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Mexican UFO Incident

One of the UFO cases Bruce Maccabee discussed is the March 2004 incident in which Mexican air force pilots, using an infrared camera, shot a video (requires Real Player) of 11 rapidly moving aerial objects. Read more at BBC News.

Total Solar Eclipse

Want to view the solar eclipse online? Check out the Exploratorium's live webcast coverage from Turkey which will start at 1:30am PT/4:30am ET this morning.

Shadow Being Images

We received material from Heidi Hollis depicting various "shadow beings." Click here to view.

Giant Cypriot Lemons

Villagers in Cyprus were stunned to find their lemon trees suddenly bearing fruit roughly the size of soccer balls. The photo (pictured) shows Androulla Charalambous and her granddaughter standing next to the giant lemons, some of which are nearly 8-inches in diameter and weigh over 5.5 pounds. Read more here.Photo: Reuters/Andreas Manolis

Does Mozart Help Babies?

Doctors to study if playing classical music to newborn babies helps them recover from the traumatic experience of being born. Read more at Ananova.

Alien Implant Photos

For his appearance tonight Dr. Roger Leir has provided several images showing an alien implant he removed from his patient: - Photo #1 - Photo #2 - Photo #3 - Photo #4 - Photo #5 - Photo #6 - Photo #7 - Photo #8 - Photo #9

Hutchison Whampoa & Li Ka-Shing

First hour guest, consultant Charles R. Smith offered commentary on the news that the U.S. plans to hire a Hong Kong firm to search for nukes at some of its ports. The company, Hutchison Whampoa, has as its chairman the billionaire Li Ka-Shing, whom Smith pointed out maintains close ties to the Chinese military.For more, see this page posted on Smith's website.

Did you know that Streamlink subscribers have access to a fun and vital forum called the Coast Riders? (members click here). As part of an occasional series, we ask Riders to share with you a bit about themselves and the forum. Below is a profile of 'Morbek:'Hi, I'm Morbek. Among other things, I'm a third year geology/anthropology student. I SHOULD be transferring to University of Texas at Austin to finish my bachelors and work on an advanced degree...I will be about age 110 when I bother getting out of school - I got a late start as I raised, or had a hand in raising, five children. Been a c2c listener for MANY years.I enjoy the forum probably due to the fact that the people are insightful, intelligent and accepting. They are very willing to listen to a different point of view and agree to disagree if that be the case! This is a group of supportive, compassionate and kind people who are willing to pull for each other when times get tough. We all need more of them in o

National ID in the U.K.

National ID cards in Britain may become compulsory by 2011, plus anyone renewing a passport there after 2008 might have to buy an identity card at that time. The cards were recently criticized by a former intelligence agent as being a "present" to terrorists, organized criminals and spies, in the event that they gain access to their database.Read more at The Scotsman.Graphic courtesy of

New 'Sasquatch' Video

Video of an alleged 'Sasquatch' recently surfaced on YouTube. Posted by a Richard Sade, he writes that the creature sighting took place in the early morning hours of January 26, 2006 in Ely, Minnesota. View the regular video/zoomed version. You can also read commentary on the footage at

60 Minutes: 'Rewriting Science'

Tonight's 60 Minutes aired a report on how the Bush administration is restricting NASA's top climate scientist, Jim Hansen, on what he can say about climate change. Additionally, Rick Piltz of the federal Climate Change Science Program, revealed that his work was edited by the White House to make global warming seem less threatening. For more, click here.

Penniston Sketches

Check out sketches of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, taken from Jim Penniston's official United States Air Force witness statement.

Glaciers Melting Fast

According to an article published at, a panel meeting this week in France has proposed designating Montana's Glacier National Park as a "world heritage site in danger" due to global warming. In 1850 the Montana park was home to 150 glaciers, says federal research scientist Dr. Daniel Fagre. Today there are only 27 left, and Fagre estimates that all the glaciers will be gone by the year 2030.Photo: NASA

Neal Adams Video Clips

We received four video clips from Neal Adams that demonstrate his new model of the universe-- that planets and moons are growing in size:GanymedeWin | RealMoonWin | RealEarthWin | RealEuropaWin | Real

New Japanese Robot

The RI-MAN humanoid, created by the Riken Institute in Japan, can see, hear and smell. Designed to care for the elderly, it's pictured carrying a life-sized doll. Read more here.

Google Mars

Google recently launched an out-of-this-world mapping project-- Google Mars. Users can view the Martian surface three different ways, via a color-coded altitude map, black and white photographs, or an infrared map. Read more about the project here.

Pink Snowfall

Russia's Maritime territory was recently covered in pink snow. A powerful cyclone from Mongolia apparently picked up sand particles that tinted the downfall. For more, visit MosNews.

