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Images: Volcanic Eruption

Augustine Volcano in Alaska has been in a continuous state of eruption since Saturday producing large rock and ash emissions. For a visual report, check out a page of dramatic photos provided by the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

Pacific Ocean Face

Art Bell's first hour guest, researcher Lloyd Stewart Carpenter, is known for his discovery of what appears to be a huge face on the floor of the Pacific Ocean (pictured). According to Carpenter, the geographical features that form the face cover half of the planet and accurately reflect the anatomy of the human head. Click here for more images and further details.

Fortune Cookies

According to San Francisco Chinatown and contrary to popular belief, fortune cookies are a U.S. invention (in China they're advertised as "Genuine American Fortune Cookies"). Some historians trace the dessert's inspiration to a 14th century revolt, in which the Chinese hid messages inside mooncakes to help coordinate their attack against Mongolian invaders.There are many 'fortune cookie' sites and generators across the Web, but among the best are, a site that features spoof fortunes for people who aren't afraid to be a little insulted; and, which features a collection of odd and nonsensical fortunes from real cookies.Image:

Bigfoot in Malaysia

The hunt for Bigfoot in Malaysia is intensifying, as the state of Johor announced they will organize an official search team, BBC News reported today. Meanwhile, the Cryptomundo blog traces the "media madness" that has been developing around this story.

The Medium Experiment

Medium Mary Occhino took part in a 2002 experiment with Gary Schwartz, in which she gave a reading long distance to an unknown sitter. The sitter, it turns out was the well known author Deepak Chopra, and Occhino and two other mediums offered substantial information, both specific and accurate about Chopra's deceased father. Read the full report from the Veritas Research Program.

Sunspot 848

Gary Palmer recently photographed the huge Sunspot 848 through the limbs of a tree. Though 848 hasn't had any major eruptions yet, it stretches some 70,000 miles across. For more, visit

The Living House

An MIT architect and his associates have proposed growing a home from living trees. The 'Fab Tree Hab' is based on an gardening method called pleaching, in which tree branches are woven together to form archways, lattices or screens. Using this process to shape the habitat's exterior of crisscrossed vines will take several decades. After that, gaps in the living house can be filled with a clay and straw composite, and flexible windows made from soy-based plastics can be installed. View larger images and read more at Charles Spence

'Creature' Phone Video

The following video, recently posted on the Spanish-language site, was allegedly taken on a cell phone and handed over to the Mexican authorities. It shows two boys playing soccer in an alley. When the ball goes astray, one of the boys goes after it and an unusually long arm grabs for him.

Strange Bedfellows

Originally given as a live snack for a rat snake named Aochan, a dwarf hamster called Gohan (after a tasty Japanese rice dish) has instead become best friends with the serpent. The two share a cardboard box together at Tokyo's Mutsugoro Okoku zoo. "I've never seen anything like it," says zookeeper Kazuya Yamamoto about the unusual pairing. Read more from MSNBC.Photo: Kyota Nomura

Alex Jones Media

Alex Jones has provided us with the following material to accompany his presentation: Photos: Inside the Bohemian Grove Articles: The Re-Infiltration of Bohemian Grove, Control Grid: The Prison Without Bars. Video Clip: The Order of Death.

Visions of Stardust

Pictured (click for full image) is digital artist Dana Augustine's work titled We are Stardust.

Return of 'Stardust'

NASA's Stardust mission successfullyreturned to Earth with its capsule (carrying cometary and interstellar particles) landing in Utah on January 15th (pictured). For more, view a video report from BBC News, or visit NASA's Stardust site.

Stardust Returns!

A capsule containing particles of interstellar dust gathered from around a comet is set to land early Sunday morning on a military base near Salt Lake City, and will be visible for residents of the northwestern United States. Scientists believe the particles will give them a glimpse into the birth of the Solar System, and possibly a clue as to how life began on Earth. Stardust mission researchers are asking for volunteers to help them shift through millions of photos of the gel that contains the cosmic dust samples. The project, called Stardust@home, is taking pre-registrations for Spring of 2006.

'13' Superstitions

In the second half-hour, Author Nathaniel Lachenmeyer discussed beliefs and superstitions about the number 13. According to Lachenmeyer, the origin of 13 as an unlucky number can be traced back to the Last Supper, when Jesus dined with his 12 disciples and afterward was arrested, beaten and executed. He said the specific fear of Friday the 13th was unheard of until the 20th century and has become the most dangerous day to drive in America. Despite this, Lachenmeyer pointed out that the superstition has been on the decline for the last 60 years, and suggested people enjoy it as a cultural tradition.

Afraid of 13?

According to an article from The Cincinnati Enquirer, irrational fear of 13 is the nation's favorite superstition. It is estimated that fear of 13 costs the U.S. $1 billion a year in reduced business, absenteeism and travel cancellations. The column also notes that hotels and hospitals often have no Room 13, more than 80% of skyscrapers lack a 13th floor, and many cities have no 13th Street. This year Friday the 13th occurs twice -- today and in October. Read more here.Illustration: Octavio Diaz

Escamilla Images

We received two images from Jose Escamilla as part of his presentation tonight. You can also view a slideshow of RODS stills that were submitted to his website from all around the world (requires Flash player).

David Adair: More Info

Though rocket scientist David Adair's web page is no longer active, offers material originally posted on his site. Also online is Robert Stanley's 2002 interview with Adair from Nexus Magazine.

In Memoriam: Ramona Bell

Art Bell's beloved wife of fifteen years, Ramona, died unexpectedly last night after an asthma attack. At present, the exact cause of Mrs. Bell's death has not been determined. It apparently took place during her sleep. Until her death, Art and Ramona Bell had not been apart a day since they were married. Mrs. Bell had suffered from asthma for years, and took her normal steps to control the attack, which occurred sometime last night in Laughlin, Nevada where the Bells were taking a brief vacation. Ramona Bell was 47 years old. For those who wish to offer their condolences, send cards and letters (no flowers, please) to:Art Bellc/o Premiere Radio Networks15260 Ventura Blvd, 5th Floor Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Wacky Warning Labels

The winner of the 9th annual Wacky Warning Label Contest, as conducted by consumer watchdog group M-LAW, is a heat gun and paint remover that produces temperatures of 1,000 degrees and warns users, "Do not use this tool as a hair dryer." Other wacky labels include: a kitchen knife that warns, "Never try to catch a falling knife," and a cocktail napkin (pictured) with a map of the waterways around Hilton Head, S.C. printed on it that advises, "Caution: Not to be used for navigation." Read more here.

Bigfoot Sketch

The New Straits Times has posted a drawing of the Malaysian Bigfoot or hairy man-ape. Recent sightings of the creature have drawn international attention. Over at the blog, Loren Coleman offers an analysis of the image.

800-lb Butter Sculpture

A sculpture made from more than 800 pounds of butter is on display at the Pennsylvania farm show complex. The creamy carving shows an old milk delivery wagon pulled by a horse, with two people unloading a modern vending machine. View photos at

Keith Morgan Material

Keith Morgan has supplied us with an animation and several images to accompany his presentation tonight. Click here to view.

Spirit Guide: Francine

Sylvia Browne has long talked about her spirit guide, Francine who gives her information from the other side. She first began receiving visitations from her when she was only eight years old and her parents initially thought Francine was just an imaginary friend.

Spaceport in New Mexico

Pictured is an artist's conception of a spaceport planned in New Mexico for Richard Branson's new endeavor, Virgin Galactic. Construction of the project, which will feature a giant eye looking up to the sky, is set to start in 2007 and it's estimated that some 50,000 people will fly into space during the first year of operation. Read more at

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