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Halloween Art Gallery

Thanks to all who answered our call for "spooky art" to accompany this year's Ghost-to-Ghost broadcasts. Click here to view some of the most intriguing responses we received. A second batch of images will be featured on Monday night.

Bearded Ian Gallery III

For the third and final installment of the 'Bearded Ian' galleries, we've assembled some of the most creative submissions that show host Ian Punnett in costume. Take a peek at Gallery III. Also, don't forget to check out Gallery I and Gallery II. Thanks to all who shared their 'Bearded Ian' creations.

John Belushi

During the first hour, John Belushi's widow, Judy Belushi-Pisano, along with co-author Tanner Colby shared stories about the late actor/comedian from their new book Belushi: A Biography. They also related a few 'ghost stories' about Belushi. According to one account, Belushi's ghost contacted a couple of friends through a Ouija board about a year after his death. The following is an excerpt of that paranormal experience as told by Carol Caldwell:We concentrated more, and waited. Then all of a sudden, the planchette began whipping all over the board, sometimes without benefit of one or the other’s fingers on it. Start and whip, erratic as hell, almost jumping off the board by itself. She and I said, "WHAT!?"And the thing spelled out, ITS ME! ITS ME! Over and over. We said, "Who? Natalie?"NO NO NO! ITS ME, JOHN B.We said, "John?"The thing sped back and forth, back and forth over the YES, YES, YES. ITS ME!Read the whole account as well a

Ghostly Car Ad

Currently making the rounds on the Internet, is an email with a video attachment, along with this message:Strange but interesting. This is a car advertisement from Great Britain.When they finished filming the ad, the film editor noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. They found out that a person had been killed a year earlier in that exact same spot. The ad was never put on TV because of the unexplained ghostly phenomenon….Is it a ghost, or is it simply mist? You decide. You can watch the video clip (not for the faint of heart) at various blogs, such as Dvorak Uncensored or Video Greatest After viewing the video, click here to see its original source.

Moss Beach Ghost?

Chris Fleming has sent us a photo of what he believes to be a ghost that he caught at the Moss Beach Distillery in Half Moon Bay, CA. He had the sense that someone was staring at him from behind the window. "I took this with a Sony digital camera and if you look to the left of the flash there is a very odd smooth looking face behind the window-two stories up! It doesn't even look a particular gender. A blueish green color." View Close-Up/Original Photo.

Sculpture Reveals 4th Dimension

The concept of a 4th dimension is difficult for creatures who live in three dimensions to visualize. Enter Adrian Ocneanu, a math professor at Penn State who has created an "octacube" that depicts a three-dimensional "shadow" of a four-dimensional solid object.The sculpture, described as "a giant puzzle" of 96 triangular faces cut from stainless steel, has windows cut within its faces that allow the viewer to see inside the object. Read more at or watch an animation of the sculpture (requires Flash).

Polar Ice Caps

During the first hour of tonight's broadcast, Art referred to a recently published NASA study that shows the extent to which the polar ice caps have melted and predicts the Arctic Ocean will lose all perennial ice by end of century. Click here for an article we previously posted to the site. The following animation shows Arctic sea ice extent from January 1, 1990, and January 1, 1999, respectively. Click the two-directional arrow below and drag it along the timeline to see the polar ice caps recede. *Special thanks to Bill O'Connor for creating this Flash movie.

Space Elevator Competition

12 teams presented their space elevator concepts this weekend at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. Though the teams were only showing off 200 ft. high demos, the ultimate goal is to create a lightweight nanotube tether that will stretch more than 62,000 miles into space, carrying both people and cargo. Sponsored by the Spaceward Foundation (, modest cash prizes are being given to the winners of beam and tether challenges. Read more at Graphic: Artist Conception,

Bearded Ian Gallery II

Due to the great response to last week's Bearded Ian Gallery, we proudly present the Bearded Ian Gallery II. On its cyber walls hang some of the more unusual submissions we received. Thanks again to all who sent in their Photoshopped Ians. View the new gallery images here.

Fanthorpe's Alien

Thursday night's guest, author Lionel Fanthorpe shares this photo of a possible alien corpse taken at a museum in White's City, New Mexico. View larger image here.© Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe

Dreams & Egypt

"The Egyptians believed that the gods speak to us in dreams," Robert Moss writes in an essay on his website. Their civilization made use of trained dreamers who served as military advisors and were reportedly able to traverse time and space in the "dreambodies" of birds and animals. These "frequent flyers" also explored "the roads of the afterlife and the multidimensional universe," he notes. Read the full essay.

Tesla's Death Beam

One of Nikola Tesla's long-standing goals was to create a technological method for ending warfare.In 1934, he unveiled his "death beam," which was trumpeted on the front page of the NY Times as an invention that could "send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 250 miles..." Tesla explained that the death beam would make war unfeasible as each nation could have their own "invisible Chinese wall."

The 'Shining' Trailer

Editor Robert Ryang has re-imagined Stanley Kubrick's horror classic The Shining as a heart warming family film in a trailer he composed using actual clips from the movie. View: Flash or Windows Media ( / Quicktime (LA Times, requires registration).

Bearded Ian Gallery

A little while ago (and for reasons not entirely clear to the Coast staff) listeners from around the world began sending us Ian Punnett's headshot marked up with facial hair. In honor of their efforts, we've created the Bearded Ian Gallery. A very special thanks to all who submitted their 'Bearded Ian' creations. Check out some of them here.

