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Flooding & Global Warming

The recent flooding in the Northeast and the rise of extreme weather in general is connected with global warming, some scientists believe. Meteorologists have noted that temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean are warmer than usual and the resultant excess moisture is fueling heavier rainstorms."Scientists and climatologists are looking at one another and we're just stunned because no one…projected the magnitude of the storms and degree of warming in the Arctic that we are seeing," Paul Epstein of Harvard told Reuters. Read more here.

'Mothership' over Phoenix

UFO Magazine has just posted a 'mothership' photo taken over the Phoenix skies on June 27, 2006 by Jeff Woolwine. View it here.

'Black Sun' Phenomenon

Featured on Earth Science Picture of the Day are photos of the Black Sun phenomenon. Countless starlings gather in Denmark each spring and create incredible formations in the sky. View the images (provided by Bjarne Winkler).

JFK Assassination News

July 3 George Noory returns from vacation....withopening remarks regarding the JFK assassination.A source of George's has told him why and what groupkilled JFK.

Red Rain & Morgellons Photos

Linda Moulton Howe provided several images to accompany her appearance on Thursday's program, including this photo showing magnified cells in the Kerala, India red rain water. Click below for more 'red rain' images: - Photo #1 - Photo #2 - Photo #3Linda also supplied this photo (Caution: Graphic Image) of Morgellons disease hand lesions sent to her by Randy Wymore, Ph.D., Director, Morgellons Research Foundation.

CIGI Cemetery EVPs

Traci of the Central Illinois Ghost Investigators sent in this video of EVPs recorded during the group's paranormal explorations of several local cemeteries.

Number Wizardry

Coast listener Sherry sent us a link to a fun Flash game created by Just choose a two digit number, carefully follow the rest of the onscreen instructions, and prepare to be amazed as the game magically finds the number you picked. Click here to play.

Egypt Photos

We received four photos from John Anthony West of Egypt and the Sphinx.

Bullhorn Rhapsody

Tim S. ( sends us a music piece that incorporates Alex Jones' bullhorned pronouncements at the recent Bilderberg gathering. TitledBullhorn Rhapsody (We Are Not Your Slaves), he writes that it's "just a bit of music I cooked up on my computer… as a tribute to activist Alex Jones, whom I admire." Listen: Win

Video: The Day the Sky Burned

What happens when a planetoid strikes the Earth? The ensuing cataclysms are depicted in a video clip from Japanese TV that is posted on John Dvorak's blog. While the voiceover is in Japanese, the visuals make clear that this could spell doomsday for us. Mike Z. sends us a rough translation of the voiceover that he came across: What happens when meteorite collide with each other?We tried to find the answers: Simulation Experiment. We presumed that the collision happened with the earth in order for lucid distance and location. The diameter of the meteorite is slightly bigger than the breadth of Honshu Japan. The collision point is located at the 3,000km south from Japan in the ocean. The velocity of the meteorite is 70,000km/h. But the meteorite is bigger than we can imagine, so that it appears much slower.In the impact at the same time as colliding. The earth's crust of 10km in thickness where ground in the earth is composed is wholly peeled off. This is called,"Earth's

'Clear Seeing'

On his website, John Holland (pictured) offers Weekly Intuition Tips. One of them deals with how to develop "clear seeing" or clairvoyance, where intuitive information is conveyed as images in the mind's eye. To get in touch with this ability he advises placing a candle in front of you and gazing into it for a few minutes. "Close your eyes and observe the afterimage. Let it fade, and do the exercise again to strengthen your third-eye area," he writes.

Happy Birthday Art!

Artist Denise Elles-Slocum shares this illustration she made of two aliens making a (very) long-distance call to wish Art Bell a Happy 61st Birthday. Click here to view an enlargement as well as another birthday tribute to Art.

Nebraska Cryptid Photo has posted a photo taken on June 14th in a Nebraska woman's backyard which appears to show a strange animal unfamiliar to residents of the area. What do you think it is? View an image enhancement and read more here.

Stonehenge: Glacier Theory

A new twist has emerged in the debate over how the large stones that comprise Stonehenge made it to the site. Rather than Bronze Age man transporting the bluestones some 240 miles, a geology team from U.K.'s Open University has found evidence that the boulders were in fact moved to the area by glaciers during the Ice Age. Read more at BBC News.Image: Cory Simpson/Kohr Productions

Bilderberg 2006

Alex Jones' website Prison, features a special page titled Bilderberg Meeting 2006. It contains video clips (such as one of Jones' bullhorning the Bilderberg Group), audio, photographs and articles by Jones and Paul Joseph Watson.

