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The Mystery Fish

On the blog, Loren Coleman is asking people to name a mysterious 6-ft. long fish pictured on a vintage postcard sent in to him by a reader. The blog features the numerous and varied responses that have come in so far trying to identify the creature.

The Psychomanteum

Paranormal Research Investigations (PRI), which Albert Taylor is associated with, has set up a Psychomanteum (pictured). Incorporating ancient mirror gazing techniques as well as high tech monitoring devices, the experimental room will be used to study altered states, spirit communication and OBEs. Read more here.

The Magnificent Seven

Ed Dames has sent us photos of his ace team of remote viewers which he calls the "Magnificent Seven.' Click here to view.

Asteroid Probe Lands

The Japanese space probe Hayabusa ("falcon") made history on Saturday when it succeeded in landing on an asteroid and collecting rock samples. Earlier this week the unmanned probe had failed to touch down on its target, a task mission scientists compared to landing a jumbo jet in a moving Grand Canyon. Hayabusa is expected to return to Earth with its payload in June 2007. The Japanese space agency hopes the extraterrestrial asteroid material will provide clues to how the solar system formed. Read more at

Singing Iceberg

Scientists working in Antarctica have discovered an iceberg that sings. The research team detected some unusual noises coming from the 30-by-12-mile chunk of ice after it became stuck on an underwater peninsula. Water moving through the iceberg's crevices and tunnels at high pressure generated low frequency sound waves, which when sped up sounded like a swarm of bees or an orchestra warming up, the scientists said. Listen to the iceberg (24-MB WAV file) or read more here. Image: Science/Andrew Shepherd; Sound: Christian Müller, Vera Schlindwein, Alfons Eckstaller, Heinrich Miller

Happy Thanksgiving!

Coast to Coast AM wishes all a happy and hearty Thanksgiving. Pictured is cartoonist Ted Bastien's rendition of Thanksgiving in Bugsport. Click here to view the full panel.

Underwater Sound ID'd

A mysterious "boing" in the North Pacific that has puzzled marine scientists for 50 years has been traced to breeding minke whales. Though the sound has a vague mechanical quality to it, a research vessel near the Hawaiian Islands finally tracked it to one of the whales, using hydrophones linked to a computer. Listen to the Sound/Read More at Discovery News.

The Buddha Boy

A 15-year old boy in southern Nepal has been declared by many to be the new Buddha. Ram Bomjon has remained under a tree meditating for the last six months and reportedly has not eaten or drunk anything during this time. An influx of visitors have been arriving from far and wide to view the boy, and some witnesses say they've seen a light emanating from his forehead.Read more at Telegraph U.K.

Egyptians & Antigravity

Physicist Richard Crandall has written us about his studies in antigravity research. "After attending Dr. Steven Greer's first Disclosure Project lecture in mid-year 2000, I set out to explain just how UFO's can actually manage to fly," he writes. He believes ancient Egypt had the secret of Zero Point Energy and antigravity. "The picture (click on for larger) is a copy of a wall-carving found inside an ancient building in Dendera, Egypt. It shows what are apparently two glass bulbs (vacuum tubes), each one resting on top of its own 'djed pillar.' The function and nature of djed pillars in ancient Egypt has remained a mystery…until now." In Crandall's theory "the pillars generate (from ZPE) a powerful gravitomagnetic and also gravity field, which is then converted into very high voltage electricity by the bulbs. Note the stripes on the 'electrical cables' which connect to the bulbs… this kind of marking was used to designate wiring that carries high-voltage. Also, a djed pil

JFK in Pop Culture

The assassination of John F. Kennedy, now over 4 decades ago, still continues to reverberate through popular culture. The website Turn Me On, Dead Man catalogues numerous rock 'n' roll songs that have referenced the 1963 event and offers analysis and lyrics for some of them. Screenprint: Andy Warhol (1968)

UFO Videos

Two daylight videos of UFOs recently came to our attention. The first video (pictured) was reportedly taken of an object hovering in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The second video, just featured on WSMV TV in Nashville, was shot in 2003 by Kim Shafffer, the director of Tennessee's Mutual UFO Network. Click here to read/view the station's profile of Shaffer.

Power Vampires

According to a recent NY Times article, consumers in the United States collectively spend $1 billion a year to power electronic devices that have been turned off. The problem is that most televisions, video players and other gizmos never fully power down. Instead they remain in standby mode when not in use, quietly feeding from the wall socket and using as much as 1,000 kilowatt hours a year per household. A big screen television and cable box, for example, can draw up to 30 watts when turned off. Other vampiric devices include chargers for cell phones, PDAs and mp3 players, answering machines, cordless phones, DSL and cable modems, and anything that uses a remote control. Read more here.Graphic: Mary Ann Smith

New Domino Record

The organizers of Domino Day 2005 managed to set a new world record Friday after successfully toppling more than 4.1 million dominoes. Their record-breaking attempt nearly ended earlier this week, however, when a sparrow flew through an open window in the auditorium and knocked down 23,000 dominoes. A system of 750 safety blocks prevented the bird from bringing down most of the domino chain. View 3 pages of images from the event at Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.Credit: Weijers Domino Productions

Orb Video

Win | RealFirst of all I would like to thank Coast toCoast AM and Weekly Universe Magazine for featuring an article I wroteabout orbs.This is the house I was explaining in that article - where there seemedto be much activity concentrated in this one room.It does look like someone took a white balloon or something and threw itacross the room - and you would be in every right to question this. However - this is not a fake. What you see coming in from the righthand side exiting out the bottom of the picture - is a true phenomenon.No one else was in the room except the team member taking the video. It's too large to be a 'moth' or some other insect. This house is alsolocated in the country away from main roads and surrounded by trees, soit isn't the reflection of car lights coming in and bouncing off of thewindows. In the house, it's this room that seems to have the mostactivity. --Beth Fowler (email) Head of Investigati

