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Radio Ink Award

Once again George Noory was the winner of Radio Ink's Annual Readers' Choice Awards in the Alternative Talk category. See last year's article.

Reality Carnival

Among his many endeavors, Cliff Pickover is the editor of, a site that features astounding news and curiosities. Readers are also invited to submit and discuss stories there.

Two-Headed Tortoise

A baby tortoise with two heads was recently found in Havana and is seemingly "perfectly healthy," writes People's Daily Online. Click here for larger images and more details.

Unusual Craft

We received a couple of illustrations from Mark McCandlish, including this drawing he made of a craft that was purportedly seen at Area 51. Click here to view.

'Gaia Selene' Preview

Chip Proser believes the moon holds the key to solving many impending problems facing mankind, including global climate change and dwindling energy resources. Using technology that already exists, Proser asserts that we could colonize the moon and build solar arrays there that beam microwave power back to Earth, safely supplying the energy needs of the planet. Proser has created a DVD documentary called Gaia Selene that examines how humanity can forge an exciting new life on the moon and save Earth in the process. Watch a video preview here.

Puppy Swallows Knife

The X-Ray photo (pictured) shows a 13-inch serrated knife that a 6-month-old Saint Bernard puppy named 'Elsie' had somehow managed to swallow. The blade was lodged between the dog's esophagus and stomach for about four days before it was removed during a 2-hour operation at Imperial Point Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Read more here.Credit: AP Photo/Courtesy of Imperial Point Animal Hospital

Scott Stevens Quits

Near the end of the first hour, meteorologist Scott Stevens briefly talked about his decision to quit television weather reporting. Stevens made his final forecast on Thursday night, leaving a nine-year stint at KPVI News Channel 6 to pursue his weather research full-time. Stevens believes there is evidence to suggest the world's weather is being manipulated and, in a recent FOX News story, alleged the Japanese mafia caused Hurricane Katrina as revenge for the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima.Photo: Idaho State Journal

Watching Rita

Hurricane Rita, currently rated as a category 4 storm, is threatening residents in southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas, where highways are jammed with evacuees. Click on the map from AccuWeather for updated satellite images.

William Henry Images

William Henry sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation tonight. Click here to view.

The New Atlantis

The above image, The New Atlantis (click for larger) by digital artist Dana Augustine was commissioned and inspired by William Henry.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Rita (pictured) is strengthening as it moves across the Gulf area and may attain Category 4 status by Wednesday. The mayor of Galveston, Texas has ordered a mandatory evacuation for some parts of the city. How do hurricanes get their names? The World Meteorological Organization creates an annual list which is then reused six years later. However, the names of especially damaging storms such as Charley, Frances, and Jeanne are retired permanently. This year's list has only four more names on it, so meteorologists may turn to Greek words.

The Ultimate Hutchison

We're happy to share a free 31 page report: The Ultimate Hutchison (pdf file) from Tim Ventura of American Antigravity. Through text and photos he explores the fascinating research of inventor John Hutchison, whom he recently visited in Canada. Pictured is John's legendary balcony filled with surplus naval gear.

The Exchange Building

From Brendan Cook of the G.I.S.: Here are some pictures of theExchange Building. The second half of tonight's showwill focus on this building-- it is where the drowning EVP we played back inApril came from.

Crop Circle Experiment

In June 2002 Dr. Simeon Hein and the Rocky Mountain Research Institute conducted a crop circle experiment in a Kansas wheat field. The group created a 12-foot diameter formation using a stalk-stomping board. According to Hein, their manmade circle changed the static electricity meter by more than 2500 volts. They also discovered strange light anomalies in photos taken at the formation. Hein believes this experiment shows that manmade crop circles can produce paranormal effects. View more crop circle images here.

Dog Attack

Check out this 'attack' movie from Sony labs, which shows what can happen when AIBO, Sony's four-legged robot dog interacts with a real canine (requires QuickTime).

Who was Jack the Ripper?

There is no shortage of suspects for the infamous 19th century murders of London prostitutes. During the 1880's, police investigated such men as Montague John Druitt and "Dr." Francis Tumblety. Among the names that have surfaced in recent years include Walter Sickert and Prince Albert Victor. See a full list compiled at Wikipedia. Graphic: The Nemesis of Neglect from Punch, Sept. 1888

Aurora Alert

According to, a coronal mass ejection is heading towards Earth and may create a severe geomagnetic storm which could lead to the likelihood of auroras tonight or tomorrow. Pictured (click for larger) is an aurora seen over Anchorage, Alaska on 9/11/05, photographed by Scott McGee (more info). Send us your new aurora photos and we'll feature them in a gallery.

