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Virgin Galactic Unveiled

British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson unveiled the mock-up of SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic's soon-to-be-built spaceliner. The new spacecraft, designed specifically for space tourism, seats eight people and will be hauled into launch position by WhiteKnightTwo, a massive carrier larger than a Boeing 757. Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites will construct the vehicles, which are expected to be ready for test flights within a year. Read more at and watch a flight animation depicting a simulated ride aboard Virgin Galactic.

She Nailed It!

Lee Redmond of Utah has made the Guinness Book of Records for 2007, for growing the longest fingernails-- combined, they have the length of over 24 feet! Read more at Ananova News, which has also posted a photo of the person with the tallest mohawk.

Spotlight on: Singularity

In the world of physics and astronomy, the term singularity has come to represent a point where Einstein's Theory of Relativity breaks down. Falling into this category are black holes, where the pull of gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape, and the Big Bang, the theoretical beginning of the universe when all matter was contained in a single point.  Source: The Dictionary of Scientific Literacy

Hypoallergenic Cats

Biotech firm Allerca has produced the world's first hypoallergenic cats (pictured). For a cost of nearly $4,000 each, cat lovers with allergies can own a kitty specially-bred not to cause sneezing or even asthma. And there is already a waiting list to get one. Watch the video report at

Fallen Angel?

Paranormal investigators from Spain have captured video footage of a bizarre 'creature' sitting in the woods, near where the two men claim to have found traces of blood and large, detached wings.

Microwave Drive

A recent New Scientist article examines a new engine developed by Roger Shawyer that generates thrust from electromagnetic radiation in the form of microwaves. The 'emdrive' has no moving parts, and releases no exhaust or noxious emissions. Shawyer believes his engine can be used to propel rockets, and will one day make today's planes, trains and automobiles obsolete. Read more here.

Fish Inside Duck's Egg

During a field trip to the French Alps, University of Manchester biologists found a duck egg in a small pond. Noticing movement inside the egg, the group cracked open the shell and found three live minnows living inside it. The researchers are "baffled" by the find as the egg appeared to be sealed with no visible breaks. Read more at BBC News.

'Mars Face Makeover'

The Mars Face has gotten a makeover with a completely fresh and detailed 3-D view of an area made famous from a 1976 Viking 1 orbiter photo of the "Face". The new photo comes from the ESA's Mars Express orbiter providing an impressive close-up over an area of great interest for planetary geologists. Read more at the MOC (Marlin Space Science Systems)

Charles Ostman Slides

Charles Ostman has provided several slides to help illustrate the topics he'll be covering on tonight's program: - Slides 1 - 3 - Slides 4 - 6 - Slides 7 - 9 - Slides 10 - 11

Worker in the Light

The new book by George Noory and William Birnes, Worker in the Light, is now available at Amazon and bookstores across America.Read a preview of the book; view George's book signing schedule.

Arctic Sea Ice Meltdown

Since the 1970s, scientists monitoring the polar ice cap with satellites have seen winter sea ice decline an average of 1.5 percent to 2 percent per decade. However, in 2005 and 2006, the amount of sea ice has fallen by six percent over each of the last two winters. This NASA animation shows the winter sea ice cover in the Arctic from 1979 to 2006, with the yellow area representing the farthest south reached by the ice. Read more at

Psychic Cleanses Spirits

Psychic B.J. Wall says she can see and talk with spirits. Now she has added to her resume of job skills. Realtors in the state of Virginia have called upon B.J.'s talents to cleanse spirits from houses that won't sell. Wall charges $150 to clear a house. She moves from room to room with a white candle, making the sign of the cross cleansing each room filled with spirits. Read more at the Times Dispatch.

Big Brother: I'm Talking to You!

In the town of Middlesbrough, in the U.K., Big Brother is not only watching you, but now, barking out orders via loudspeakers attached to cameras in public places. "Bad behavior" and "antisocial" acts like littering and fighting can trigger a verbal warning from control room operators, such as Warning - you are being monitored by CCTV… you are in an alcohol-free zone, please refrain from drinking. Read more at the Daily Mail.

Ouija Board Video

Earlier this year, a group called PhenomQuest Paranormal Investigators assisted in a Ouija Board session for a one-hour documentary titled Searching for Satan. This video clip shows behind-the-scenes footage of the team as they attempted to communicate with the other side.

'The Puffy Planet'

An odd planet known as HAT-P-1 was recently discovered. While it has a wider radius than Jupiter, it has only half the mass of that planet. In fact, its density is only one-quarter that of water and it could float in a bathtub, if there was one large enough to hold it! Read more at David A. Aguilar

'The God Machine'

One of the tales Robert Schneck has researched concerns a strange contraption he calls 'The God Machine,' built in the 1850's. Click here to view illustrations and further details.

