a "sneak peek" page at to accompany his presentation on giants. Included at his web site are links to more info about giants as well as photos, including this one taken in a tomb which shows a soldier holding an enormous turban that purportedly belonged to a 10-foot tall giant. Click here for an enlargement.

Spotlight on Plum Island

First hour guest, Michael Carroll discussed his book Lab 257 about the secretive germ research being conducted at a government lab on Plum Island, New York. He noted that Lyme Disease, West Nile and a type of Avian flu all first appeared in the U.S. within miles of the lab, and he suspects that they may have been accidentally released from there. The facility is also a "soft target" for terrorists, and has had security problems with stolen laptops and vehicles, he added.The Plum Island Animal Disease Center, is an in-house research facility of the USDA, which according to their website, seeks to protect America from "foreign animal disease agents accidentally or deliberately introduced into the U.S." Since 2003, the safety of the facility has been managed by the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Video: Water Spouts

Kayakers on Lake Michigan encountered a dangerous series of water spouts today. Watch a video clip from WOODTV.

Energy Vortex

Scott Stevens sent us a video clip of an "energy vortex" (Win | Real) that he captured with his DV-Cam last March 28th. He writes: "It is proof positive that an invisible energy system can bend clouds in 90-degree angles, and on far larger spatial scales, be used to generate tornados and hurricanes although those processes are far more complex."

Saucer Prototypes

Colin Bennett has made a study of designs for 'flying saucers,' such as John SherwoodÂ’s Vertical Lift Flying Machine, pictured here.A number of patents have been taken out in the US since 1945 for these unusual aircraft prototypes, though few have ever been built. For more details and images, click here.

Egyptology Images

Stephen Mehler has sent us several images to accompany his presentation tonight. Pictured left is the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur.

Deep Impact & Dead Birds

During the first hour, reporter and editor for, Linda Moulton Howe, gave an update on the Deep Impact spectra results presented at the 9th International Asteroids, Comets and Meteors Conference in Brazil.Linda said data from the Deep Impactor collision showed that 50% of Comet Tempel I is water ice. The Deep Impact spectra also showed every major rock forming element (except for iron), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), as well as hydrogen cyanide and methyl cyanide, which Linda explained are precursors of the amino part of amino acids. Such findings could mean comets played a vital role in seeding life on Earth, Linda speculated. Read more at also discussed how warming Pacific coast waters are contributing to thousands of bird deaths. According to Linda, temperatures off the coast of Oregon are 8 to 11 degrees F warmer than usual, which has caused a decline in phytoplankton. Many species dependent on this food web have died off

The Orb & the Investigator

David Oman, co-writer of the upcoming film House at the End of the Drive, has sent us several photos of paranormal investigations conducted at his home. The above image shows an orb next to a psychic investigator, who had instructed David to take a photo of her at that moment, as she felt a presence.

Fred Bell's Projector

Based on 'Andromedan Technology,' Fred Bell claims his Projector amulet allows "the body to live in the physical environment for extended periods of time without any visible evidence of physical aging." Bell has also created a larger Stand Alone Projector.

UK Strangeness

In the latest issue of Fortean Times, Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpe write about how certain eastern counties in the U.K. seem to have more than their share of paranormal activity. For instance, in Suffolk, "Green Children" have appeared in a field, a "Merman" stayed with villagers and phantom organ music was heard coming from a church. In Norfolk, there is said to be a "time-slip" where people seemingly find themselves transported back to Roman times.

Death of a Skeptic

Philip J. Klass, well known UFO debunker, has passed away at his home in Maryland after a long illness. Born in 1919, he was a senior editor at Aviation Week and Space Technology for 35 years. While Klass was at odds with many in the study of ufology, he'll be missed as the field's most legendary skeptic. Read more at UFO Magazine.

Ram Wing Video

Tim Ventura of American Antigravity has just completed a new video clip (Win. Media) of the Ram-Implosion Wing, an attachment for vehicles developed by Robert Patterson. There have been "claims of up to 200% fuel-economy, presumably by reducing aerodynamic drag on the vehicle," writes Tim. Read more about the Wing here.

The Torque Effect

Nancy Lieder has labeled the graphic she sent us: Torque Effect, Predicted by the Zetas. She writes that the Zetas made this prediction in May 2004 and it "became stunningly obvious after the Dec. 26 tsunami quake." She believes this torque will directly affect people living in North America, "as it is pulling the New Madrid into a diagonal pull, causing Florida to sink, and the West Coast to slide."

Strange Creatures

Rob Morphy creates detailed drawings of cryptozoological creatures. Pictured is a bipedal, frog-like entity that has been seen in rural Ohio. Click here for more images.

Florida Swamp Ape

In the second half-hour, cryptozoologist Scott Marlowe talked about the Florida Swamp Ape, which he claims has been reported in the Sunshine State for hundreds of years.According to Marlowe, the Florida Swamp Ape is not a Bigfoot. He described the Swamp Ape as strong and muscular, standing seven feet tall (for males, females are shorter), and possessing reasonably high intelligence, as displayed in their tendency to migrate after game and based on weather. Marlowe even speculated that the creature could be taught to communicate with humans.Marlowe believes there are literally tribes of Swamp Apes roaming the Florida peninsula, and hopes to find one during an academic expedition this Summer. For more information on Marlowe's online cryptozoology class, as well as future expeditions, visit Florida Keys Community College.

Maitreya in Nairobi

This photo of Maitreya was taken in Nairobi by a Kenya Times reporter in 1988. Maitreya reportedly appears to different groups in different ways, according to the image they hold of their expected Teacher.

Alex Jones Media

Alex Jones, recently in London, sends us a link to video footage of him "bullhorning" the British Parliament Building. View: QuickTime/Windows Media. You can also watch a 40 minute video clip from Alex's new film, Martial Law. The collage on the left (click for larger) was created for tonight's show by Violet Jones.

Shuttle: Live Coverage

NASA TV is providing real time coverage of the Shuttle Discovery's mission. These images are from one of the spacewalk repairs to the International Space Station, where the Discovery is docked.

Repairing Discovery

NASA officials are pondering whether in-space repairs should be made to the Space Shuttle Discovery's underside, where two gap fillers (used to fill the spaces between thermal tiles) are dangling. Their concern is that any material hanging beneath the shuttle during re-entry could overheat the area, as well as subject downstream locations to increased heating. A decision is expected by Monday. Read more at BBC News.Image: Associated Press

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