Punnett's Poem

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of 9-11, Ian Punnett presented an original poem on Saturday night's show. Listen: Win | Real Read/print the full text here.

Morgus is Safe

We are happy to announce that Dr. Morgus, who hails from New Orleans, is reported to be alive and well. According to, he is "working on a method of neutralizing the destructive energy of hurricanes."

Tennis on the Moon

Ever wonder what it would be like to play tennis on the Moon? RedNova calls on tennis pro Andy Roddick to find out. Read more here (includes Quicktime video).Credit: Paula Vargas and Terry Longbottom of NASA/JSC

About Red Elk

Tonight's guest, Inter-Tribal Medicine Man Red Elk, describes himself as a half-breed of European and Native American descent. He is one of twelve Inner Heyoka (hi-OH-kah) members and one of nine belonging to the Red Web Society, a group whose goal is to share hidden sacred teachings with all of humanity.In 1973 Red Elk fasted for 69 days, taking only water, juices and vitamins to sustain him. It was during this fast that he claims to have experienced a dark vision of the future, which included a huge meteor strike in the Atlantic Ocean, a multitude of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the planet, as well as the cataclysmic flipping of Earth's axis.

Rare White Giraffe

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) researcher Charles Foley has finally found and photographed a rare white giraffe, ending his twelve year search for the elusive animal. Foley spotted the giraffe from an airplane while conducting a routine aerial survey of some elephants. He does not think the white giraffe is a pure albino animal, but rather just lighter than usual. View an enlargement and read more at LiveScience.Image: Charles Foley/Wildlife Conservation Society

Weather's Other Side

After all the tumultuous weather we've been through lately, one might wonder what the conditions are like after we die. Sylvia Browne, in her book Life on the Other Side addresses just this question. "There is no precipitation on The Other Side, no rain, no snow, sleet or hail. There is no wind stronger than an occasional gentle breeze," and the temperature is an eternal 78 degrees, she writes.

Rosslyn Chapel

Mark Pinkham has sent us some photos of Rosslyn Chapel, which is considered to be one of the most mysterious places in Scotland. Click here to view.

Spotlight on Jon Ronson

Making his debut on C2C tonight is Jon Ronson, the author of Them and The Men Who Stare at Goats. Ronson (pictured with Guy Savelli (r), "the goat starer"), from the U.K., brings a unique mix of humor and first hand experiences to his reportage which is also evident in his TV documentary series Secret Rulers of the World. We also received a photo from Ronson of General Stubblebein, an advocate of the military use of PSI, who is featured in Goats.

Future Map of North America

Based on his 25 years of visions, Gordon-Michael Scallion has created a map (click for larger) that depicts the earth changes he sees coming to North America during the years 1998 through 2012. A large format version of this map, as well as one of the world, can be ordered here.

Occult Photos

Opening later this month at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is an exhibit titled The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult. Today's New York Times previews the show and profiles one of its curators. The exhibit's 120 images (pictured is a 1912 image of the medium Eva C.) are "by turns spooky, beautiful, disturbing and hilarious," writes Randy Kennedy, who also notes that they provide a visual record of cons and frauds that took place during the Spiritualism movement.View the slide show/Read the article (requires free registration).

$100 Billion Storm

The Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday that economic losses from Hurricane Katrina are likely to top $100 billion, making it the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. Private insurers will probably cover less than a quarter of that figure. Federal money and charitable contributions will likely be needed to handle the remaining losses.There are also staggering losses expected from the interruption of business and displacement of residents. According to the The Independent, New Orleans will have to be shut for at least nine months, and many of its residents could remain homeless for up to two years. The cost of not doing business in New Orleans has been estimated by Risk Management Solutions at around $100 million a day.

Cherhill, UK Hexagons

This crop circle in Cherhill, Wiltshire, England (pictured) was reported on August 21, 2005, and is made up of 7 large and 24 smaller hexagons (six-sided polygons) arranged in a hexagon pattern about 320 feet in diameter. Photo Credit: Lucy Pringle

Before & After Images has posted animated comparative satellite images of New Orleans, pre- and post-Katrina. Pictured is the Superdome.

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