Image Archive

You can view a page of images originally posted on for this program, hosted by The Internet Archive.

Creeping Dead Zones

In many coastal waters dead zones are on the rise-- the lack of oxygen in these areas is destroying ocean life habitats. Agriculture run-off that feeds phytoplankton activity is the suspected cause in many cases. NASA has been studying the problem with their sea-viewing cameras (see report) and a dead zone off Oregon has recently received media coverage.

Math Matrix Crop Circle

Simeon Hein provided this photo to accompany his presentation. The crop circle (pictured, click for enlargement) is based on Scott Flansburg's Math Magical Matrix, which uses a base-9 number system, rather than the base-10 system students are commonly taught in school. Read more about this crop formation here.

Little Mermaid Walks

Two-year-old Milagros Cerron, born with her legs fused to the ankles and her feet splayed, recently underwent surgery to separate her legs and enable her to walk unassisted. View photos and read more at the Daily Mail.

Puppy Snatcher Video

In this video clip from Animal Planet, a mother cat who lost her kittens takes care of a litter of puppies.

Military 'Vacations'

In a 2005 column for National Geographic Adventure Robert Pelton Young takes a look at military-themed "vacations." Among the adrenaline-pumping options are the KGB Military School which teaches high-speed driving, demolition & spy techniques, and Fighter Combat Intl., an Arizona-based endeavor which puts participants through maneuvers inside the cockpit of a flying prop plane. Read more here. Illustration by Asaf Hanuka

First Hour Guests

In the first half-hour, researcher John Rhodes discussed his exploration into 'reptoids'-- which he described as humanoid beings that reside in underground caverns or caves in remote areas. These muscular creatures' hands have three fingers and a claw and their eyes contain pupils with vertical slits, he said, adding that they may have evolved here on Earth, rather than come from outer space. Appearing during the second half-hour, Peter Robbins, the co-author of Left at East Gate, reviewed details of the 1980 Bentwaters UFO case. He described encounters with aliens who appeared outside their craft in the forest, and how afterward, military witnesses underwent 36-48 hours of "programming" by their commanders on the base.Both Rhodes and Robbins will be featured speakers at the Bay Area UFO Expo taking place this weekend.

Death of Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin, the popular Australian TV star known as the 'Crocodile Hunter' was killed on Monday, September 4, by a stingray's attack while filming off the Great Barrier Reef. "SteveIrwin was both witty and charming," said George Noory who interviewed him on Coast back in August of 2002, "but in the back of my head while talking with him, I couldn't stop thinking how dangerous these activities could get for him." For more on Irwin's passing, see the Boston Herald, Sydney Morning Herald and Cryptomundo.

RV Target: Natalee Holloway

Ed Dames has sent us an image (click for larger) showing the overhead of the area in Aruba where his team has been conducting an underwater search for Natalee Holloway's remains.

Vatican City Ghost

Mark Fowler, a college student from British Columbia, may have captured some ghostly activity on video while touring St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Watch a news report which includes Fowler's astonishing footage at YouTube.

Twilight Zone

In the first hour, George welcomed author Marc Zicree and actor/musician Bill Mumy. Zicree talked about directing an episode of Star Trek: New Voyages and the recent discovery of several dozen dictabelts made by Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling.Mumy reminisced about his work on Twilight Zone and Lost in Space, discussed his graphic novel, Lost In Space: Voyage To The Bottom Of The Soul, as well as sang an original song from his new album.

Bill Mumy Performance

Watch this video clip of Bill Mumy (as Will Robinson) performing "Sloop John B" with Marta Kristen on the 1967 "Castles in Space" episode of Lost in Space.

Red Rain & Crop Circles

First hour guest, reporter and editor for Earthfiles, Linda Moulton Howe, shared updates on the mysterious red rain and crop circles. During August she visited a laboratory in Cardiff, Wales that has been studying the red rain that fell in India, both in 2001 and this past July. One of the scientists she interviewed, Chandra Wickramasinghe, speculated that Earth may be in the path of the same cometary debris every five years, which deposits the red rain. DNA has yet to be found in the cell structure of the rain, and this material could be the "smoking gun for panspermia," he said. For more, see this article. She also spoke about persistent and aggressive military helicopter activity that has been seen over crop circles. In one incident in Wiltshire, England a helicopter was seen chasing a 5-ft.-in-diameter red circle that was flying over a crop formation, she reported. More recently, helicopter activity was associated with circles in a soybean field in Geneseo, Illinois. Click he

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