Museum of Witchcraft

Located in Boscastle, Cornwall, England, the Museum of Witchcraft is over 50 years old and houses the world's largest collection of artifacts associated with Wicca, witchcraft and ritual magic.

'Phoenix Lights' Debate

A recent article from The Arizona Republic briefly examines the 'Phoenix Lights' phenomenon, when in March 1997 a series of strange lights appeared in the skies over Phoenix and parts of Arizona. According to the military, the string of lights were training flares, and the large object witnesses claim to have seen was actually a formation of military airplanes. The article also includes information about an upcoming showing of past C2C guest Dr. Lynne Kitei's documentary about the event. Read more at

Meet Dexter Monterrey

The last hour of the show was hosted by Dexter Monterrey. According to Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Monterrey is the future incarnation of George Noory, a 22nd century radio host to 300 million on the Global Communication Network, who appears as a hologram above listeners' radios. Monterey said he was speaking from the year 2111 and fielded calls from listeners. Among the revelations he shared of the 22nd century: Major volcanic eruptions have caused a darkening of the sky for the last 15 years. Phoenix is the now the West Coast of America. Japan is gone, and Africa and Australia's land masses are much smaller. People have touch screens implanted in one of their palms, which take the place of phones, TV, and computers. Money has become obsolete and wars no longer take place. Richard C. Hoagland's memory was successfully transferred to a chip and then placed inside a series of clones.Thanks to all who sent us their vision of what Dexter Monterrey looks like. Click here to view a selection

Who is Dexter Monterrey?

The last hour of Friday's show will feature Dexter Monterrey, the future incarnation of George Noory. According to Dr. Bruce Goldberg, in the 22nd century, Monterrey is a radio host to 300 million on the Global Communication Network and appears as a hologram above listeners' radios. We are soliciting your portraits of the futuristic Dexter, and will feature a selection of them on Friday night. Please send to

Meet the 'Yeti Crab'

A new crustacean has been discovered in the South Pacific that resembles a lobster, except that its pincers are covered with silky fur! For more details, visit BBC News.

Gardiner Images

To accompany his presentation tonight, Philip Gardiner sent us several images, such as the cover illustration from his book, The Serpent Grail, pictured left.

Herndon Graphics

We received some material from Dr. J. Marvin Herndon as part of his presentation tonight. Click here to view.

Flying Car: Coming Soon?

A prototype for a vehicle that can both fly in the air and drive on the road has been introduced by a start-up company, Terrafugia. Called the Transition, it's designed for 100- to 500-mile journeys that will carry two people and luggage on a single tank of gas. Read more at CNET or view a QuickTime animation from Terrafugia.

Jupiter's New Red Spot

Amateur astronomer Christopher Go of the Philippines photographed a new red spot on Jupiter on February 27th. The storm, officially known as "Oval BA," is about half as big as the Great Red Spot and almost the same color. Scientists are not certain why Oval BA has turned red, though it could be a sign the storm is intensifying. Read more from NASA.Photo: Christopher Go

Crater Found in Egypt

A huge crater measuring some 19 miles wide has been discovered in the Saharan desert. Scientists believe the crater, named 'Kebira' (Arabic for "large"), was formed by a space rock that was three-fourths of a mile wide. The impact from such an asteroid would have destroyed everything for hundreds of miles. Researchers from Boston University discovered Kebira by examining satellite images of the region. Read more from

Chat Transcript: Tom Danheiser

Coast to Coast AM producer and call screener Tom Danheiser shared behind-the-scenes details as our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the conversation; members can view the entire transcript.juliett Ok I just gotta ask this Tom, what's it like when JC calls?Tom Danheiser JC makes the energy in my booth explode.Jane357 Tom, have you ever been a DJ? It seems that so many radio guys start that way. Tom Danheiser Yes Jane. I was actually a big band DJ for 3 years.LightingalHow long have you done this? How long have you been with C2C?Tom Danheiser Hi Light. I have been with C2C about 4 years but have been in radio for about 14 years.nwblssd Can you give an example of a call you wouldn't allow on air?Tom Danheiser I can without a doubt. A caller will occasionally call and state his opinion and then use a curse word. He will tell me that he will not use that word on air; however,

Joshua Warren Images

Joshua P. Warren sent us some photos to accompany his presentation tonight. He is pictured here posing with a Bigfoot bust on the Discovery Channel's "X-Ops" set.

'Pompeii of the East'

A new excavation on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa has revealed remains of a house preserved in ash from the catastrophic eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815. Researchers suspect that the entire village may still be encapsulated there exactly as it was in 1815. The year 1816 was globally known as "the Year Without a Summer" because of the effects from the volcanic ash released into the atmosphere. More at BBC News.

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