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Teen Gets Knife in Head

The Coulter family credit "heavenly intervention" as the reason their son, Kevin, survived a freak knife-in-head accident. The bizarre mishap occurred while Kevin and his Boy Scout troop were removing leaves from a widow's lawn. According to witnesses, one of the Scouts slipped on the grass and when the Scout leader tried to catch the falling boy his knife was inadvertently thrown into Kevin's forehead. The 2.5 centimeter blade penetrated Kevin's sinus cavity and lodged into his brain just two millimeters from a major blood vessel. Surgeons at University Hospital in Salt Lake City successfully removed the knife and repaired the damage to Kevin's head. Read more here.Credit: Tooele Transcript Bulletin On-line

Meditation Images

Sherry Hansen Steiger, the co-author of Christmas Miracles, has sent us a set of photos that were taken of her while she was in prayer/meditation. The latter image may show aura changes strengthened by meditation, she writes.

Top 10 Puzzling Artifacts

Stephen Wagner of's Paranormal site recently ran a countdown of The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts. Included are mysterious metal spheres found in South Africa, the Dropa stones of China and the Antikythera Mechanism (X-ray pictured), which was found to have a complex system of gears even though it dated back to 80 B.C. Click here to view the full article.

Images from Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye has sent us two pages of imagery to accompany his presentation tonight. Page One explores the research of Damon Elkins, while Page Two takes a look at the 'Electric Universe.'

A Year of Invention

The latest New York Times Magazine (requires free registration) features a series of articles about some of 2005's most fascinating ideas, inventions and concepts. Among them, are a Dutch technology called vOICe, that allows the blind to "see" via sounds, an LCD screen that shows different images depending on the angle, and a privacy device called Babble that transforms office cubicle chatter into "a flow of meaningless mumblings."

Email to the Future

Aside from the occasional Mad Mad Marcum-type claims, time travel technology doesn't exist yet that would enable a person to visit their future self. For now though, you can send an email to the person you will become via, which lets you specify a date, up to 2035. recently ran a similar experiment, collecting email "time capsules" to be sent out over the next 20 years.

Neptune Mission

A group of US researchers has proposed sending a large nuclear powered spacecraft to explore Neptune and its largest moon, Triton. The Neptune orbiter (pictured) would carry two atmospheric probes to investigate the planet and a lander to drop onto the surface of Triton. The sheer size of the 36-metric ton spacecraft would require it be launched in two parts and joined in orbit. The mission to Neptune would cost an estimated $3-4 billion dollars and take 30 years from beginning to end. To date only one spacecraft, Voyager 2, has flown by the planet (1989). Read more at BBC News.

Zero-Gravity Sports

Several 'space tourism' companies are working on ideas for games specifically created to be played in the zero gravity environment of space. IPX Entertainment Inc. is planning stages for a show called Space Champions that will feature a sport called 'Paraball' (short for Parabolic Football). Rocky Persaud, president of IPX, envisions a league of eight teams playing the game in inflatable habitats orbiting Earth. Patrick Collins, professor of economics at Azabu University in Japan, believes zero-gravity sports "will be a stimulus to assemble large structures in orbit, once travel to and from space is much cheaper with reusable passenger vehicles." Read more at Space.comGraphic: Space Island Group

Nick Begich Transcript

Project HAARP expert and longtime Coast to Coast AM guest, Dr. Nick Begich (pictured), was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire you in Alaska?Dr. Nick Begich I am in Alaska tonight. The range of temp. is from -51 to +50 through the state.scarQuestion for you Nick....does the HAARP Project affect the human body in any way?Dr. Nick Begich Yes, it can effect brain and body-- depends on how the energy is manipulated.LusinaDr. Begich, what is the range of the effects referred to? I mean literally in terms of distance. Or is there is a limit?Dr. Nick Begich HAARP can operate over the entire northern regions of the world and could have effects elsewhere as the power is increased.GuestNick, how did you first get interested in HAARP and who named it?Dr. Nick Begich Named by Airforce and Navy..

Moon Origins

In their new book, Christopher Knight and Alan Butler pose the question Who Built the Moon?, suggesting that it may not be a naturally formed object.

Meteor Video

A small meteor spectacularly lit up the night sky over western Australia on Saturday. The incident was captured on a home video recording, which was subsequently broadcast on BBC News (requires Real Player).

The Demolition That Didn't

People recently gathered to watch the demolition of Sioux Falls, S.D.'s tallest building, the Zip tower. Only things didn't go according to plan: watch the movie (QuickTime), read the story.

Anointing of the Dove

Digital artist Dana Augustine has created the work, Anointing of the Dove in tandem with William Henry's appearance. Click here to view the full image.

Hawaiian Lava Display

About 44 acres of coastline at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park collapsed into the ocean this week, exposing the cliffside 45 feet above the water and unleashing a glowing lava river. "The cliff just caved away like a glacier," said park spokesman Jim Gale, commenting on the spectacular display. The stream of molten rock has since formed a ramp of new land. More info and photos available online at U.S. Geological Survey

George's Policy

View George Noory's UFO Abduction Insurance Policy to find out who will receive $10 million in the event George is taken from (and returned to) Earth.

Best Hubble Images has set up a voting system allowing people to rate some of the best Hubble Telescope images of all time, such as the pictured "ant nebula." Weigh in with your rankings here.

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