Victor's Talking Videos

In this video Ryan Reynolds' parrot Victor talks about how his mate Betty is not listening to him. Below is the transcript of the conversation:You saw me near. It's like you.When something coming.We complain when it's something not nice.Victor.For me touch her.We have to be like it talking.Ryan she's not listening.She will be taught little here.Victor must appear.Betty's something.View more of Victor's amazing talking videos here.Video: © Ryan Reynolds

Bird Flu Nears Europe

The deadly strain of bird flu that has killed 60 people in south-east Asia has been discovered on the doorstep of Europe. Results from tests on dead birds from Romania are forthcoming, but British scientists have identified the H5N1 strain in birds from a poultry farm in Turkey. Health experts worry the virus will mutate into a form that can be transmitted between humans, possibly killing millions of people worldwide. Read more at

Epidemic of Fear

During the first hour, Dr. Marc Siegel provided an update and his commentary on the bird flu scare. Siegel said the current strain is several mutations away from being able to harm people. Humans are protected from the virus by a "species barrier," he explained, humorously suggesting that chickens are dangerous to us only if they are not cooked properly. According to Siegel, the real epidemic is fear, not the flu. Most people have nothing to worry about and do not need to get flu shots, he said, pointing out that flu vaccines are meant to protect high risk groups, such as the elderly, from infection. Siegel said flu shots are "valuable but not a life saving issue" since people don't actually die of the flu -- they die of secondary infections. He recommended that people in high risk groups consider getting a pneumonia shot instead.

'Peak Oil' Archive

For their presentation tonight, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones have posted an online archive of evidence they believe supports their theory that "peak oil is a scam to create artificial scarcity and drive prices up." The page includes internal memos from oil companies, articles on self-renewing oil supplies, as well as commentaries on 'peak oil'. Get more information at

Dead Priest Image

People from all over Chile are flocking to see a mysterious image that has appeared on the wall of the Christo Rey de Tome Church in Santiago. The figure, which started appearing five weeks ago, appears to be a priest holding a child. Some believe the image is of Father Hurtado, who looked after impoverished children when he was alive. More details and a larger image available at Ananova.Credit: Ananova

Balloons in Space

Have you ever wondered what happens when a water balloon pops in space? Apparently, so have the folks at NASA. Researchers, working in the low-gravity environment produced by the Lewis Research Center DC-9, burst water balloons and shot video footage of the results. Click here for more information about NASA's low-gravity research and to view other videos. Credit: NASA

Brain Dried Sheets

This video clip (requires RealPlayer) shows Neil Slade duplicating the historical Tumo "Inner Fire" Meditation, in which monks dry soaking wet sheets draped over their bodies using only the power of the mind. Read more at

Celestial Visions

For his Coast appearance, Douglas Taylor has provided images of his paintings along with explanations. Celestial Teaching Centers (pictured), according to Taylor, exist on countless planets and are huge educational centers where we can learn about our progressive spiritual development. View more of his paintings here.

Giant Pumpkin

The Austrian association for giant pumpkins has declared Martin Reiss' specimen to be the largest vegetable of its kind ever measured outside of North America, weighing in at a scale-crushing 1,231 pounds. View a larger image and read more at Ananova.

RFID Tag Photos

Katherine Albrecht has provided photos of a RFID tag and label along with explanations for her appearance on Saturday's program. This photo (pictured left) is the label as it shows on the outside of a Hewlett-Packard printer box for sale at Wal-Mart. It's 3 X 3 inches square. The only indication there's RFID involved is the ½ inch square EPC symbol in the upper right. View more here.Photo: Copyright © Liz McIntyre

Robotic Fish Unveiled

The world's first self-controlled robotic fish were unveiled Thursday at the London Aquarium. Inspired by the common carp, these lifelike creatures swim around a specially designed tank and react to their environment. The robotic fish took three years to develop and will eventually live alongside real fish at the aquarium. See video of the robotic fish in action and read more at BBC News.

Dark Star Companion

The final two hours of Tuesday's show featured Walter Cruttenden, author of Lost Star of Myth and Time, who discussed scientific proof of how mankind's consciousness goes through cycles based on a dark star companion to the sun.

Aliens Invade TV

As you may have noticed, the new TV season is rife with paranormal-themed programs. Three in particular are exploring the notion of some type of alien presence. On CBS's Threshold, a team of experts is brought together to deal with the fallout from an ET craft landing in the Atlantic Ocean. Over at NBC, the unidentified sea creatures of Surface, may actually be alien lifeforms. Not to be left out, ABC has debuted Invasion, where ominous beings arrive in a Florida town in the aftermath of a hurricane. For more on TV's alien trend, check out Matt Manochio's column from the Daily Record.

Ian Punnett Transcript

Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM, Ian Punnett was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.JehosaphatIan what do you think of those Oscar and JC people that are always bugging Art and George, and have you ever had any experiences with strange repeat callers?Ian Punnett I think JC is interesting but I only get to hear an hour of George's show every night. I catch Art now and again.RaineOther than history Ian, what is your favorite thing to talk on?Ian Punnett Thank you for asking. I love C2C topics. I am insatiably curious about things of which I have no experience. I love the subject of religion and spirituality and indulge myself in that topic whenever I'm given the chance.smalltowncopIan, its seems that the best way to stay on top of things is through the net, what if any, news sites do you recommend?Ian PunnettI cruise A LOT. Yo

Invisible UFOs

David Sereda has sent in a series of UFO images along with explanations to accompany his presentation tonight, including this photo of a UFO from NASA STS-75 captured in the invisible near ultraviolet range. Click here to view more.

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