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'Reverse Causation'

Can the future influence the past? A group of physicists met recently to explore the notion of 'reverse causation,' -- the idea that effects can precede causes. While such activity has been seen on the quantum level, other evidence comes from the realm of parapsychology, where in one experiment, students successfully used their "mind power" to skew a sequence of numbers that had already been generated. For more, see the article Cause and Defect by Scott LaFee.

Lighthouse Ghosts?

Paranormal investigators claim to have detected the 'presence of spirits' in the Sheffield Island Lighthouse. According to Christine Kaczynski, founder of Connecticut Paranormal Research and Investigations, the ghost of a young girl named Abigail is bound to the lighthouse by two other spirits. This photo (pictured) taken at the lighthouse purportedly shows the face of a man in the center window panel and the face of a woman or child on his left and one panel lower. View an enlargement and read more at Southern Connecticut Newspapers, Inc.

9-11 Giant Bird?

A photo of a strange bird at the 9-11 site is analyzed on the Above Top Secret Forum. What do you think, real or hoax?

Mark Hall Images

Mark A. Hall sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation tonight, such as this depiction of a Thunderbird attack from 1895.

Celtic Journeys

Artists Josh Crockett and Karen Melton created this image titled Celtic Journeys (click for larger) to accompany tonight's show with Maurice Cotterell.

Adam on 'Primetime'

ABC's Primetime recently devoted an hour to examining the powers and practices of the 20-year old Canadian known as Adam Dreamhealer. This article recounts the cases of several people they followed, who came to Adam to receive healings. In response to the ABC show, the Dreamhealer website issued a page of comments.

Bird Flu Update

In the first hour, Dr. Marc Siegel provided a bird flu update. According to Siegel, government health officials and the media have tended to present worst case scenarios regarding avian influenza, instilling fear of the disease in the general population. The reality is that less than 200 human deaths over the past nine years are credited to bird flu, he explained. Still, Siegel believes we need to get control over the H5N1 flu strain in birds, which may be only "several mutations away from being able to pass easily from human to human," he warned.

TWA 800: 10 Years Ago

Around 1,000 people gathered on Monday in Shirley, New York for the dedication of a memorial for victims of the TWA Flight 800 explosion which occurred exactly 10 years ago. CBS News is featuring video footage of their original reporting from 1996.

Star Trek Maze

Trekker Tom Pearcy has constructed a giant maze (pictured) dedicated to Star Trek on his farm near York in northern England. Utilizing advanced GPS technology, Pearcy built the 32-acre labyrinth to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the cult TV show. The maze uses 1.5 million corn plants and claims to be the largest of its kind in the world. View a larger image here.Credit: Reuters/Kippa Matthews

Jeff Belanger Photos

Below are several haunted sites/objects that Jeff Belanger has investigated. The Catacombs of Paris, France Captain John Stone's Haunted Inn An Allegedly Cursed Dress

New Chipping Program

As part of a new pilot program, Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey plans to implant 280 patients suffering from chronic diseases with microchips containing their medical data. It is hoped that the rice-sized implants will help doctors avoid errors, such as duplicating medical tests. The microchips would also allow emergency room staff to access a patient's medical records should the individual be unable to communicate. Read the complete AP article at

Lionel Fanthorpe: The Early Years

During the 1950's and 60's, Lionel Fanthorpe became legendary for writing the most sci-fi and horror books in the shortest time span, sometimes churning out a book in just a week. Reportedly, one of his secrets was dictating his text into a reel-to-reel tape recorder. The fan site, A Prose By Any Other Pseudonym, documents this era of Fanthorpe's work and includes a photo gallery of images from the 50's.

First 3D Crop Circle

The world's first 3D crop circle has been discovered on a wheat field in Oxfordshire in the U.K., writes the Daily Mail. 360-feet in diameter, it creates an impression of seeing skyscrapers from the air. Crop circle photographer Steve Alexander has called it a "groundbreaking formation" and has photos of it at the Crop Circle Connector.


The July issue of After Dark features a cover story on the robot revolution by Corinna Underwood. Click here to view an excerpt.

Sieg Miaow!

Do you think this cat (pictured) looks like Adolf Hitler? Check out cats that look like for even more felines that resemble the infamous German dictator.

The Odd Duck

A duck in China's Shandong Province has four legs-- but can walk and swim just like other ducks. View images at Xinhua Online.

Supernova's Unique Remnant

An enigmatic object was recently detected by the European Space Agency's X-ray telescope. At the center of an image, showing the aftermath of a 2000-year-old supernova, is a blue dot which likely contains a neutron star less than 13 miles across. What is particularly unusual about the object dubbed "1E" is that its X-ray emission cycle is tens of thousands of times longer than a typical young neutron star. Read more at Science Daily.

X-ray Specs Effect

A recent breakthrough made by physicists at Imperial College London may one day allow researchers to render solid objects such as walls transparent. The secret to this 'x-ray specs effect' is the development of a new material that exploits the way atoms move in matter. Researchers believe this technology could eventually be used to view parts of the human body obscured by bone or to see through rubble at earthquake sites. Read more at

Revamping Mars Missions

In a new report, a group of experts has advised NASA to rework its Mars exploration plans. Among their recommendations are devising a strategy to implement the Mars Sample Return mission and to move forward on developing "Mid Rovers," wheeled robots more efficient than Spirit and Opportunity but not as costly. Read more at

Shuttle Coverage

July 4th, 2006-- Discovery successfully launched today from the Kennedy Space Center, beginning its mission to rendezvous with the International Space Station. For continuous coverage, visit NASA's Space Shuttle site and Live Video feeds.

Pickover Images

Dr. Cliff Pickover has provided us with some fascinating graphics, such as the depiction of Möbius strips on the left. Clickhere to view the full set.

Moving Into Space

In an article titled Why We Must Flee the Planet: The Geometry of Earth is All Wrong, astronomer Seth Shostak argues that Earth (and every other spherical body in our solar system) is the wrong shape to hold humanity's ever-growing population. He suggests building large cylinder-shaped artificial habitats in space using raw materials from the moon. Read more at

Roswell UFO Festival

Taking place through tomorrow is the annual Roswell UFO Festival featuring a variety of speakers and events. Alas, it looked as though the use of two military helicopters for a planned "alien invasion" had to be put on hold, because the choppers were placed on standby to help fight wildfires in the area.

'Wolf-like' Beast Loose

The so-called 'Beast of Cannock Chase' has returned to terrify motorists traveling roads in this region of England. Witnesses reported seeing a three-foot long, greyish black, 'wolf-like creature' dodging through traffic. Past C2C guest Nick Redfern believes the beast could be a large cat, since wolves have been extinct in Britain for centuries. Read more from icCannock.

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