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Spotlight: The Lost Gospel

Among the texts Dr. Ken Hanson discussed is the recently revealed Lost Gospel of Judas. For an in-depth examination of the ancient papyrus manuscript (now on display in Egypt) visit National Geographic's interactive presentation.

New NDE Study

Researchers studying Near Death Experiences (NDEs) have found a possible physical component to the mysterious phenomenon. While not ruling out a spiritual dimension, a team at the Univ. of Kentucky discovered that those who have NDEs are more likely to experience sleep abnormalities. Specifically, rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep states occasionally intrude into their regular waking consciousness. First hour guest Dr. Jeff Long said he worked with Professor Kevin Nelson at the Univ. of Kentucky, providing his team with near death experiencers for their study. The research using "retrospective" subjects (many had had their NDEs years ago) doesn't debunk or disprove the phenomenon, said Long, who added that the control group, a set of hospital workers, may not have been candid about their own sleep problems for fear of reprisal. Read more about the study at BBC News.

'Happy Face' on Mars

NASA photographs of a Martian crater have borne a curious resemblance to Earth's ubiquitous yellow smiley face. But alas, a new photo from a different perspective by the ESA's Mars Express wipes away the grin. For more, visit

Corso Drawings

The following drawings by the late Col. Philip Corso (pictured in a photo by Nancy Birnes) are courtesy of UFO Magazine (from a Aug/Sept 2002 issue, featuring an article by William A. Kent, the attorney for Corso Holdings, Inc., which now handles all the Corso rights.): EBE Eye UFO Propulsion SaucerMagnetic Field

Deadly Tenn. Twisters

The second wave of severe weather to hit Tennessee in less than a week gave birth to tornado-producing thunderstorms which pulverized homes and buildings across the state on Friday, leaving thousands homeless and killing at least 12 people. The photo shows wreckage and building debris from Metro Baptist Church in Goodlettsville, Tenn. View related photos and video at AP/John Russell

Lost Martian Cities

During the first hour of Friday's show, George offered LIVE Open Lines and talked with C2C Science Advisor Richard C. Hoagland about a striking mosaic taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). According to Hoagland, the new MRO mosaic shows buried geometric structures lying in the bottoms of several craters, which he believes to be the ruins of ancient Martian cities. View photos and read more at Enterprise Mission.

Gospel of Judas

The National Geographic Society has released several pages from the 'lost' Gospel of Judas. Reportedly more than 1,700 years old, the ancient text provides an alternative view into the relationship of Jesus and the disciple who betrayed him. According to the new gospel, Jesus asked Judas, a loyal friend, to turn him in to the authorities. Read more from the New York Times and view actual pages from the document here. Photo: National Geographic Society

Alien Autopsy: Fake

As the new comic film Alien Autopsy (website/IMDB) is being released, revelations about the original Ray Santilli footage are emerging. Reportedly, on the Sky One TV show, Eamon Investigates, Santilli admits that the footage shown in the original Alien Autopsy 1996 TV special was actually staged (he still claims to have authentic autopsy film in his possession that is in too poor condition to use). Confirming the deception, sculptor John Humphreys is speaking out for the first time about his part in creating the alien body used in the dissection.

Microwaves as Weapons

Electromagnetic fields can be potentially hazardous to human health. The US military may exploit this fact as they study possibilities for new non-lethal weapons. Radio frequency/microwave (RF/MW) emitting systems are already in usage for anti-electronic weaponry, but now devices that release RF/MW radiation are reportedly being studied for "stunning/immobilizing the enemy." Read more at Secrecy News.

Audio: Obedience Experiment

In Stanley Milgram's groundbreaking obedience experiment, subjects were asked to give electric shocks to participants who made mistakes, and what happened was indeed shocking! Visit this page to listen to audio clips from the experiment.

Worker in the Light: Pre-Orders

You can now place advance orders for Worker in the Light, the new book by George Noory and William Birnes. To pre-order or read about this highly anticipated work, visit

Area 51/Portland UFO Comparison

Cindy shares this photographic comparison of two similar UFOs: the one on the left from a 1989 Area 51 video by Bob Lazar, the one on the right from a video Cindy made in Portland, Oregon in 1992. Click here for a larger image and further details.

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