Betting on the Future

A rise in online prediction markets is allowing people to bet on far more than just sports outcomes, and it turns out that these markets have a penchant for accuracy. For instance, the Iowa Electronic Markets is said to routinely outperform polls in the case of national elections. Other markets such as the Hollywood Stock Exchange allow participants to speculate on how well various entertainment endeavors will perform. "The driving force behind prediction markets," writes Bill Saporito in a recent Time Magazine article is "information aggregation," which can benefit from outsider perspectives, unbiased views, and insider tips.

Lulu to the Rescue

Lulu the kangaroo (pictured eating an apple) is one of the amazing animals Brad Steiger talked about. She won an Australian National Animal Valor Award for helping save her master, Len Richards, a farmer who was seriously injured by a falling tree branch. Lulu barked like a dog to call attention to his plight, recounts CNN.

Nessie Update

In the first half-hour of hour 2, author Steve Alten gave an update on a rumor that the Loch Ness Monster has been delisted from the endangered species list in Scotland. If true, Alten explained, the famous water creature would no longer be protected from hunters. He also briefly discussed his theory that Nessie is actually a kind of deep water eel.

Montauk Mind Control?

The Montauk Project was purportedly established to continue the kinds of secret research that had begun with the Philadelphia Experiment. One of their alleged experiments was said to be a mind control program on boys between the ages of 6 and 22 who were brought to a secretive base at Montauk, Long Island in the 1970's. In the book, Montauk Revisited, Preston Nichols writes that the idea with some of the younger boys was to assimilate them into society after they had been programmed, and then they'd be answerable to the "secret government" on both a "psychotronic/hypnotic basis or verbal command." The long-range plan was to activate them during periods of unrest, "so that they band together into vigilante squads and go after government enemies."

Spotlight: Pleiades

At the age of 5 in 1942, Billy Meier said his contacts with beings from the Pleiadian star system began. Their worlds are "situated outside our space and time system in another dimension", and if we were to observe the Pleiadian system from our perspective we would see no signs of life, he writes. The system is often referred to as the Seven Sisters, though most can only see six stars grouped together with the naked eye. It is a relatively young star cluster, formed just 50 million years ago and is located about 380 light-years from our sun.

Cemetery Apparition

Tonight's first hour guest, Dannion Brinkley, provided this fascinating image of an apparition kneeling before a cemetery headstone. The photo was taken by amateur photographer Harry Reynolds at St. Phillips Church in Charleston, SC.

Meteor Video

David K. writes:"On 11/7/05 at approximately 3:28AM in northeastern Michigan, afellow police officer and I witnessed a large meteor entering theatmosphere, initially exploding, lighting up the night sky then trailingsome distance before it disintegrated. Although I witnessed thespectacle at the same time but at a different location as a fellowofficer, the other officer caught it on his in car video camera. Thought you might like this video clip. (Win |Real) From your long time listeners in blue."

The Giant's Tomb

This photo from Steve Quayle shows the 28 ft.-long tomb of a man that was reportedly 10 ft. tall. Half the tomb was filled with his armor and spear. The Technical Sergeant is holding his turban which has a brass liner inside.

Death by Caffeine

Presented by the Energy Fiend website, the Death by Caffeine calculator determines how much of your favorite caffeinated drink it would take to kill you. It assumes that the lethal dosage of cans/bottles etc. would all be drunk immediately, which at these levels is not physically possible. For more on how the calculator works, click here and scroll down.

Ancient Church Found

Israeli archaeologists have discovered what may turn out to be the oldest Christian church in the world. The ruins which date back 1,700 years are located on the grounds of a prison in Megiddo, near what scholars think is the biblical site of Armageddon. Among the artifacts uncovered at the dig is this well-preserved mosaic (pictured) with ancient Greek inscriptions referencing Christ and images of fish. Read the full article here.Credit: AP Photo/Israel Antiquities Authority

Shave A Yeti

Have you ever wanted to shave a Yeti? Of course you have and the folks at Polartec® have made it easy by creating Just grab the clippers and start shaving... and make sure you remove all the Yeti's fur. Have fun!Requires Macromedia Flash Player

Black Holes: Lost & Found

Chinese scientists have gathered evidence that indicates an enormous object in the center of the Milky Way known as Sagittarius A (pictured) is actually a super-massive black hole. The object, long thought to exist at this location, is estimated to be 93 million miles in width (the same distance as Earth is from the Sun).Meanwhile, UCLA astronomers recently discovered a neutron star where they had expected to find a black hole. Their discovery suggests that nature may have a more difficult time producing black holes than was previously suspected. View images from the Chandra Observatory.

Sherwood Images

Ed & Kris Sherwood have assembled a set of images as part of their presentation tonight, including this photo of an "unidentified flying humanoid." Click here to begin viewing.

Ayahuasca Visions

For his latest book, Graham Hancock investigated the Ayahuasca-fueled visions of Peruvian shamans. The artist Pablo Amaringo has depicted some of these startling visions in his paintings. Click here to view a sampling.

Halloween Art Gallery II

Thanks to all who answered our call for "spooky art" to accompany this year's Ghost-to-Ghost broadcasts. View Halloween Gallery II, featuring some of the most intriguing responses we received. View Gallery One.

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