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Alex Jones Media

Alex Jones, recently in London, sends us a link to video footage of him "bullhorning" the British Parliament Building. View: QuickTime/Windows Media. You can also watch a 40 minute video clip from Alex's new film, Martial Law. The collage on the left (click for larger) was created for tonight's show by Violet Jones.

Shuttle: Live Coverage

NASA TV is providing real time coverage of the Shuttle Discovery's mission. These images are from one of the spacewalk repairs to the International Space Station, where the Discovery is docked.

Repairing Discovery

NASA officials are pondering whether in-space repairs should be made to the Space Shuttle Discovery's underside, where two gap fillers (used to fill the spaces between thermal tiles) are dangling. Their concern is that any material hanging beneath the shuttle during re-entry could overheat the area, as well as subject downstream locations to increased heating. A decision is expected by Monday. Read more at BBC News.Image: Associated Press

Showing 31 - 33 of 33
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