Giant Space Blob

A ball of gas reported to be more massive that a billion suns "is hurtling like an enormous comet through the interior of a distant galaxy cluster," writes Ker Than for Astronomers believe the immense blob is held together by dark matter and that it was formed during the collision of two star clusters, billions of years ago. Read more here.

Nuclear Safety Issues

Today's Chicago Tribune raised concerns about the safety of America's nuclear plants. Employee fatigue was cited as a potentially serious problem, as many facilities are short staffed, and workers are putting in "numbingly long hours on the job." Also at issue is whether it's safe to boost the energy output at aging plants. The Exelon plant in Illinois reportedly had large cracks in heavy metal plates after they raised their levels.

Cat Chases Bear Up Tree

Jack, a 15-pound tabby, stands guard below the black bear he chased up a tree (twice). Read more at Suzanne Giovanetti

Meteorite Hits Norway

On Wednesday morning, a large meteorite slammed into a Norwegian mountainside with an explosive force comparable to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, according to astronomer Røed Ødegaard. The giant rock, which could be seen streaking across the sky (pictured), is thought to have been "considerably larger" than the 198-pound Alta meteorite that impacted Norway in 1904. Read more at Peter Bruvold

Giant Dust Storm

A massive sand storm rolled across the Arizona desert yesterday, blanketing Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson. Check out video footage from CBS 4 News.

Haunted Home Photos

We received several images from John Zaffis of the haunted former funeral home where Carmen Reed lived. Click here to view.

Gary McKinnon Info

Note: UFO truth seeker Gary McKinnon had been scheduled to discuss his situation related to his arrest from hacking into US military computer networks, but there was a problem with his phone line so he wasn't able to be on Tuesday's show.The upcoming issue of UFO Magazine features a cover story on McKinnon and the magazine's publishers have graciously sent us a link (pdf file) for people to view the article for free. We also heard from Gary's mother Janis, who asks that people please sign a pledge on behalf of Gary:

'9-11 Truth' Conference

This past weekend the Conference for 9/11 Truth took place in Chicago with over 40 speakers including Alex Jones. Interestingly, the New York Times was there to cover the event which had over 500 people in attendance. "We feel at this point we've done a lot of solid research, but the American public still is not informed," Michael Berger of (the sponsor of the event) told the Times. Read more here.


Thanks to all who sent in birthday tributes to George Noory. Click here to view a selection.

Star Trek Videos

The folks at YouTube have posted a series of hilarious Star Trek parody commercials for G4 TV starring Spock (well, an action figure of the famous Vulcan anyway). Check out this clip of Spock giving a tour of his pad. Also, make sure to watch Spock's Prerogative and Spock Rocks.

Is It Raining Aliens?

In 2001, nearly 50 tons of blood-colored rain fell in parts of India. Physicist Dr. Godfrey Louis believes that these unusual red particles (pictured, magnified 500 times) are alien microbes from outer space, which entered Earth's atmosphere on a comet or meteorite. Some of Louis's experiments suggest that the strange red cells may lack DNA yet still reproduce, even in superheated water. Read more from Popular Science.Photo: Dr. Godfrey Louis

New Creature Discovery

In an underwater cave in Israel that had been sealed off for five million years, eight previously unknown species have been discovered. One of the invertebrate creatures resembles a shrimp, another a scorpion. Scientists believe that there may be more discoveries coming from this unique and ancient ecosystem. For more info, photos & video, visit BBC News.

Morgellons & Animal Mutilations

First hour guest, reporter and editor of, Linda Moulton Howe presented updates on cattle mutilations and Morgellons syndrome. In April, a rancher from Lamar, CO found a mutilated cow that had been in the process of giving birth to a calf, indicating that the incident happened rapidly, she reported. Also, there were no signs of struggle as the grass in the area was untouched. Linda announced that the first epidemiological study of the mysterious Morgellons disease is underway. The ailment is associated with intense itching and lesions that have strange fibers emerging from them (she sent us two photomicrographs of the types of fibers that have been associated with the syndrome). About half the people who have Morgellons also test positive for Lyme disease, and there is also a correlation with those who've lived in flooded areas that had mold problems, she noted. For more info, visit the Morgellons Research Foundation.

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